Fate Grand Order: Get Started in the Game Without Spending Money

Want to know how to start playing Fate Grand Order without spending money to have the best characters? The game that mixes turn battles, gacha and visual romance is a hit on mobile devices. So see here with us

Fate is a Type-Moon franchise with games, anime and manga that has a large fan base, mainly in Japan, but is not entirely unknown in the West. Perhaps the best known work here is the 2006 anime Fate/Stay Night, centered on the character Saber (her name is Artoria Pendragon, but 'Saber' has become more popular). Have you ever seen a blonde girl in armor, blue dress and a broadsword? It's her.

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Maybe you've seen her around

Perhaps the games are best known and so mainly on the PSP or PlayStation Vita and, because of their “adult” themes, these games didn't end up coming to the West. Those who came, arrived with censorship and cuts, which ended up not pleasing the fan base and the franchise was in a fan bubble and never reached the general public. And perhaps Fate Grand Order, released for cell phones, is the franchise's attempt to break that bubble.

The game is a mixture of the classic visual novel style of the franchise (those games where you read the story and make decisions to advance the plot, win friendship or get a romance with one of the characters), with RPG, turn-based battles and gacha. Here, in the role of Master, you use the Saint Quartz to summon new characters, who are called Servants. These crystals can be earned during battles and, of course, purchased for real money.

So, if you are one of the fans of the franchise and want to start playing, or if you just liked the game and got curious, we will help you start the game well without having to reach into your pocket.

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How to get Fate Grand Order?

When you open Fate Grand Order for the first time, the game will offer you a ton of content and little guidance on what to prioritize. Worse, it's not just your AP (Action Points) that's at stake, but also deciding how to spend your first Saint Quartz, which can make a lasting difference to your account!

New players should focus on keeping up with story content, completing the DM's weekly Quests, and purchasing summoning tickets at the Da Vinci Workshop. Event creation is generally not efficient for new players. So, in the beginning, focus on following the story. She's really nice, believe me.

what should you do regularly

Fate Grand Order, like most games of this type with the gacha mechanic, features some things you should keep doing on a regular schedule, even as a new player. For starters, you should try to maintain a sequence of logins every day to grab the daily rewards the game offers and always stay on top of the weekly DM Quests.

Second, make your daily free Friend Points Summons, unlike many gacha games, some of the Grand Order's low rarity characters are extremely useful. Also, while your team's cost limit is low, the Craft Essences it offers will help you until you can get better options later. All the free summons you earn through these methods can pile up very quickly if you use them wisely.

As a new player, more summons should always be your target. You should treat Saint Quartz as your second priority to ensure that you always buy your monthly summoning tickets at Oficina Da Vinci. They will cost 100 crystals, so make sure you can earn at least four Saint Quartz per day on Chaldean Gate quests.

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I recommend trying Ember Gathering to get EXP cards; do as hard as you can to be sure you'll get the best prizes. Eventually, you'll meet 3-star minions at NP5 and can start turning your Friends Points into Saint Quartz to help with summons. There are a total of 30 available per day without using your cards.

Fate grand order: get started in the game without spending money | 01cf2fafafa3 | married games tips/guides | android, anime, fate grand order, ios, mobile, ps vita, psp, rpg, type-moon, visual novel | fate grand order

initial goals

When you're not keeping track of your daily and weekly cooldowns, you should concentrate on finishing the story and unlocking the permanent Mystic Codes. Single story nodes feature high material drop rates, often guaranteed, and most events require a certain level of story completion even for you to participate.

Prioritize the story's progress and use the materials and friendship points you earn to improve your minions in the meantime. You should only dedicate your AP to cultivating Ember Gathering or Training Grounds if your progress is slow.

When it comes to Mystic Codes, prioritize the Chaldea Combat Uniform (also known as a plugsuit) and then the Mages Guild Uniform. The first is very important for Order Change, giving you access to your units in the bank, the second brings Spiritron Transfer to Noble Phantasms and Command Shuffle to ease the poor card draw RNG. The Atlas Academy Uniform is more specific and can wait.

The first major difficulty spike comes in Singularity 6: Camelot. If you pass E Pluribus Unum without improving your Servants, that's when you should calm down and start training them. There are a few strategies out there that can take you through Camelot, relying mostly on your Support Unit, but your final boss won't be that simple, so do yourself a favor and get your Servants in shape until then.

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Initial resource expenditures

Most of the above goals are to get your hands on materials or get yourself in a position to get them. This certainly raises the question: what should I spend them on? Of course, any highly rarity characters you have might seem like an attractive idea. However, depending on the level, they may require materials that you just can't get yet.

Even worse, even though your team's cost budget is low, they will consume tons of points. Trying to field an entire team of well-leveled bronze and silver characters with Craft Essences equipped is so difficult at first that it's preferable to leaving the slots empty.

To avoid a worrisome situation, where you need to progress to level your characters, but you also need to level your characters to progress, you should initially focus on your characters earned in the tutorial and weigh the options you earn with Friend Points.

Fate grand order: get started in the game without spending money | 344e99be fate5 | married games tips/guides | android, anime, fate grand order, ios, mobile, ps vita, psp, rpg, type-moon, visual novel | fate grand order

In addition to the opportune gold cards you have, there are some low rarity cards that you should use quickly. The most striking among the craft essences are the three Black Keys and Dragon's Meridian. For Servants, you should aim for Archer Arash, Berserker Spartacus and Caster Hans Christian Andersen.

Arash is a potent Farm character who appears even on end game teams, despite his one-star rarity. He is notable only for using his NP (Noble Phantasm), Stella, but it causes him to die and switch characters. Once you complete your Strengthening, he gains Bow and Arrow Crafting as an ability. This gives him access to a 30% PL charge and is his only skill worth increasing.

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Spartacus provides AoE within a cost with a NP charge ability of its own. When you have the two together, they can function as a low-difficulty farm team, even if your Saint Quartz summons have given you some farm character.

On the other hand, Hans is often compared to the SSR support characters for good reason. He provides good Crit Stars due to his Innocent Monster ability and provides a huge damage bonus to those with Human Observation. Your Noble Phantasm provides a chance for the entire party to give defense and offense buffs and can be used almost whenever you want, thanks to High-Speed ​​Encantation. His forte is in story progression and boss fights, but not in the item farm in Fate Grand Order.

Should I play the events?

This is a complex issue that changes from event to event. The short answer is no. In addition to being blocked until you complete certain story chapters, most have higher difficulty nodes than the story section you need to complete. Most events are not an efficient way to spend your time if you can't clean up these high difficulty farm nodes. These usually feature basic enemies with 30.000-40.000 HP on their first wave.

If an event offers a free SR servant as a reward, often called Wellfare, or materials you need and cannot get otherwise, you should try to invest enough time to get just those rewards. Don't be afraid to use low difficulty nodes in this case. Otherwise, keep playing History or Ember Gathering to prepare your teams for future events in Fate Grand Order.

Be the Master of the Grand Order

In 2015, the Chaldea Security Organization turns to experts from the magical and mundane fields to look into humanity's future for possible extinction events. Humanity's survival seems assured for the next century – until the verdict suddenly changes and now the eradication of the species is scheduled to take place in late 2016. The cause is unknown, but appears to be linked to the Japanese city of Fuyuki and the events of 2004 during the Fifth Holy Grail War.

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In response, Chaldea uses an experimental means of time travel, Rayshift technology. With him, Ritsuka Fujimaru (a young man or woman, depending on the player's choice of gender) was recently recruited into the organization, and a mysterious girl named Mash Kyrielight, to travel to 2004 and find out how to save humanity.

Now, it's up to you, summon your Servants from different eras, use your skills and powers to save humanity from extinction. Fate Grand Order is available for Android, iOS and Arcade (Japan only), and you can download it right now from official website. Now, let us know in the comments there if you are going to play Fate Grand Order. Did you like the guide? Enjoy and read more about mobile games e porridge on our website.

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