How to find and pilot ships in Fortnite

The invasion of the island has started and it's up to you to defeat the invaders. And nothing better than using their own weapons in war. Find out how to find and pilot ships in Fortnite

Fortnite ships

The real battle started on the island and now you have to run to a safe haven, grab whatever weapons you can, grab the items and vests, grab everything you can and make sure you're prepared to go around and face the other players and achieve victory as the last survivor on the island of Fortnite. Things could be easier if you had something to help you, something big, that flies and has laser guns capable of sending your enemies flying. Something like an alien flying saucer!

The ships in Fortnite are probably the most eye-catching addition to come to the island, especially since the game hasn't given access to flying vehicles for a while and they have a unique look that gets a lot of attention. Of course, since the theme of Season 7 of Fortnite is a fight against alien invaders, it makes sense to have these spaceships around, whether they're hovering over specific locations or guarded by guards at landing sites.

If you already know how Fortnite works, then it's reasonably simple to take control of these ships in any situation, so in this article we'll give you all the information you need as to where to find and pilot the ships in Fortnite.

Find the Ships in Fortnite

There are two main ways to find the locations of ships in Fortnite, and the first is to look at your map where you should see three of the named locations are flashing purple. These locations are random for each game and indicate that if you go to that location, you will see three spaceships hovering in the sky above it.

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Unfortunately, you can't just glide directly over ships in Fortnite and take them, and if you try, you'll run past them and lose some or all of your HP, which is a bad start to the game. Instead, you need to knock them to the ground, so choose one and aim your shots at it, avoiding any energy cannon fire in your direction until it's forced to land. Deal with the Invader NPC that exits the ship or avoid it, then approach the ship and press the usual button to enter the vehicle.

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The second method to find the location of ships in Fortnite is to find one that has already landed, following the trail of blue smoke that rises from the ground to reach the landing site. Sometimes you'll find an unprotected spaceship trapped in the trees, allowing you to approach and take control of a spaceship in Fortnite whenever you like. However, if you want to try flying one of the UFOs, these are definitely the easiest places to do it.

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How to Pilot Ships in Fortnite

Once you enter one of the Fortnite ships, the controls are quite similar to previous flying vehicles in that you use the triggers to ascend and descend, and without pressing any of them, you will glide into your current position. In the lower right corner, you'll see icons for the three different powers you can use on Fortnite ships, starting with the tractor beam that can be used to lift objects and players below you.

Then you have the Energy Cannon, which causes great destruction on the scene, but only 30 damage to opponents you hit, followed by boost that briefly accelerates forward at high speed and can be used three times in a row before needing to reload.

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To the right of the screen, you'll also see the UFO spaceship's battery charge level, which gradually depletes during flight and even more so when you use powers. A low battery warning will be displayed and once you reach the empty battery stage you will glide back to Earth. Don't worry, whenever you land and leave the vehicle, wait a few seconds, the battery will automatically start to recharge.

Finally, the gauge in the lower left corner shows how many “lives” the ship has left, as once its health is completely depleted it will fall, kick out any occupants and be inaccessible for a few seconds while regenerating, then return to action. with one less “life” available.

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Although the ship's Energy Cannon in Fortnite only deals 30 damage to opponents, it will also blast them through the air like a Shockwave Grenade. As this weapon has a fast firing speed, it can be deadly when you reach the end of the game, as you can easily take down your opponents' defenses while trying to launch them into the Storm.

This can be fixed in the future, but for now, if you can make it to the final stages of the Storm with a well-loaded ship, a continual flurry of energy cannon blasts should make a big difference and, who knows, ensure victory.

Defeat Dr. Slone and Earn Her Rifle

In addition to ships and skin, the seventh season of Fortnite also brought new weapons and challenges for players who are looking for new ways to become more powerful (without having to blow everyone up with a spaceship in Fortnite). A good way to get a strong weapon and gain an advantage against your enemies is to go after Dr. Slone and get her Mythic Rifle, one of the best weapons of the game's seventh season.

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Dr. Slone is one of the new NPC bosses available in Fortnite. The game changes its theme every season, and Dr. Slone is front and center as players begin Season 7. She is acting as one of the leaders against the alien invasion along with characters like Rick Sanchez, from the Rick and Morty series, and Superman. The main reason why players will want to defeat her is because of her mighty Mythic Rifle. Fans who have played the last few seasons of Fortnite know that defeating one of the NPC bosses can be quite a challenge due to their much higher HP bars than regular enemies.

There are tons of enemies players deal with in Season 7 of Fortnite. In addition to Dr. Slone, players will face IO Guards hidden in their strongholds and Invaders with UFOs that can abduct players in tractor beams. For those who want to challenge Dr. Slone, you might want to do this in Team Rumble mode.

How to find and pilot ships in fortnite | 8771483a dra | battle royale, epic games, fortnite, multiplayer, pc | ships in fortnite tips/guides

This is usually the game mode that players choose if they want to complete challenges more easily. However, if they want to get Dr. Slone's Mythic Rifle for the main Battle Royale, playing the normal game modes will give you better results. See how players can defeat Dr. Slone and obtain her Mythic Rifle in Season 7 of Fortnite.

Players will meet Dr. Slone in the Harvest Complex in Fortnite. To locate her, they can go to the red farmhouse and find a deep underground tunnel connection. At the center of this network, players will find Dr. Slone. Before heading to this location, it's best for players to find at least two weapons.

One for short-range combat like a shotgun and one for long-range combat like an assault rifle. It will also help you pick up shields and healing items, as the fight can be challenging.

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Dr. Slone has more HP than a regular NPC from Season Seven of Fortnite. When combat starts, players should aim for the head and try as many headshots as possible and build barriers where necessary to block their shots. The real threat will be other players who will try to eliminate Dr. Slone first. That's why going after Dr. Slone in Team Rumble mode will be much easier than in normal Battle Royale. It may take a few tries to take it down, but once players defeat it, they'll collect their Mythic Rifle.

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Save Island From Invasion In Fortnite

This season's story trailer shows that an alien invasion began on the Island, leaving marks on crops, abducting people and a gigantic mothership destroying things, even with the peaceful attempt to communicate with them led by Rick Sanches in a clear reference to 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. However, unlike the film, the conversation doesn't work out very well.

Now, it's up to players to prevent the destruction of the world with the help of Dr. Slone, but even with the help of great heroes like Superman, they still have to deal with the infiltrated alien, Kymera. How will the war end? Only depends on you!

Fortnite is a Battle Royale style game, developed by Epic Games and you can download it from official website, and which can be played for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. A success among games of its kind, and still appearing on the lists of most played online games today, the title receives updates with new content regularly.

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Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed flying the ships in Fortine. Did you find them easily? Have you already got the cool Rick and Superman skins? Did you like the Mythic Rifle? Take the opportunity to read more about Fortnite on our website.

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