How the Fortnite Battle Pass works

Rick Sanches, Superman and Stars! Season XNUMX has changed a few things, so find out how the Fortnite Battle Pass works

How Fortnite Battle Pass Works
Stop playing and go to work, Clark!

Maybe it was the aliens or maybe it was Epic Games itself, but, in one way or another, the Battle Pass has changed and maybe it will stay that way until next season. So, if you don't know exactly what to do now with these stars or how to get the skins and backpacks you want, don't worry because we'll help you. Find out how the Fortnite Battle Pass works here.

This season's story trailer shows that an alien invasion began on the Island, leaving marks on crops, abducting people and a gigantic mothership destroying things, even with the peaceful attempt to communicate with them led by Rick Sanches in a clear reference to 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. However, unlike the film, the conversation doesn't work out very well.

Now, it's up to players to prevent the destruction of the world with the help of Dr. Slone, but even with the help of great heroes like Superman, they still have to deal with the infiltrated alien, Kymera. How will the war end? Only depends on you!

How the Fortnite Invasion Battle Pass works

Chapter two of Fortnite's seventh season, called Invasion, began and brought drastic changes to the Battle Pass, causing new items, skins, pickaxes, backpacks, and other prizes to be unlocked in different ways. It remains paid, being necessary to join the Fortnite Club, but it is still possible to use its free version, but now it has a new function: to unlock prizes with stars.

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Understand how the Fortnite Battle Pass works:

What is the Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a way for players to unlock items, rewards and perks for playing the game. As you progress through the pages, you can unlock cosmetic items, coins and skins, in particular the coveted skins for each season. On other occasions, players have had access to skis from Eloy, Horaizon Zero Down, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, several different versions of Batman and other heroes from DC and Marvel.

This time, with the Alien Invasion theme, the stars of the Battle Pass are Rick Sanches from the animation Rick and Morty, and Superman, from DC Comics, as well as characters from the seventh season's story, such as Sunny, Guggimon, Doctor Slone , Zyg, Joey and Kymera (a customizable alien). In addition, the game also offers personalized backpacks and picks with the theme of the pass.

The Fortnite Battle Pass is free, but in addition to the items the game sells in its store, there is also a paid version of the Pass that costs R$38 through a Fortnite Club subscription or an equivalent value of about US$10 if purchased alone. It gives you access to 100 pages of items and prizes that are unlocked in your matches.

All items are purely cosmetic and do not give the player any advantage or alter their abilities in combat. There's even a free version of the Battle Pass that gives you slightly less rewards. The novelty in how this season's Fortnite Battle Pass works is the Stars system, which gives you a new way to access pass rewards.

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Through the Pages system, the player now uses the Stars to unlock what they want on the Pass. Before, rewards followed linearly and you unlocked all items, whether you want them or not. Now, you can better manage these pages and get the items you want first and unlock them more easily.

What are Battle Pass pages?

The Battle Pass Pages are a set separated by a character theme that contains all the items to be unlocked. In other words, if you want Rick, you won't need to unlock everything you have before to get them. A page will have, for example, the skin, pickax, emoticons, dances, sprays, hang gliders, among other items.

Each Page has 10 items to unlock and the Pass has a total of 10 pages. So he will offer a total of 100 items for you to unlock if you want to have everything from that season. Also, this season adds the Stars system that changes the way you unlock prizes, allowing you to choose what you want from that page. This is a big change in how the Fortnite Battle Pass works.

How do Stars work?

To know how the Fortnite Battle Pass works this season, you'll have to understand what the stars are and how they work. These Stars are given to the player each time he passes a pass level. For each unlocked level you will earn five stars. They are used to buy items from a particular page.

The price of each item depends on its rarity. There are costumes that cost 9 stars, hang gliders that cost 6, pickaxes that cost 7, sprays that cost 3, and so on. Of course, an item that is more coveted by players will cost more. This season, apparently, the most expensive items will only cost 9 stars.

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If you understand well how the Fortnite Battle Pass works and reach level 100, you will have enough stars to buy all the items on the 10 pages with peace of mind. The difference, in this case, is how to release the pages. To open more pages this time, it will depend on your level or how many items you buy on one page.

How to open the Battle Pass pages

How does the Fortnite Battle Pass work to free up pages this time? As stated, they depend on the character's level or how many items were purchased with a certain amount of stars on a given page. Each page has its prerequisite for unlocking, just consult the page to find out the requirements.

For example, to unlock the skin of Rick Sanches, Rick and Morty, you need to be at least level 90. So, just have the nine Battle Stars needed to buy it while playing and unlock the skin on Page 10 — since you can redeem the Pass rewards in any order you want as long as you have the page cleared.

Now if you're not level 90, then there's a second way, which is the most time-consuming: redeem all the other 89 Battle Pass rewards in order to unlock Page 10. And then, you need to have the nine Stars you need to finally unlock it. Of course, the time you achieve this will depend on how much time you dedicate to the game and your skill.

Unlock Kymera

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This could be Kymera

By purchasing the Battle Pass, you automatically unlock Kymera, a shapeshifter alien. It has over 800.000 combinations of head shapes, eye and skin colors, patterns and armor colors, allowing you to find your ideal style! If the squid mouth with a giant eye is no longer in fashion, don't worry: you can recombine your unlocked styling options at will.

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To get new customizations, just collect Alien Artifacts. Explore parts of the Island impacted by the Invasion each week, or form a squad and unravel the mystery of the crystal-covered Cosmic Chests to obtain Alien Artifacts.

Like Battlestars, they can be exchanged for additional Kymera styles that permanently expand your customization options.

And where is Loki?

Despite the leaked images, so far there is no mention of Marvel's cheating god in the game. According to well-known minner data Hypex, it is believed that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 could include the presence of Marvel's Loki to coincide with the debut of the God of Lies series on Disney+ and thereby include a series of promotional items including a Loki skin could be in the Fortnite Item Shop. It is not known whether Thor will also reach Fortnite, but if he does, it is assumed that he will arrive along with his half-brother as well.

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Loki in the bottom left and someone mysterious in the right

The image that Loki showed also has, on the opposite side a mysterious person with short hair who may or may not be Superman (or Clark Kent, the civil identity of the Man of Steel), giving more credibility to the leak, but, so far, it is just a guess, as there has been no official word from Epic Games about Loki in Fortnite.

Save the world from invasion in Fortnite

Fortnite is a Battle Royale-style game, developed by Epic Games, which can be played for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. A success among games of its kind, and still appearing on the lists of most played online games today, the title receives updates with new content regularly.

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So, what did you think of the news on the Battle pass? Did you like the Superman skin in Fortnite? What about Rick? And liked the idea of ​​UFOs? Leave it there in the comments. Take the opportunity to read more about Fortnite at Our site.

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