15 Best Free NFT Games to Play

Have you ever thought about playing a free game that still pays you? Then see the list!

In essence, one of the main selling points of blockchain games is the possibility to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies and trade them on a market. Platforms that incorporate such functionality are called play-to-earn (P2E) NFT games. However, in most cases, players usually need to invest an amount before they start to win, especially once the games reach a certain level of popularity. These blockchain games range from collectible card games, pocket monsters, to roleplaying games, but usually you will need to buy in-game assets to get started.

For example, Axie Infinity, one of the most prominent NFT games, requires new players to buy three Axies – the platform's NFT characters – which can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on their rarity and characteristics. Understandably, the upfront cost of such games often discourages new players, as they sometimes have to spend a considerable amount of money to start winning.

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Find out about the Free NFT Games to play

Fortunately, there are those P2E NFT platforms that don't impose any upfront costs. In other words, you don't buy NFTs to start the game. Think of them as free games with the added bonus of creating earning opportunities thanks to NFT and blockchain technology. As such, free P2E games are in high demand, which is why we've created a list of the top options available today. Below are some of the game titles you should research if free NFT games are your preferred choice.

Gods Unchained

Although some blockchain-based games have already been released, Gods Unchained has been the fate of many players. The reason is that it's focused on multiplayer card battles, which is arguably one of the most popular video game genres of all time. And while most crypto games are not free to play, Gods Unchained is available for download and you can play today without fear of losing money on in-game purchases.

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Also, for such a simple yet fun game to play as God's Unchained, it has a low barrier to entry compared to other blockchain games. Anyone can get involved without spending thousands of dollars on graphics cards.

Guild of guardians

A mobile game that will be released in 2022. At the same time, the full details of the game are still unknown. Frequently asked questions clarify that the intention is to create a free-to-play NFT game that does not require spending. Guild of guardians made it clear that the game is not a pay to win with its skill and strategy focused design that as the game is not PVP focused any money spent will not come at the expense of others.


NFT Kittens were released in late 2017. Cryptokitties was one of the first blockchain games that users could buy, collect, breed and sell digital cats using Ether. Players buy cats and breed them to produce offspring similar to their parents to be sold at auction in a market or kept by their owners.

The game quickly gained popularity and became one of the first successful DApps in history. It also became a reference for those who wanted to learn more about cryptocurrencies. If you want to know how to play Cryptokitties then, we have a subject that tells you everything you need to know about this game.


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A Cryptokitties with famous people? CryptoCelebrities is a free-to-play game running on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to collect and trade crypto celebrities. At its core, it is a tokenized project that aims to place popular figures from TV, film and music in the cryptocurrency space and allow people to collect them.

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If a celebrity becomes popular with other users, the potential rewards go back to those who own them in the first place. It's a pretty simple game; you get paid for it if your celebrity levels up.

Chain Monsters

If you want a Pokemon-style NFT game, the MMORPG Chain Monsters might be a good option. running on Flow Blockchain, Chain Monsters allows you to collect chain monsters and items, which can be sold in the market. Chain Monsters is currently in its final alpha testing period, with 10.000 players gaining access to the game. It will then be released in open beta and, according to your FAQ, will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.


It is a free-to-play game based on the Ethereum blockchain, where you can take train, transform and trade digital monsters or monsters. ethermon. Users can use their acquired monsters to engage in real-time skill-based battles with other players and receive Emon rewards. In addition, in-game currency can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

War Rider

A Mad Max-style game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players create vehicles to fight for blockchain-based rewards. You have a good idea of ​​the game type by the name. Players use heavy vehicles to mine ERC 1155 tokens that can be converted into cryptocurrency. It's fascinating how these blockchain games are turning out. So if you want to get started with mining Ethereum tokens, check out War Riders.

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Learn how to make money investing in NFT


This is a card game running on the Hive blockchain. While it's free to play, you may want to trade your in-game items. First, you'll need the summoner spellbook. This will give you access to your keys to earn rewards. The game displays a well-developed narrative based on a mythical world. Want to know more about the game? Check out our articles!

decentral and

This is a virtual reality platform running on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, landowners receive ERC20 tokens based on visits to their plots, and developers are motivated to build. These incentives create a mutually beneficial relationship between developers and landowners, making it a unique platform where users own their digital property. Want to know more? Read on Our site!


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A supportive fun version of blockchain-based games that you can create, design your ether goo, or earn by completing tasks for users on other platforms. It's a fun way to get involved in cryptocurrencies if you haven't already. The game can be played for free, but there are options if you want to invest some money.

Coin Hunt World

A Pokemon Go-like game where players look for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here, you need to go around your city with the help of a digital map and look for the keys. Once you've collected enough keys, you can deposit them in vaults. And then, you will be forced to answer a trivial question. If your answer is correct, you will be rewarded with BTC and ETH. In other words, Coin Hunt World It's not the kind of game you're going to stay at home to play.

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The sandbox created an Ethereum-based virtual metaverse where players can create assets, monetize them and participate in an immersive gaming experience. The idea is to promote user-generated content and gameplay by implementing a rewards system that allows players to retain the right to share or sell their creations (usually objects in words) and digital real estate (aka LANDS). Learn more about it on our website by clicking on the link.

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game project that features a unique blockchain-powered real estate market. The player base is divided into two cooperating factions, miners and landowners. Miners fight monsters and destroy blocks to find precious resources, while landowners provide the land and resources. Players can also team up with friends to defeat monsters, complete quests and unlock in-game rewards.

My neighbor alice

My neighbor alice is a multiplayer world-building game that combines the best of both worlds, an immersive experience for regular players and an ecosystem for NFT traders and collectors. The main currency in the game is the Alice token. Alice tokens are used for in-game transactions, such as purchasing land and specific DeFi services.

Players buy and own virtual land in the form of an NFT token from Alice or from the market. There is a scarce supply of land available, so prices fluctuate. If you are an excellent landowner, you will unlock additional benefits through the in-game reputation system. In addition to terrain, players can purchase and use in-game assets such as houses, animals, vegetables, decorations, or cosmetic items for their avatar.


Um GameFi metaverse cross-platform that combines gaming NFTs with DeFi yield farming. Players can acquire Mobox NFTs, also known as MOMOs. Players can farm, battle and generate cryptocurrency rewards with their MOMO NFTs. The platform also allows players to trade their MOMOs, stake them to farm MBOX tokens or use them as collateral in the MOBOX metaverse.

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Mobox offers straightforward gameplay that combines free-to-play and play-to-win mechanics. The game prioritizes NFT interoperability, allowing players to simultaneously use their MOBOX assets across multiple games.

Quick FAQ

Can I play NFT games for free?

Think of them as free games with the added bonus of creating earning opportunities thanks to NFT and blockchain technology. As such, free P2E games are in high demand, which is why we've created a list of the top options available today.

How do NFT games make money?

Through the use of non-fungible tokens. Every item in the game can be an NFT asset on a blockchain and that asset can be converted into cash or cryptocurrencies.

Are P2E games legit?

P2E games are legit. There are a growing number of games that actually pay users to play. The downside is that many P2E games have a “You have to spend money to make money” vibe to them.

What are the best free NFT games?

Gods Unchained;
Guild of Guardians;
Chain Monsters;
War Rider;
Coin Hunt World;
Mines of Dalarnia;
My Neighbor Alice;

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Now, talk to us, did you know about these free games? Are you going to play any? Have you ever played an NFT game that is F2P and it's not on the list? Talk to us and take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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