15 Anime & Game-Based Series on Netflix

Animes come in and animes come out. Some are in the catalog and some are out. See anime based on games that have been through the tum-dum platform

Ah, the catalog of Netflix. So much, and at the same time so much doubt about what our next marathon series will be. Films, animes and series based on games, series, documentaries and so much outside that US/Europe axis that we are used to seeing on TV, with programs coming from India, Mexico, South Korea. So much to see that is so culturally interesting to watch, which leaves you more time searching for something to see than actually seeing something.

How long don't we 'zape' back and forth in that super-extensive catalog without deciding what we're going to see? There are times that we want to see something completely new and there are times that we want to see something super known and beaten, just to kill the nostalgia. I come here with some tips! What you will see in this article is a list of game-based animes for you to marathon on Netflix. Some might still be on the platform list and some might already be off. The way is to search to find out and maybe discover something cool while searching.

Have you seen them all? Follow the list!

Game based series

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Quick FAQ

What animes do you have on Netflix?

Netflix has a vast anime catalog and we can name a few as:
Naruto Shippuden;
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba;
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure;
Among others.

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How to watch Netflix animes?

In the case of animes, Just access the address and put “7424” at the end to access Netflix's complete anime collection.

What is an Anime “Isekai”?

Isekai is a common fantasy subgenre in anime. Isekai animes are ones in which an ordinary person from the “real” world is transported to a fantastical world. Examples are Digimon Adventure, Sword of Art Online and even Sonic X, a “reverse iskai”.

Is The Witcher series based on the game?

The Witcher series, shown on Netflix, is an adaptation of the books, not the games.

Which country does Netflix have the most anime?

Japan has the most extensive Netflix anime library in the world, according to a recent Flixed study. Based on Unogs data from 2018, Japan currently has 5.963 titles in its catalog, surpassing the US – where Netflix was created – which has 5.5655 titles.

Anime and series based on marathon games

Some are great classics and already known to the public, others are great news and based on little known games around here, but all are well worth watching. That is to say that Netflix is ​​in the production of an anime based on the game Cuphead and league of legends. Other game-based animes that are on Netflix are Wakfu, Carmen Sandiego, Yo-kai Watch and Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures. View our list with the remote in hand and start adding them to your list.

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Dota: Dragon's Blood

Dota: dragon's blood game-based series
Dota: Dragon's Blood

The animation is based on the famous Dota 2, and was highly anticipated by fans, being one of the most watched series on Netflix at the time. Dragon's Blood revolves around Davion, a dragon knight, who seeks to make the world a safe place. Davion has his blood and soul fused to an ancient dragon named Slyrak, granting him some powers. In addition to Davion, the story shows Mirana, princess of the Nightsilver Wood, in search of the stolen lotus, and who will help the knight in his mission. Both go after the villain Terrorblade, who wants to kill all the dragons, and collect their souls.

Other game characters that appear in the series are Invoker, Luna, Selemene, among several other references included during the episodes. For fans of the game, the anime might seem a bit slow, as it explains enough of the story that players already know, for non-experts to understand. The anime looks like it's going to develop further from next season, which still doesn't have a release date.

Currently, only the first season, or Book 1, is available, with 8 episodes of approximately 25 minutes each. The anime is a Netflix production in collaboration with Studio Mir of The Legend of Korra, Voltron and Mortal Kombat Legends: The Revenge of Scorpion.

Dota: Dragon's Blood Trailer


Castlevania series based on games

Castlevania is also one of the most popular animes on Netflix. Based on the eponymous game, the story follows Trevor Belmont, trying to stop Dracula, who wants to wipe out the people of Wallachia, after the execution of his wife Lisa. Lisa is a human, who goes to Dracula's castle in search of knowledge and ends up becoming his wife. She is accused of witchcraft and ends up burned at the stake, which angers the vampire Count.

In his mission, Trevor is aided by Dracula's own son, Alucard, and the wizard Sypha Belnades.

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Although based on the game, the story follows a course of its own, straying a bit from the game in some ways, and fans demand the appearance of characters like Grant and Morte. A positive point for fans of the game is the adaptation of the song Bloody Tears, the game's iconic track, in the animated version, which brings some nostalgia when watching the series. There are three seasons available on Netflix, with 22 episodes in total, each approximately 23 to 25 minutes long. A fourth season has already been confirmed.

The anime was produced by Netflix itself, in partnership with Frederator Studios (responsible for animations such as The Godfathers and Adventure Time) and Powerhouse Animation Studios. There were many years of stopped and waiting production. Initially, it would be produced in film format, but due to the amount of story it was split into series.

Castlevania teaser


Fate / stay night
Fate/Stay Night is the most faithful adaptation to the homonymous game

Also well-known on the platform, the Fate saga is made up of several animes and movies, 5 of them on Netflix, based on the 2004 visual novel Fate/Stay Night. One thing that confuses Fate saga viewers is the order in which they should be viewed the animations. Actually, there's no one right order to watch Fate's animes, but here are some tips:

The first recommended anime to watch is the Fate / Zero, which introduces the story of the saga into the past. Fate/Zero follows Emiya Kiritsugu, who finds herself at the center of a survival game between seven wizards. The game is known as the 4th Holy Grail War, in which each participant can summon Servants, ancient figures who fight each other to the death. The winner will be able to have their wishes fulfilled by the Holy Grail. Fate/Zero will tell the entire prologue of the series, telling the past of several characters that appear in other animes.

Some people recommend watching the Unlimited Blade Works before Fate/Zero, due to possible spoilers in the series. There are two seasons of Fate/Zero. The first contains 13 episodes and the second 12 lasts between 23 and 25 minutes each, with the first episode being longer (47 minutes).

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Following, it is recommended to watch Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works). Unlimited Blade Works already introduces the protagonist of the original Fate/Stay Night game, Emiya Shirou, who battles in the 5th Holy Grail War alongside Tohsaka Rin. Shirou was the only survivor of a fire and was adopted by Kiritsugu (from Fate/Zero), who taught him magic. Shirou then in a moment of life or death becomes a chosen one of the Holy Grail for War, with his Servant Saber.

Rin is Archer's master and a member of the traditional House Tohsaka. She ends up saving Shirou's life at a critical moment and the two begin working together. The story of Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) follows the eponymous route of the original game, which shows Shirou's involvement with Rin. There are two seasons with 13 episodes each. The episodes last an average of 23 minutes, with the first two episodes being longer (47 minutes).

From now on, the other 3 animes are spin-offs and can be seen in any order that will be possible to understand the story well.

O Fate/Apocrypha takes place in an alternate reality to Fate/Stay Night, in which the Holy Grail was stolen by the Yggdmillennia clan after World War III. Then, a new war is started between the clan and the Association for the possession of the Holy Grail. The main difference from Fate/Apocrypha to the rest of the series is that 3 Servants are available instead of the original seven. There are two seasons, the first with 14 episodes and the second with 12, with an average of 13 minutes each.

O Fate / Grand Order – First Order tells the story about the Chaldea organization, responsible for the preservation of human life, which is on the brink of extinction. The reason for human extinction dates back a few years, so they must send someone to the past to save the future. Fate/Grand Order – First Order is not an anime series but a movie/OVA, with 1h12min duration.

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O Fate Extra / Last Encore It stars Hakuno Kishinami and is different from the rest of the Fate series. Hakuno wakes up in a virtual reality world in the future, with no memories, and finds himself in the middle of a Holy Grail War. Fate Extra/Last Encore brings some characters from other seasons, such as Saber and Rin, but it has a very different dynamic from what fans of the series are used to. There are two seasons, the first with 10 episodes and the second with 3 and an average of 24 minutes in length, with the exception of the last episode which is longer (48 minutes).

Regarding production, Fate / Zero and Fate / Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) were produced by Ufotable. Fate / Apocrypha was produced by A-1 Pictures and Fate Extra / Last Encore was produced by Studio Shaft.

Fate / Stay Night Trailer

God Eater

god eater
God Eater

Following our list of anime-based games, God Eater is an RPG game released in 2010. In 2015, the animated series was released, produced by Ufotable, the same studio as Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) . The anime tells the story of a post-apocalyptic society called NAU (New Asian Union) and takes place in the year 2071, when humanity is again in danger.

This danger has a name behind it: Aragami, people-eating monsters. The Aragami are immune to normal weapons, which leads the organization called Fenrir to create the Divine Bow, special weapons to defeat monsters. Divine Bows are used by a group of soldiers called God Eaters. The main character of the series is Lenka Utsugi, a God Eater whose main objective is to get rid of as many Aragami as possible.

Other characters in the anime are Lindow Amamiya, Kouta Fujiki, Sakuya Tachibana, Alisa Llinichina Amiella, Soma Schicksai, among others. One downside of the anime is that it has some loose ends, but a sequel was never announced. The anime has 13 episodes lasting 23 minutes each.

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English trailer of God Eater

Granblue Fantasy - The Animation

Granblue fantasy - the animation
Main characters from Granblue Fantasy, Gran and Lyria

Another RPG-inspired anime from the list. Launched in 2017, Granblue Fantasy – Animation tells the story of a world lived on floating islands in the sky. Gran is the protagonist of this story. He lives on Zinkenstill, an island full of mysteries, with his companion Vyrn, a talking creature with wings. The two come across a girl named Lyria., who was fleeing the Empire, after being captured for her powers to control creatures called Primal Beasts.

The three then travel across the islands to escape the clutches of the Empire (in the case of Lyria) and to find their father (Gran's goal), who left him only one letter.

Granblue Fantasy is a much lighter anime compared to the previous ones on this list, despite having no censorship for blood, its indicative rating is 14 years. Final Fantasy fans may also see some similarities to the franchise, as the art director and songwriter are the same. Season one was produced by A-1 Pictures (Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, SAO, Love is War, Fate/Apocrypha), and season two was produced by MAPPA studio (Yuri!!! On Ice, Attack on Titan).

Despite having two seasons, only the first is available on Netflix, with 13 episodes in total, each lasting 23 minutes.

Granblue Fantasy Trailer - The Animation

Street Fighter II V (or Victory)

Street Fighter II:v
Ryu and Ken

The oldest anime in this list of game-based animes, Street Fighter II: V was released in 1995, produced by Group TAC and based on the 1994 game Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The anime tells the story of two teenage fighters, Ryu and Ken on their journey around the world in search of improving their martial arts skills after a shameful defeat.

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Like the Castlevania anime, Street Fighter II: V is just based on the game's story, having its own plot and development, which may not please fans of the game. Even the character design is very different. Most of the 17 characters that appear in the game, however, make appearances in the anime, even with characteristics and appearance different from the original ones.

The characters' ages were also changed so that Ken and Ryu could be portrayed as 17-year-olds. Like Granblue, the Street Fighter anime has a less tense and dark feel than the titles presented so far. There are 29 episodes in total, with an average between 22 and 23 minutes each.

Because it's an older anime, I couldn't find the trailer, but it follows the nostalgic opening with the voice of Nelson Machado (the eternal Quico) and that “ah ah aaahh” from the beginning that brightened the Saturday morning of those who watched the animation at SBT.

Opening of Street Fighter V SBT

Let's meet the strongest in Street Fighter


Ash and Pikachu have become big sensations among game and anime fans

Already known to almost everyone, Pokemon is a great classic. Ash Ketchum, a child from the fictional town of Pallet, turns 10 and begins his quest to become the best Pokémon Master. Alongside his inseparable and charismatic companion (despite the only thing he can speak is his name) Pikachu, and his friends Brock and Misty, Ash travels around challenging gym leaders for badges while increasing his Pokemon collection. .

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Pokemon is a huge phenomenon that turns 25 this year, starting with the Red & Green games, released in 1996 on the Game Boy platform. The anime currently has more than 20 seasons, but only the first two, the Indigo League, and one of the the latest, Sun & Moon are available on Netflix. Also available on Netflix are the movies Pokemon I Choose You, Pokemon Everyone's Power and Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution.

Pokemon Movie Trailer: Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution

Sonic X

15 anime and series based on games on netflix | 8cb1c0a5 | married games tips/guides | animation, netflix anime, anime, castlevania, dota, dragon quest, dragon's dogma, fate, granblue, monster hunter, netflix, pokemon, resident evil, skylander, sonic, street fighter, the witcher, wafku | game-based series
Sonic and his friends in Sonic X

Also a big hit in terms of games, Sonic won animations in his honor. Two versions of Sonic are available on Netflix: Sonic X and Sonic Boom. Loosely based on Sonic Adventure I, II (from Dreamcast) and Sonic Battle (from GameBoy Advence), in Sonic X, Sonic and his friends Amy, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, Cream and Cheese (and the enemy Dr. Eggman) will stop on Earth, and befriend a human named Chris Thorndyke, who helps them fight Eggman and protect the Chaos Emeralds.

This anime was heavily criticized for being set in the United States, and was not very successful in its home country of Japan. Sonic X was produced by TMS Entertainment (Monster Rancher, Dr. Gray-Man, Bakugan). There are 52 episodes in total, divided into two seasons with 26 episodes each. The duration of episodes is 21 minutes.

Sonic Boom is not a Japanese production, it is a partnership between OuiDo! Productions, Technicolor Animation Productions, Sega of America, Inc., Lagardère Thématiques and Jeunesse TV. In Sonic Boom, Sonic and his friends (this time on Bygone Island) protect the village from Dr. Eggman's threats. In terms of plot, Sonic's animations are very simple, also because it is a more childish cartoon. A trait also very present in Sonic is the acidic mood.

Sonic Boom has a total of 104 episodes, each lasting 11 minutes.

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Sonic Boom Trailer

DragonQuest: Your Story

Dragon quest: your story
Dragon Quest Main Characters: Your Story, Luca and Bianca

The only movie on the anime-based game list, Dragon Quest: Your Story was released in 2019 by Shirogumi, Robot Communications and distributed by Toho. It's also about a different animation, in 3D (just like in Sonic Boom). It was based on the 1992 Super Nintendo game of the same name. Created to bring a sense of nostalgia to fans, the film doesn't disappoint.

Luca, the protagonist, grew up without his mother, who was captured by monsters. His father ends up being killed by Ladja and on his deathbed he reveals to his son that his mother is still alive. Luca then goes on an adventure to find and free his mother. It's a beautiful tribute to the famous gaming franchise of the 80s and 90s, with a beautiful animation and the soundtrack already known by the fans.

Dragon Quest: Your Story Trailer

Dragon's dogma

Dragon's dogma
Main characters from Dragon's Dogma, Ethan and Hannah

And to close this list of anime based on games, another recent release (September 2020). Produced by Sublimation and distributed by Netflix itself, the series was based on the game of the same name from the year 2012. Dragon's Dogma tells the story of Ethan, who comes back to life as a Resurrected one after being killed by a dragon, which also destroyed everything his village, taking the lives of his wife and son. A “pawn”, named Hannah, ends up healing him and turning him into a Risen One, and he goes on to seek revenge.

It is a dark anime of action, with the indicative rating for 16 years.

There are seven episodes in total, each with the name of one of the Deadly Sins, and has a plot related to its title. The animation, however, was widely criticized for being shallow and unattractive.

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Dragon's Dogma trailer

Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild

15 anime and series based on games on netflix | e3ebc2d5 mhlg | married games tips/guides | animation, netflix anime, anime, castlevania, dota, dragon quest, dragon's dogma, fate, granblue, monster hunter, netflix, pokemon, resident evil, skylander, sonic, street fighter, the witcher, wafku | game-based series
Hunting a Lunastra on the first mission is not easy

In August 2021, the successful video game franchise Monster Hunter got an addition in the movie Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild. Capcom worked with Pure Imagination Studios to make the film, which is very similar to the hit games, including more “unusual” armor and exaggerated weapons (very different from those swords seen in the live action movie) and watches the events unfold. around human interactions with peculiar creatures, including the Elder Dragon.

Here we follow Aiden (Ace Cadet or the “A-List Cheerful”), a boy who lives in a small isolated village and solves small problems related to monsters, when more dangerous creatures start to appear and things get difficult for him and he meets a hunter who says an Elder Dragon is about to pass through his village. With the help of more experienced hunters, Aiden will fight this threat and become a true hunter.

Monster Hunter Legends Trailer

Resident Evil: Infinity Darkness

15 anime and series based on games on netflix | e5ffd672 reid | married games tips/guides | animation, netflix anime, anime, castlevania, dota, dragon quest, dragon's dogma, fate, granblue, monster hunter, netflix, pokemon, resident evil, skylander, sonic, street fighter, the witcher, wafku | game-based series
15 Anime and Game-Based Series on Netflix | animation, netflix anime, anime, castlevania, dota, Dragon Quest, Dragon's dogma, Fate, granblue, Monster Hunter, netflix, pokemon, resident evil, skylander, sonic, street fighter, the witcher, wafku | game-based series

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is an anime series adapted from the legendary games resident evil, made famous by Capcom. The horror series features the protagonists of Resident Evil 2, Leon and Claire, but supposedly takes place between the events of Resident Evil 4 e Resident Evil 5 .

The series hit Netflix in July 2021 and received mixed reviews, but an alternative representation of the franchise away from video games and Milla Jovovich's movies was well received by some.

Resident Evil: Infinity Darkness Trailer

Skylanders Academy

15 anime and series based on games on netflix | 68b84a99 skylanders academy | married games tips/guides | animation, netflix anime, anime, castlevania, dota, dragon quest, dragon's dogma, fate, granblue, monster hunter, netflix, pokemon, resident evil, skylander, sonic, street fighter, the witcher, wafku | game-based series
Spyro started in a solo career, but got along well with the band.

In line with the Lego Dimensions, the games of the series Skylanders encourage players to scan toys, importing them into the game and thus allowing them to be used in the game. There were several games Skylanders within the franchise, with many popular characters, including Spyro the Dragon e Crash Bandicoot.

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Activision Blizzard Studios went on to make a series called Skylanders Academy , which launched on Netflix in 2016. The intention was to be a spin-off of the games, with only a handful of voice actors reprise their previous roles, and the remaining characters being reworked (to sell more toys, of course!).

Skylanders Academy Trailer


15 anime and series based on games on netflix | 5f539773 wakfu | married games tips/guides | animation, netflix anime, anime, castlevania, dota, dragon quest, dragon's dogma, fate, granblue, monster hunter, netflix, pokemon, resident evil, skylander, sonic, street fighter, the witcher, wafku | game-based series
I played very little so I don't know almost anyone there. You know? Leave it in the comments

Wakfu is an adaptation of the animated series of the MMORPG also titled Wakfu , developed by Ankama Games and published by companies such as Square Enix and Ubisoft. Originally released as a French animated series, Wakfu it grew in popularity and Netflix acquired the rights before its third season, making it a Netflix Original. 

Despite its popularity, Ankama has relied on Kickstarter campaigns to achieve goals and keep the series moving, including funding its dubbed versions in the English language. This popularity worked wonders, however, allowing fourth and final grades to move forward at some point in the future. In Wafku, Yugo, a 12-year-old boy with special powers, embarks on a quest to find his true family and unravel mysteries.

Wafku Trailer

The Witcher

15 anime and series based on games on netflix | db49ec9a witcher | married games tips/guides | animation, netflix anime, anime, castlevania, dota, dragon quest, dragon's dogma, fate, granblue, monster hunter, netflix, pokemon, resident evil, skylander, sonic, street fighter, the witcher, wafku | game-based series
It's practically a series based on the game, although they say it's not.

Of course, the list couldn't leave out the “witcher” Gerald de Rivia (played by Henry Cavill) and, as much as we know that the series is originally based on the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, let's agree that the series has caught A LOT elements of the games produced by CD Projekt Red, which can practically be considered a series based on the game. And even if you don't want to consider it based on the game, it's still pretty good and deserves to be here.

The Witcher follows the quests of Gerald De Rivia, a “witcher”, a type of monster hunter with special powers to fight creatures. Despite their vital role in a world fraught with supernatural dangers, "witchers" are targets of prejudice and hatred by everyone. Season two is on the way, so if you want to prepare yourself, follow season one.

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'Toss a coin for your witcher' in multiple languages

Much more to watch on Netflix

In closing, Netflix is ​​always investing in new series and animations, so it's not surprising that there are even more animations, series and movies based on famous games to come. If you've seen all the titles mentioned in this text, no problem, leave it there in the comments which you recommend to other readers. Which one would you like to see on Netflix? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about streaming on our website.

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