Ghost of Tsushima Tips to Detonate the Game

In a world of samurai, ronin and ninjas, you need skill and quick reflexes if you are to survive. Check out these Ghost of Tsushima tips to hit the game

Ghost of Tsushima Tips
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Ninja and samurai games are nothing new in video games. From the ancient Ninja Gaiden and Shadow Dancer of arcades and 8-bit consoles, to the most modern tales about the honorable warriors of the east permeate the players' imaginations. And Ghost of Tsushima is no exception. Developed by Sucker Punch and released for PlayStation 4, the open world game puts you in a beautiful setting of ancient Japan and tells a rich and immersive story like we haven't seen in a while.

In addition to its stunning visuals, the game offers a huge open world with lots to do and see, which can be daunting for younger players. It's the kind of visual on display in Ghost of Tsushima that gamers would even have forgiven the studio if it were delayed so it could be released on the PlayStation 5 and become even richer. So, for you to get the most out of this unique experience, here are 10 things players should know before launching Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Top Tips

Ghost of Tsushima likely goes into the latest PlayStation 4 big-budget exclusive and has helped further solidify the company's confident stance as one of the consoles of choice for exclusive gaming experiences. This, along with Naughty Dog and its The Last of Us Part 2, shows a fantastic understanding of PS4 architecture by Ghost of Tsushima developers, studio Sucker Punch. See how best to enjoy all this game with these tips.

Japanese may not be the best dubbing choice

It is true that Ghost of Tsushima is heavily influenced by the classic samurai films directed by Akira Kurosawa such as The Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress. With that in mind, many movie fans and purists might be tempted to choose the Japanese audio option early in the game for a more authentic experience.

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Unfortunately, as the game was developed by a Western studio, the lip sync was designed to be in line with the English audio. So, this can generate awkward moments of shut mouths while the characters speak or reverse situations. So, think if it's not worth playing with the Portuguese dubbing (which is always great in big budget games) or English.

To change the audio option, go to Options menu > Audio > Audio language and here you can select the language of your choice. English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese are available.

Choose a Horse with Wisdom

At the beginning of the intro to Ghost of Tsushima, Jin will choose one of three horses. Players will then choose a name for their trusty steed before setting out on their quest to free the island from the Mongolian horde.

It doesn't have a big effect on the gameplay itself, but the choice should be wise as players will use the same horse in a game that can last well over 30 hours. You can choose a name for it or keep the default name for each one:

  • Nobu, which means Trust.
  • Kage, which means Shadow.
  • Sora, which means Heaven

And if you're worried about your horse, if you're traumatized after what happened to Agro in Shadow of the Colossus, don't worry: your horse can't die in this game.

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Play the Game Your Way

Veterans of the Infamous series, also from Sucker Punch, can expect good and bad endings based on the player's choices. There is an internal conflict going on with Jin that he may need to use the “Ghost” methods that don't comply with the honorable Samurai code.

However, there are no rewards or repercussions for playing the game in any way that affects getting trophies, etc., so players are free to play exactly as they please. Don't worry about your honor or reputation to get the game's trophies. But, playing the game doing only honorable actions can be a challenge (although enemies won't be honorable with you).

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Take the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes

Don't Abuse the Fast Travel Option

As with most big open world games, the fast travel option in Ghost of Tsushima is designed to save the player a lot of time on a huge map. However, this will deprive the player of some of the most beautiful scenery in a game of this generation.

More importantly, they will miss out on many opportunities to earn Legend and accumulate Technique points when facing random enemies and bandits on Jin's travels. So think about whether it's worth using the fast trip for a little shorter journeys. Now, if you go from one point of the map to another, then I recommend taking the horse trip at least once. You will know what will happen on the way.

Look for Each Question Mark

As mentioned above, excessive use of the fast travel option will cause the player to miss a lot of what Ghost of Tsushima has to offer. One of the most important things to do in the game is to look for unknown locations on the map with question marks.

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These question marks can reveal many new and incredibly useful locations such as Fox Dens, Sanctuaries, Survivor Camps, Hot Springs and more. Explore the map and release everything you can, as you will be rewarded for it in the end.

Don't Forget Touchpad Features

It's pretty clear that the developers at Sucker Punch love using the PlayStation 4 Touchpad. They've made excellent use of it in Infamous: Second Son, their standalone expansion Infamous: First Light and now Ghost of Tsushima.

The most obvious is to slide up the touch to allow the wind to guide Jin to his next destination. However, swiping left will allow Jin to play his flute, swipe down to bow and swipe right to sheath his sword. All of these little options can allow for some nice photo opportunities.

Learn to Defend and Trim

There's a lot of combat in Ghost of Tsushima, so it's a good thing the fighting system is so good and worth learning. In addition to the devastating attacks and blows that can take down enemies in an instant, parrying and defending is just as important. It's a trend in today's games to have a “parry” system and mastering it can give you a good advantage when it comes to fights.

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Not only does it look and feel good to parry an opponent to hit him with a counterattack, but knowing when to defend will create a lot of openings on the battlefield. Practice a lot until the movement becomes natural for you.

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Eliminate Archers First

It's always a good idea to be as defensive as possible, making sure Jin is safe and you shouldn't panic when surrounded by enemies. Unfortunately, when archers are involved, all defensive strategies can go down the drain, after all, they don't usually attack in the place you're defending.

The best way to handle situations like this is to attack the archers, avoiding all the arrows they shoot and eliminating them with some heavy attacks. Fortunately, it doesn't take a lot of effort to defeat an archer in melee combat. Keep an eye out for a hidden archer as well.

Follow the Yellow Birds

One of the best things about Ghost of Tsushima is the lack of a HUD on screen at all times. Having just one would have served to break the level of immersion that navigating the entire world of Ghost of Tsushima creates. Instead, Jin has to rely on nature to guide him to unknown places.

Instead of landmarks, players will often encounter yellow birds that will appear when Jin is near a point of interest / unknown location. Following these birds, you'll discover Fox Dens, Sanctuaries, Survivor Camps, Hot Springs and much more.

follow the foxes

Like Yellow Birds, Foxes in Ghost of Tsushima are important guides to follow. When followed, they will guide Jin to the Shrines of Inaria, which will grant him the ability to increase the number of Spells he can carry and gain Minor Spells.

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Amulets are accessories that grant Jin new abilities and advantages that will come in handy in many combat situations as the game progresses. So, keep an eye out for these creatures to unlock maximum perks throughout the game.

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Be the Ghost of Tsushima

Set in 1274 on Tsushima Island, the game revolves around the last samurai, Jin Sakai, during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Jin will have to master a new fighting style, the "Ghost" way, to defeat Mongol forces and fight for Japan's freedom and independence by traveling across the island of Tsushima. The game was developed by Sucker Punch studio and published from Sony Interactive Entertainment and is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Ghost of Tsushima received rave reviews from the media, with rave reviews for its visuals and combat, and sold over 2,4 million copies in its first three days of release.

Now, tell us: Have you ever played Ghost of Tsushima? Did you like the tips? Leave it in the comments and enjoy to read more about the PlayStation on our website.

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