Go to School in The Sims 4

Tired of going into the rabbit hole and not seeing your sims at school? Do you miss the Sims 3 class style? So get to know this mod so you can go to school in The Sims 4

Go to school in the sims 4
A good court for the practice of sports

There was a lot in the gaming world from 2009 to 2017 and this is very noticeable when we compare the previous version of the life simulation game, The Sims 3, with its successor, The Sims 4. Improved graphics, simplified gameplay, improved sound and music however, some things got in the way.

Just look at the number of DLC packs that have been released for the previous version of the game and you can get an idea of ​​everything you don't have in Sims 4. Of course, Eletronic Arts has already announced that it intends to keep The Sims 4 active for at least 10 years, so even if there are already rumors that the company works on The Sims 5, it is possible that, at some point, Maxis will launch an expansion package with the possibility of going to school on The Sims 4.

Several cool Sims functions and packs and types of Sims were left out of the new version, some being released in expansion packs (like vampires), others straight into the base game (like sims plants) and some that haven't come back until today ( like zombies). Some things like farms and schools for the Sims have not been included to this day and the packages are released by Electronic Arts with little or no regard for player requests.

I want to go to school on The Sims 4 EA

I mean, it may be that someone asked for a package focused on recycling, but I'm sure they would much prefer the theme of a farm or desert island than having to go and collect garbage in a city. However, one of the things that simmers miss most is the face-to-face classes, where you could accompany your character in the classes interact with the teachers and other resources.

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The University Package comes close to that, offering a large campus and dormitories for its characters to attend, servants, secret clubs with fairies and other news, but the classes even continued in the “rabbit hole” scheme. However, as always, everything you don't have in a game and players want it, a modder goes there and solves it. And this time was not different.

A modder solved the problem of going to school on The Sims 4, with Mod Go to School, created in 2017 by modder Zerbu. The problem is that this mod was for a long time out of date and caused a problem to the game when installed, until it was "rescued" by the modder Kawaii Stacie and translated into Portuguese by the modder Lukesims. So, if you want to go to school with your sim, this is the most up-to-date mod that is working correctly.

Attention: This mod to go to school on The Sims 4 requires The Sims 4: Go to Work expansion to work.

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All so behaved. It doesn't even look like a school

How to install

Installing The Sims 4 mods is very simple, especially if you want to make just a few adjustments to your game. First, download the mod Playable School Events, with the Portuguese translation on the link.

Take the downloaded mod files, extract them using your preferred file compactor (Winrar is the most common) and simply drag and drop or copy and paste into your The Sims 4 “Mods” folder. In general, the folder will be inside Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ Mods, but it may vary depending on your installation.

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But to ensure that it is just that, always check the installation instructions for any downloaded mod just to make sure there are no further steps. Most should just be a quick matter of copying files.

Be aware that some mods may need other mods or additional content, such as fabrics created by other modders that you will also need to install. Another thing, keep an eye and the mod is updated and is compatible with the latest version of the game as some may be outdated and abandoned by the creators or have been replaced by other newer mods.

Recommended Mod to Go to School on The Sims 4

This is one of the most downloaded mods by simmers and can help you control things during your sims' visit to school, so we recommend that you download the MC Command Center.

MCCC allows you to control every aspect of your sim's life and the world around them. You can choose how many sims will be present in a batch, increase or decrease the age of a sim (or all), call sims to your home or expel them, disappear with them from the game and know detailed information such as who the spouse is yes, how many children they have and more. All without having to use the console command and enter the cheats.

Click on the floor, on the sim, in the mailbox or on any computer and you will have different levels of control over aspects of the world. To download, just access the developer's website, Deaderpool. He usually keeps this mod well updated, so always keep an eye out for new versions with each update of your The Sims so you don't have any problems.

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How to go to school

Now, to go to school with the mod, the first thing you must do is to have a school in one of your worlds. You can build it or look for one in the Gallery. There you will be able to choose several options that have already been created by the players and shared with whomever you want. Or, if you want, you can build yours. The important thing to remember is two details:

Go to school in the sims 4 | 65867cfa school1 | ea games, maxis, pc, playstation, singleplayer, the sims 4 | school in the sims 4 tips/guides
  • The land cannot be considered Residential. The most appropriate is to place it as a Library, since there is no exclusive classification for Schools in the game or in the mod. The problem is that eventually there will be sims there who are not students or teachers, but you simply kick them out of the ground with the Sims 4 trick commands.
  • Classrooms need to have a microphone, as this is where the teacher will perform for the class. There is no point in doing school without the microphone in the Classroom, as the class will not start.

Apart from that, it is recommended that you build things like libraries, computers, sports, cafeteria and other things that you usually have in schools because the mod will ask for a series of activities that may involve interaction with these objects. Bathrooms are also recommended. And everything else your sim may need to meet your sims' needs.

After that, just start an event on your phone. You will have the Go to School event and you will be able to choose whether you want to go to Public School or Private School, which costs $ 70 simoleons per class. In private schools you can learn more about your skills and all sims wear their Formal clothes. In public school, they will go with everyday clothes.

You can start this event with either your child or teen sims, but teen sims can create an event on the calendar if you have the “Seasons” expansion. Once the event is over, your sim will start it when you choose the time. With the event via Calendar you can choose to start classes at exactly 08 am. In the case of children, with a mod called Start an All Ages Event so you can start events with Sims of any age and go to School at The Sims 4 with them.

Go to school in the sims 4 | cee6e333 image 2021 05 28 161741 | ea games, maxis, pc, playstation, singleplayer, the sims 4 | school in the sims 4 tips/guides
Start an event

The event to go to School works exactly like a work day in the Go to Work expansion or romantic date, where you have time to complete some tasks to accumulate a success bar of the event. The actions involve watching the teacher's class, reading a book for a while or talking to colleagues. You can take the time you are at school to do your homework.

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Achieving another's medal is the main goal, but unlike events or the workday, you will not earn anything. And yet there is another detail, going to school through the mod does not count as a completed school day, but as a absence. That is, even going to school in the mod, your yes can still be disapproved for absences.

Despite this, it is still a lot of fun to attend school with the sims and the mod can be useful for anyone who is doing a web series or creating their stories, even if the sim does not have the best school performance. It is recommended to alternate the visit to the school via “rabbit hole” and some visits to the mod's face-to-face school. Thus, you will always have a variety of gameplay in your game.

Whatever you want in The Sims

Go to school in the sims 4 | cba0b66e the sims 4 cosmo | ea games, maxis, pc, playstation, singleplayer, the sims 4 | school in the sims 4 tips/guides

The Sims is a life simulator developed by Maxis and published by EA Games. In it you create your characters, build houses as you want, you can get a job, relationships, create a family or do what you want. The franchise has several titles and several spin-offs, released for PC and several consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and even for Sega's Mega Drive.

So, did you like the mod? Ready to go to school at The Sims 4 with your Sims? Do you have any mods that you think are cool and want to share with us? Leave it in the comments and read more about The Sims on Our site.

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