How to download app on Smart TV? [LG, Samsung, Philco, Sony and TCL]

How to download application from Smart TV? We are living in an era where innovation goes hand in hand with the consumer, in different ways. Smartphones are indispensable for most people in the world, as are consoles, computers and others. Our dear TV has also evolved a lot over time. Nowadays, all kinds of streaming can be added to your TV. Smart televisions, present in most TVs, allow this!

How to download app on smart tv [lg, samsung, philco, sony and tcl]
How to Download Application on Smart TV [LG, Samsung, Philco, Sony and TCL]

Want to watch your favorite streamers on Twitch? Has as! Want to listen to your favorite songs on Spotify? It's on TV! Or just want to watch that last season of your show? Also has! And through all this evolution, we'll show you here how you download your favorite apps to your TV. In the example given, let's use a LG TV UHD 55″ 4K, so the interface may be a little different from your home television, but the way is for other TVs as well. Fasten your seatbelts and have a great read!

How to download app on LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TVs are always praised, mainly because of its webOS operating system, which has an unparalleled fluidity compared to other OS. And, whatever you want, you'll find it through the LG Store. Check out!


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LG Smart TV Remote Control | How to download app on Smart TV?

With your remote in hand, click on the “Home” button, but on most controls, this button is symbolized by a little house. Click on it to proceed to the next step!


List of my smart lg tv apps | how to download app on smart tv?
LG Smart TV My Apps List | How to download app on Smart TV?

After opening the list at the bottom of the TV with all your Apps already installed at the factory, go to “LG Content Store” which is also represented by a shopping bag. Click on the icon.

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Where you can find the app of your choice | how to download app on smart tv?
Where you can find the app of your choice | How to download app on Smart TV?

After clicking on LG Content Store, you will be taken to “Play Store” of Smart TVs. There you can choose the application you want so much. Upon entering, you will notice that there are several tabs such as “Featured”, “All apps” and “My apps”. In addition to others such as “popular”, “premium”, “recent” etc.

Fourth step

Space to search which application you prefer | how to download app on smart tv?
Space to search which application you prefer | How to download app on Smart TV?

If you don't find your application in these lists, you can go to the search bar, which again has its characterization, in this case it's a magnifying glass.

Click and enter the application name. If not, then your TV doesn't have it yet or isn't updated to the latest version. But in most cases it's because the app doesn't exist for TV. If you find it, click on download!

fifth step

Finally, download your app! How to download app on smart tv?
Finally, download your app! How to download app on Smart TV?

Ready! Just wait for your app to download and have fun with it. It will soon appear in the application list when you press the “Home” button on your controller.

How to download apps on other TVs


Tizen operating system interface, used on samsung smart tvs | how to download app on smart tv?
Tizen Operating System Interface, used on Samsung Smart TVs | How to download app on Smart TV?

On Smart TVs with Tizen operating system, like most Samsung TVs, it's also easy. Look!

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  1. Press the "Home" button, the menu on your controller;
  2. Access the “Apps” function;
  3. Browse the available apps or select the magnifying glass to search for a specific one;
  4. Select the application;
  5. Click Install;
  6. The download will start and the app will be installed on your smart TV;
  7. You can click “Open” after installation is complete;

Sony, Philco and TCL

Android tv interface, very common on smart tvs from tcl, philco and sony. | how to download app on smart tv?
Android TV interface, very common on Smart TVs from TCL, Philco and Sony. | How to download app on Smart TV?

These three brands usually have Android TV on their smarts and, being better known, it is as simple as the previous ones. Look!

  1. From the Android TV home screen, scroll to the “Apps” option;
  2. Select the Play Store app;
  3. Browse the categories or select the magnifying glass to search for apps;
  4. Select the application and click “Install”;
  5. The app will appear in the list of installed apps;


What to do when I cannot access Wifi on my Smart TV?

Some of the things you can do: Change the smart TV's DNS, check network security, check the password, and finally make sure the router isn't the problem.

How to factory reset LG TV?

1. Turn off the device.
2. Press and hold the Power and Volume keys down.
3. When the Logo LG appears on the screen just release the power button and then press the power button again.
4. When the message “Factory data reset” appears on the screen, release the buttons.
5. Use volume keys to select the word “Yes” and Power button to confirm.

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How to factory reset my Samsung TV?

1. Access the Smart TV Menu.
2. Scroll through the Menu and select Assistance.
3. Select Self Diagnosis.
4. Select Reset.
5. Enter the security PIN. Remember that the default PIN consists of the code 0000.
6. Select Yes for factory reset to take place.
7. The television automatically turns off and back on, displaying the Setup screen.

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How to clear Samsung TV memory?

1. Connect to Samsung TV.
2. Press the Home button on the remote.
3. Open settings.
4. Select apps.
5. Open system applications.
6. Select the application whose cache you want to clean.
7. Select “Clean cache”.
8. Confirm by pressing OK.

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More about Smart TVs

How to download app on Smart TV?

Connected TV, Connected TV, Hybrid TV, or Hybrid TV (smart TV) describe the integration of the Internet and the characteristics of Web 2.0 with televisions and television set-top boxes, as well as the convergence between computers with these televisions and set-top boxes.

This TV model started to arrive in Brazil in 2011, and with the decrease in the use of physical media and the rise of streaming services, it has been rapidly becoming popular.

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Some of these devices require a broadband Internet connection offering interactive content such as games, applications, video on demand, etc. directly on the television.

All devices have a home page that allows access to different functions, as well as a link to their exclusive app store. So far, all available apps for Smart TVs are free, but manufacturers are waiting for the use of this feature to become popular to make available other paid types that are already successful among smartphones.

The operating system is a successor to webOS, which was initially developed by Palm, and later by Hewlett-Packard after acquiring Palm.

In 2013 the system code and brand were purchased by LG Electronics. The webOS was completely remodeled from the base of the operating system, giving rise to the LG webOS, developed for Smart TVs.

Android TV is an Android-based operating system developed by Google for connected TVs, digital media players, set-top box and soundbar. It has a user interface that offers media applications and services, mainly music and video streaming, voice search and intelligent virtual assistant, content mirroring with Google Cast, among other features.

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The platform was first unveiled on June 25, 2014 on Google I/O and was first made available on Nexus Player in November. The platform has been adopted in smart TVs by several TV manufacturers such as Sony and Sharp. Some companies have adopted the operating system in set-top boxes by a number of IPTV television providers.

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