How to organize the iPhone home screen?

You don't want to leave everything a mess

Organizing your iPhone or iPad home screen can be an unpleasant experience. Even if you have a layout in mind, Apple's strict approach to the placement of icons can be inaccurate and frustrating.

Fortunately, updating the iOS 14 Apple's iPhone home screen made it much better last year. That said, here are some tips for organizing your apps and making the iPhone home screen a more functional space.

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IPhone home screen is fully customizable

How to organize your iPhone home screen

To rearrange the application icons on the iPhone home screen, tap and hold one until all the icons start to swing. You can also tap and hold one and then tap "Edit home screen" in the menu that appears.

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Then, start dragging the icons wherever you want on the home screen.

Iphone home screen
How to organize iPhone home screen

Dragging an app to the left or right edge will move it to the previous or next screen. Sometimes it happens when you don't want to. Other times, you will need to stop for a second before the iPhone changes its home screen.

You can create folders by dragging one application and holding it over the other for a second. While applications are swinging, you can rename folders by tapping on them and then tapping on the text. You can also use emojis in folder labels, if desired.

Dragging icons off the iPhone's home screen, one at a time, can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, you can select several icons at once and deposit them all on one screen or in a folder. While the icons swing, grab an app with one finger. Then (while still holding the app), touch a different one with your other finger. You can stack multiple applications in this way to really speed up the organization process.

When you're done organizing, swipe from bottom to top (iPhone X or later) or press the Home button (iPhone 8 or SE2) to stop the apps from swinging. If, at any time, you want to revert to Apple's default iOS organization, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset home screen layout.

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Put important apps on the first home screen

You don't have to fill an entire home screen before moving on to the next one. This is another useful way to create divisions between certain types of applications. For example, you can place the apps you use most often in the Dock and the rest on the home screen.

How to organize iphone home screen? | 84b69764 put only important apps on first screen | apple, ios, iphone | iphone home screen tips/guides, technology
Put only important apps on the first screen

Whenever you unlock your device, the home screen is the first thing you see. You can make the most of this space by placing the applications you want to access quickly on the first screen.

If you prefer a cleaner look, consider not filling the screen completely. Folders take a long time to open and scroll, so it may be best to place them on the second home screen.

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You can put folders in the dock

One way to make the Dock more useful is to place a folder on it. You can even fill the Dock with folders if you want, but that's probably not the smartest use of space. Most people unconsciously trust the Dock to access applications like Messaging, Safari or Mail. If you find this limiting, create a folder there.

You will now have access to these applications, regardless of the home screen you are examining. Folders display nine applications at a time, so adding one can increase the capacity of the Dock from four to 12 applications, with the single penalty being an additional touch.

Organize folders by application type

The most obvious way to organize your apps is to purposely divide them into folders. How many folders you need depends on how many applications you have, what they do and how often you access them.

Create your own organization system adapted to your workflow and it will work better. Look at your apps and find out how you can group them together in practical and meaningful ways.

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How to organize iphone home screen? | 487b0328 Organize Folders by Application Type | apple, ios, iphone | iphone home screen tips/guides, technology
Organize folders by application type

For example, you may have a healthy habit of coloring and some attention apps. You can group them all in a folder called "Health". However, it would probably make more sense to create a separate “Coloring Books” folder so that you don't have to scroll through unrelated applications when you want to color.

Likewise, if you make music on your iPhone, you may want to separate the synthesizers from the electronic drums. If your labels are too broad, it will be difficult to find things when you need them.

The iOS 14 update, which was released last year, has an “App Library” that automatically organizes your apps that way. Until then, you decide to organize them.

Hide pages

You can hide an entire page of applications at once. When you don't have to hide each program or folder individually, you'll save time. The feature, which arrived in iOS 14, will make your life a lot easier, as it quickly hides a page of mobile apps.

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If you do not want to display all screens, you can select or deselect the ones that are being shown, through a new system customization menu. And don't worry: removing the screen does not erase the apps installed on your iPhone.

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Organize folders based on actions

You can further categorize applications based on the actions they help to perform. Some common folder labels in this organization system may include "Chat", "Search" or "Play".

If you don't find generic labels like "Photography" or "Work" very useful, try it out. You can also use emojis to signify actions, as there is one for almost everything now.

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Using the app library

IOS 14 brought a new way to organize the iPhone home screen and its apps: an application library. It works automatically, with the system identifying apps according to their categories and automatically organizing them into folders. This will definitely help you locate that missing application.

People who have many applications can find them easily, regardless of their category, be it games, music, utilities, entertainment, photos, etc.

Sort alphabetically

Organizing your iPhone home screen apps in alphabetical order is another option. You can do this easily by resetting the home screen - just go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset home screen layout. The stock apps will appear on the first home screen, but everything else will be listed in alphabetical order. You can reset at any time to rearrange things.

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Since folders on iOS do not have a defined application limit, you can also organize them alphabetically within folders. As with organizing your apps by type, though, it's important not to make it difficult to put hundreds of apps in one folder.

How to organize iphone home screen? | 080ec5d2 sort alphabetically | apple, ios, iphone | iphone home screen tips/guides, technology
Sort alphabetically

The best thing about this method is that you don't have to think about what an app does to find it. You will only know that the Airbnb application is in the “AE” folder, while Free Fire is in the “FL” folder, for example.

Create smart sets

Not everyone likes many widgets on the iPhone's home screen, making it difficult to find some apps. Because of this, iOS 14 brings the Smart Suite, which is like a folder of widgets.

To create this set, select a widget and place it on top of another. Your folder will be created automatically, making it easier to view and organize your iPhone. Remember that iOS has some ready-made models.

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Organize application icons by color

You probably already associate your favorite apps with the color of your icons. When you are looking for Evernote, you may be looking for a white rectangle and a green bubble. Apps like Facebook and Twitter are easy to find because their strong and vibrant brand stands out, even on a cluttered home screen.

Grouping apps by color is not for everyone. It is primarily an option for applications that you choose not to keep in folders. In addition, it will only work well for those you use most often.

How to organize iphone home screen? | eb3e8f79 you can sort applications by color | apple, ios, iphone | iphone home screen tips/guides, technology
You can organize apps by color

A plot twist in this mode would be to do this by folder, using colored emojis to indicate which applications belong in that folder. There are circles, squares and hearts in various colors in the symbol section of the emoji selector.

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Use Spotlight instead of application icons

The best approach for organizing applications on the iPhone home screen is to avoid it completely. You can find any application quickly and efficiently by simply typing the first letters of its name into the Spotlight search engine.

To do this, open the home screen to reveal the search bar. Start typing and tap the app when it appears in the results below. You can even go a step further and search for data within apps, like Evernote notes or Google Drive documents.

How to organize iphone home screen? | 2980962b use spotlight | apple, ios, iphone | iphone home screen tips/guides, technology
Use Spotlight

This is by far the fastest way to interact with applications outside the Dock or the main home screen. You can search application categories (like “games”), settings panels, people, news, podcasts, music, Safari favorites or history, and more.

You can even search the web, App Store, Maps or Siri directly by typing your search, scroll to the bottom of the list and then choose one of the available options. For best results, you can also fully customize your Spotlight search to show just what you want.

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