How to Play CryptoKitties – Virtual Cats Worth Cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest hits among games to win cryptocurrencies, playing CryptoKitties was once among the most profitable games and still offers excellent earning opportunities today.

Do you like to earn money and like cats? So maybe CryptoKitties be one of our 26 games to win cryptocurrencies that you are looking to play and increase your income. CryptoKitties was created by Canadian startup Axiom Zen in December 2017. Axiom Zen is involved in many different things like software development and virtual reality, however CryptoKitties has been one of their most successful projects so far!

The founders wanted to create an Ethereum game that would allow anyone in the world to own virtual cats that were created from an intelligent contract. Each cat created is unique, which includes different colored hair, eyes and hair! There are also different CryptoKitty genres. A male CryptoKitty is called a Sire and females are called Dames!

Think of it as the DNA of a human. Everyone on the planet has a unique internal DNA that is never the same as anyone else, which is the same with CryptoKitties! Understand how the game works.

play cryptokitties
A cat with a diamond belly is certainly worth some money

Quick FAQ

Can I play on a mobile device?

You sure can! Mobile wallets like Coinbase Wallet and Trust support CryptoKitties.

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Can I log in from multiple computers?

You can use CryptoKitties from multiple computers as long as you have your digital wallet installed on both.

Can I use different browsers?

Recommended to use Chrome or Firefox.

Is CryptoKitties free to start?

No. It costs money to buy a kitten or raise kittens. There is also a small 'tax' fee that is paid to make your transactions on the blockchain.

How much does a CryptoKitty cost?

Currently, the average price is around 175 Euros (something close to R$ 1.080 at the current price)

How to start playing CryptoKitties?

Before you can start using CryptoKitties, you will need to buy some Ethereum (ETH). After buying some ETH, you now need to install a virtual wallet called MetaMask. This wallet is compatible with the CryptoKitties platform and will allow you to buy, breed and sell cats. The MetaMask wallet is very simple to use and you can even install it as a Google Chrome extension! After configuring MetaMask, transfer your ETH to it.

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Create a CryptoKitties account

Now that you have an ETH funded MetaMask wallet, you can visit the CryptoKitties website and create an account.

  • First you need to enter your email address and choose a nickname. Your MetaMask wallet address is automatically entered;
  • You will now see the CryptoKitties terms and conditions. Be sure to read them before clicking 'I Agree';
  • Then a MetaMask pop-up box will prompt you to sign in to CryptoKitties. Click on 'Sign in';

You should now be on the CryptoKitties platform, which means you have successfully opened an account!

How to buy CryptoKitties

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cats market

If you've followed all the steps so far, you should now have an ETH funded MetaMask wallet and be on the CryptoKitties platform with a registered account. Now it's time to buy some CryptoKitties!

  • At the top of the page, click Marketplace;
  • There are over 140.000 unique CryptoKitties to choose from! That's a lot of choice!
  • If you click on the Filter button, you can select the type of CryptoKitty you want to buy;
  • As you'll see below, the most expensive CryptoKitty on sale costs 100.000 ETH! As of May 2018, this was worth over $60 million! This is out of my (and many people's) price range, so I'm going to buy the cheapest;
  • Click on the image of the cat you can and want to buy;
  • Now you need to click the orange Buy Now button!
  • Before the deal is complete, you will need to confirm the amount. When satisfied, click OK, buy this Kitty;
  • A MetaMask pop-up box will appear, showing the transaction details, along with the GAS fees (which is a type of tax for trading in cryptocurrencies). Finally, to complete your negotiation, click on 'Confirm';

That's it, you just bought your own CryptoKitty! Once the Ethereum blockchain processes the transaction (which shouldn't take more than a few minutes), the token will be displayed in your MetaMask wallet!

How to play cryptokitties - virtual cats worth cryptocurrencies | d3017f7b kitties | married games tips/guides | android, bitcoin, bitcoins, encryption, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, cryptokitty, ios, mobile, pc, singleplayer | play cryptokitties
Genetic variations make very different cats

Where do CryptoKitties babies come from?

The first CryptoKitty was born on December 2, 2017. Since that date, a new one has been created by the blockchain Ethereum every 15 minutes, which was until November 2018. These CryptoKitties are called Generation 0 kittens and there are 50.000 of them in total.

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However, CryptoKitties can also be created in a different way! Just like real-life kittens, CryptoKitties can breed with each other to make new CryptoKitties! The easiest way to raise a kitten is if you have a Sire (male) and a Dame (female). However, if you only have one of these, you can find someone else to help you!

Let's say you own a CryptoKitty (male) Sire and want a new one. You would need to find someone who owns a CryptoKitty Dame (female) and once you do, you can start the creation process!

The important thing to remember is that the owner of a Dame (woman) keeps the newborn CryptoKittie! However, if you only have one sire (male), you can still earn money as you can charge the owner of a lady (female) a Siring Fee! Unlike Generation 0 CryptoKitties that were created by the developers, there is no limit to the amount of CryptoKitties you can create per cross!

When a new CryptoKitty is born, they inherit some attributes from their parents. Interestingly, the CryptoKitty developers call this “Cattributes”! Think of it like a newborn human baby. They can take out the mother's black hair and the father's crooked nose.

However, the baby can also have unique features, like really big feet! This is the same as a newborn CryptoKitty and they are randomly generated! Don't forget, the rarer the newborn's characteristics, the more value it can be!

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How to create a CryptoKitties

How to play cryptokitties - virtual cats worth cryptocurrencies | 14238201 cryptokitties 1 | married games tips/guides | android, bitcoin, bitcoins, encryption, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, cryptokitty, ios, mobile, pc, singleplayer | play cryptokitties
cats are oviparous

Now that you know how to buy Crypto Kitties, you have… a cat. Virtual. He doesn't do much. You don't play any kind of little game with him and you can't put him to fight or anything like that. He will only be… a cat. The only thing you can do with them is to breed them. I'll quickly show you what you need to do to breed your CryptoKitties.

It's important to remember that only Dame (mother) gets the Crypto Kitty that is born, so if you have a Sire (Dad) you won't get anything. However, some people charge for this service (known as Siring fee) if they have a rare sire!

Remember how I mentioned that Generation 0 coins are worth more since there will only be 50.000 of them? Well, if a Generation 0 Dame spawns a Generation 0 Sire, then it will produce a Generation 1 CryptoKitty. In another example, if a Generation 2 Dame mates with a Generation 4 Sire, it will produce a Generation 6 CryptoKitty! The smaller the generation, the more expensive the Siring rate will be!

  • At the top of the screen, click on the Search box;
  • Below the search box, check the box next to Siring;
  • Sometimes you can find Sire's who are happy to create for free, which is great! Find the father you want to breed with and click on the photo;
  • Then click on the pink 'Create Now' button;

Now you will need to select which of your Dames you want to use to create a new kitty! Click Select a kitten to complete the process. After confirming the transaction, the new CryptoKitty token will be sent to your MetaMask wallet!

Is CryptoKitties really a game?

Although CryptoKitties is called a game, you can't do anything with them other than buy them, build them, and sell them. Some cats are much rarer than others and can be sold for a lot of money. In some cases, people have paid over $100.000 dollars for a single cat!

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Remember the Pokemon card game where you bought a pack and hoped to get a rare card like Charizard? Well, CryptoKitties are very similar in that when new cats are created they are randomly generated from a smart contract code!

How to play cryptokitties - virtual cats worth cryptocurrencies | a0176844 cryptokitties3 scaled | married games tips/guides | android, bitcoin, bitcoins, encryption, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, cryptokitty, ios, mobile, pc, singleplayer | play cryptokitties
The important thing is to be born healthy

Is CryptoKitties a cryptocurrency?

People often make the mistake that having CryptoKitties is the same as owning a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin. Well it isn't! CryptoKitties have no value outside the network, nor can they be traded with other tokens or digital currencies in third-party exchanges. However, as people are prepared to pay for them, CryptoKitties are actually 'blockchain assets'.

CryptoKitties are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and are ERC-721 tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments. There are many variations of the ERC, the most popular being the ERC-20. However, ERC-20 tokens cannot be distinguished from each other, which means they are fungible.

A real-world example of a fungible asset is the Brazilian real. If you lend someone a $20 bill, when they pay you, it probably won't be exactly the same bill you gave. That doesn't matter, as any note they give will be of equal value and can be spent in the same way.

ERC-721 tokens are not fungible. This means that each token is unique and can be independently verified. Think of it as owning land. Although there are many different terrains in the world, the terrain you own is unique! This is the same case as CryptoKitties!

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Learn about the Bitcoin Market

So what do you think of CryptoKitties? Do you think it will buy you a CryptoKitty? If yes, what kind of cat are you looking for? It all depends on how much money you want to spend. If you decided to buy one, let me know which CryptoKitty you bought. Take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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