Everything You Need to Know About Playing Illuvium

Scheduled for release in 2022, learn a little of what to expect and how to play Illuvium, the Triple A game to earn bitcoins

Unlike other games for winning cryptocurrencies, Illuvium promises to be more of a game for casual gamers and experienced gamers than just a way to earn some satochis while battling virtual little monsters. Although it hasn't been officially released yet, developer Aaron Warwick has already shared it on official website what he intends to deliver in matter of gameplay of the game itself.

So, let's give you an introduction to gameplay so you'll know how to play Illuvium when the game is released. Get ready to explore a vast open world in 3D with unique creatures and unique monsters. And if you want to know about the game, then we recommend this article which will tell you more about the world and the economy of Illuvium.

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Choose a team and go to fight

Quick FAQ

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is a collectible NFT roleplaying game and auto battle rolled into one. 
There's an open world RPG experience in the upper world where you mine, harvest, capture and fight Illuvials.

Where to buy ILV tokens?

The official sale of ILV tokens is on the website: https://app.sushi.com/
Other places are offering ILV for sale, but there is no official support. 
Using these exchanges means you can overpay for ILV – do so at your own risk and expense.

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When will the game be released

The scheduled release date for the Open Beta is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

What will be the in-game currency?

The main currency for playing Illuvium will be Ethereum (ETH). Players can also spend sILV on transactions that do not involve another player.

Will the game be Free-to-Play?

The free-to-play experience of Tier 0 regions will familiarize you with Illuvium and will not feel like a “shortcut” version of the game. If you like it, you can opt for the paid experience, start collecting NFTs from higher tier regions

How to Play Illuvium

Note that the game is currently in initial development and details are subject to change. All we have, so far for the actual gameplay, are some leakers and short videos that show the game in action. Therefore, everything shared here can be changed at the official launch of the game.

The History of Illuvium

The player is the survivor of an accident with a spaceship that crashes into an alien world that is unknown and devastated but rich in varied climates and a vast ocean engulfing most of the earth. On this planet, unknown beasts live and powerful savages roam the world. Could it be the world of Illuvium, the mythical cradle of human civilization? Travel the world, unravel its mysteries and discover the answer.

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Illuvium Gameplay

Iluvium, at its heart, is an RPG game and players travel to various regions of the world to encounter monsters called Illuvials and battle them. When defeating them in combat, the player has the option of capturing them in fragments (or shards). Players gradually build a collection of monsters that grows in power over time, which they can use to venture into more dangerous regions or fight other players.

One of the many ways that Illuvium differs from other RPGs is in combat, which is not turn-based. Instead, each instance of combat is an automatic battle, where the player selects and strategically places their Illuvials with the intention of counterattacking their opponent. As such, it is extremely important to select Illuvials that have good synergy with each other and are strong against the opponent's selection.

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The most important attributes of an Illuvial are their affinity and class. There are 5 Basic Affinities and 5 Basic Classes in the game. Stronger Illuvials can incorporate multiple affinities or classes, giving rise to a much greater variety of team compositions. The player is rewarded for selecting Illuvials of the same Affinity or Class through exclusive bonuses. The more monsters on the battlefield with this synergy, the stronger the bonus.


There are 5 basic affinities in the game: Water, Earth, Fire, Nature and Air. The damage each Illuvial deals or receives depends on its affinity with each element and the affinity and element of your enemy. A Fire Illuvial will deal additional damage to a Nature Illuvial, but will take more damage from a Water Illuvial. A type of gameplay very similar to the types of Pokémon and the reactions of Genshin Impact.

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It's very important to consider your enemy's composition, as sometimes your best chance of success isn't necessarily your most powerful Illuvial.


There are 5 basic classes in the game:

  • Fighter (fighter – probably a DPS);
  • Guardian (Probably will be used as a tank);
  • Rogue (Rogue - should be specialized in attacks from behind or surprise);
  • Psion (Psionic - should be the equivalent of a wizard in RPGs);
  • Empath (Empath - possibly the healer of the groups)

Each roughly correspond to traditional RPG classes. Each class has its own unique synergy, which means a team of Guardians will suffer a lot, while a team of Rogues can simply take you down before you can blink.


When the battle begins, each Illuvial will find an enemy target and begin attacking it. During the battle, through attacks and damage, they will gain energy. Once they reach a certain limit, they'll release a special Ultimate Ability, which can change the course of the game.

These Ultimates can deal damage, enhance allies or themselves, hinder enemies, or hit so hard that enemies are knocked out of the arena. The battle ends when a team is completely defeated.

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In Adventure Mode, after a successful encounter, the player will be able to capture the defeated Illuvials. To do this, they must use a fragment (shards). These vary in capture power. This capture power, combined with Illuvial's own power, determines the capture chance. If you succeed, Illuvial will be yours. If you fail, there is a chance the Illuvials will flee. When venturing into the game's higher-level zones, it's advisable to bring powerful Shards, as the weaker ones will likely not cut them.

Basically they are like poke-balls! The stronger the Poké Ball (Common, Master, Ultra and etc), the greater the chances of capturing a stronger and rarer monster.

rare catches

There are still some mysteries surrounding how Illuvials are captured in fragments. One of those mysteries is rare catches. On successful capture, there is a small chance that the fragment will be cosmetically modified. Rare catches like Shiny, Rainbow and Holo can make your Illuvial stand out from the crowd. Each of these types is rarer than the last and provides a uniquely beautiful look to your collection (and more ETH, of course).

A rare monster in illuvium
A rare monster in Illuvium


Illuvials don't evolve like they do in more traditional roleplaying games. Instead, they merge to form more powerful stages of development. To merge, two requirements must be met. First, the player must have three of the same Illuvial. Second, each of them must have reached their maximum level, which is reached through combat.

Of course: the more powerful the fused monster, the more expensive and valuable it will be in ILV. This should be the main objective of players who want to earn a lot of money playing Illuvium, train and strengthen the monsters and then sell them for as much ETH as possible. Players also have the option to team up with one of their Illuvials to earn additional bonuses in combat. Choose wisely as this is a semi-permanent process.

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experience and leveling

With each battle, Illuvials gain experience and levels. This is a way to differentiate two of the same type, as each Iluvial increases in power with levels. It's no use leaving an Illuvial trapped in a Shard without any combat, as it won't progress. But be careful, in the jungle, Illuvials that are defeated in combat will return to their fragment and take a while to recover.

If you don't want to wait, there are several methods to revive them, including paying a small fee to revive them instantly. Here you will see what would happen in the Pokémon world if there were no free Pokémon centers. (Long live SUS).

Resource Collection

It's not just the Illuvials who fight. The player also participates in the battle. In fact, the player character can be one of the most influential elements on the battlefield. Each player wears protective armor and wields a futuristic weapon. When infused with gemstones and crystals, your armor and weapon emit auras of affinity and class.

how to play illuvium
There will be a lightsaber in the game!

But to manufacture these weapons, you'll have to mine and collect resources from the environment. And for the adventurer with little time, there is always a change. Which means you can also compare items for your character and with that, strengthen you, so you can win and capture more powerful and rarer monsters. This is certainly the part that involves more RPG than any other element in the game,

Traveling around the world

Illuvium is a big world. Fortunately, there are scattered Obelisks that players can use to instantly travel from place to place, allowing access to different regions and different Illuvials. Over time, more and more of these Obelisks will unlock, increasing the size of the world. Obelisks also provide some protection against deluges. Inside its dome, small towns were built.

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This basically sums up the fast travel system around the world, which promises to be quite extensive and the “safe areas”. Probably, in these cities will be the trades and sellers of items, monster recovery system and locations for PVP battles.

Game Modes

At launch, players will be able to venture around the world and capture Illuvials for their team. This will be the Story Mode about the game. Soon after that, the battle arenas will be activated, where players can fight each other to see who is the best. There are two arenas planned, both with different rules.

Na Ranked Arena, the players will be on an equal footing. Experience levels will be normalized and each Illuvial will have a point cost associated with it, making combat much more skill-based.

A Arena Leviathan will not have such restrictions. Spectators will also be able to bet on the results of these matches. This is where you go to assert dominance and display your collection to earn (or lose) money.

Future expansions

There are many future plans for the game, including different mechanics and expansions that can be added over time. However, for starters, we're focusing on core gameplay, which is the collection of proven rare and valuable resources that can be used in battle without worrying about damaging your collection.

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This is a high-level overview of what to expect in the game. Developers are currently working to build the base game and Illuvium is scheduled for release sometime in 2022.

Fight for ETH

Everything you have to know about playing illuvium | bd2720b9 cover | married games tips/guides | android, bitcoin, bitcoins, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, illuvium, ios, mobile, singleplayer | how to play illuvium
Fight for ETH

Welcome to the world of Illuvium. A destroyed land of beauty and wonder. Travel across the vast and varied landscape hunting dangerous beasts, then capture them to battle in the arenas or trade them through the Illuvial Exchange.

Illuvium is a decentralized NFT auto-battle game built on the Ethereum network. Integrated with the hyper-scalable Immutable-X L2 solution, Illuvium players gain access to a zero-rate system for creating or exchanging assets, as well as less than one-second transaction times, all with user-maintained custody. A whole world of iconic and collectable NFT characters designed by diverse 3D artists who have created unique and unique creatures.

Now, leave in the comments: What did you think of the game system? Are you waiting for the release of Illuvium? Already play a cryptocurrency game? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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