How to play LiteBinger

Enough of little farms and little monsters. It's time to turn your cryptocurrency earnings into an epic adventure. Learn how to play LiteBringer

Games to win cryptocurrencies are by and large not the most visually advanced or interesting games. You won't find a game like Mass Effect or Life is Strange, with deep stories and remarkable and unforgettable characters (which is a shame) that, besides being good, pay you in cryptocurrencies to play. They are mostly simple and with more basic mechanics of managing and switching little monsters or things they produce.

And in LiteBinger the situation is so different as well. You won't find here a Dragon Age or The Witcher 3 that monsters drop cryptocurrencies, but at least here the game offers you some RPG mechanics for those who like the style and are looking to find some chests with real money in the dungeons. If you want more detailed information about certain aspects of LiteBringer or need help, the following extended instructions will help.

How to play litebringer
How to play LiteBinger

Quick FAQ

How to make money on LiteBinger?

You get the LTC cryptocurrency. The more valuable your resources are, the more you can gain from the game.

Can I play on mobile?

LiteBringer is not available for mobile devices

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How to create an account for LiteBringer?

When you register in the game, the account is created automatically.

LiteBringer is F2P?

To play it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription of 2 euros (about R$ 6,20). There is a free trial period, but to collect your assets you have to subscribe to the game.

How to create an account

Create an account and save your key in a file. Also be sure to keep your password secure. There is no possibility to recover a lost address or password! Click Confirm and the blockchain data will be downloaded. This can take several hours. Remember that there is no way to recover a password, so keep it secure.

First, you need to download the game and install it on your device. You will create an account, which will automatically generate a Litecoin address and private key. You need to buy a subscription to play. Subscriptions cost about 1 euro a month (about R$6,20), but you can get started for free. If you go to “Get Coin” in the settings, you can earn 10 lites to start. Lites are fractions of the Litecoin cryptocurrency, where 1.000 lites equal 1 LTC.

How to make money playing LiteBringer

LiteBinger is based on an economical trading system. Your every move in the game is a transaction that creates value. The weapons you make, the items you collect on quests and the characters you build can be traded in the Litecoin blockchain.

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There is a market for buying and selling LiteBringer game resources. Sales generate revenue in the form of LTC cryptocurrency. The more valuable your resources are, the more you can gain from the game.

However, you need to compete. To earn money playing LiteBringer, you need to be faster and smarter than other players to unlock more features and get more money on the market. For the game to be worthwhile, the features you put up for sale need to be priced higher than the subscription fee.

How to play LiteBinger

LiteBringer game operations take place on the Litecoin blockchain. The game takes place in the lands of Asirenia. As an idle game, LiteBringer lets you assign tasks to your fantasy characters. For example, you set the characters for a quest and wait for them to finish, like mobile games, The Sims Mobile style.

create a character

Create your first character by clicking "Create Character" on the Characters screen. In the lower half of the screen you will find detailed information about the class you selected. Choose a class, click "Create" and submit your new character on the first quest. At the beginning, you can choose a fighter, rogue or sorcerer.

Quests and Loot

click on the mission and submit your character. The game is an idle game, so while your character is on a mission, you can do something else. It may take a few minutes before the mission starts. Some quests take several blocks to complete, which is indicated by the “On Quest” tag in front of the quest name. You'll recognize a successfully completed quest by its yellow border around the quest status and the “Completed” label in front of the quest name.

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If a quest grants a loot reward, the “Loot” button will be displayed in orange. Click on “Loot” and you will find detailed information about the loot reward obtained. In the character overview, you will find more information about the current progress of the current quests.

power and monsters

Click on your character and select the mission "Tent of the Bandit Leader" or "Cottage of the Old Witch". A red border around the quest indicates that your character is not yet strong enough to defeat this monster. Hover over the quest icon and it will show detailed information about the quest.

A monster's strength is defined by its Power score. Your character must have at least the same power to defeat the monster. You can see the monster's Power score by hovering over its portrait on the left side of the Quests tab.

equip your character

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Equip your character with the best equipment

Open the Inventory tab. On the right, you'll find the three reward items you received for completing the previous quest. Drag and drop items into the item slots and you'll notice that your character's Power score at the bottom of the right table increases. Drag and drop the item you want to equip into the docking slot. Some items cannot be equipped by certain character classes.

Open the Quests tab and you will see that your monster can now be defeated. The edges of quests turn green when they can be successfully completed. Send your character on the quest and wait for it to complete.

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You will get some new items as a reward. Repeat both missions until you find some useful items for your character class and equip your character with them.

Elemental Stones

To make your character even stronger, you can upgrade your equipment. Equipment items can be upgraded with Elemental Stones of the same element. You can find the item element in the upper left corner and the item effect in the upper right corner of the item. Element and effect are displayed on the top half of the item.

Elemental stones are dropped from monsters inside shrines. There is a sanctuary for each of the eight elements. Sanctuary quests can be recognized by the sanctuary symbol above the quest. You can identify which item of the item you want to update and search for the corresponding Sanctuary. Repeat the completion of these quests a few times to collect some of the Elemental Stones.

Upgrade Items

Go to the Inventory tab and select the equipped item you want to update. You'll find the item's details at the top of the screen, where you can click “Level Up” to upgrade. This will increase the item's base power.

Attributes also increase with each level, granting the character extra power. At level 15, the item's effect will be unlocked. Note that item changes will not be permanent until the character is sent on the next quest. Upgrading an item to level 3,6,9,12 will unlock a new attribute.

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Skill Elements and Effects

Each monster is dedicated to an element, which has a strong and a weak counterpart. Each item equipped with these elements will give you a large bonus or penalty to your effective power against this monster.

Each element has a strong and a weak counterpart. Most monsters are sensitive or resistant to certain ability effects that are granted through abilities or an item effect.

Ability effects will also increase or decrease your effective power against this monster. A monster's resistances to effects and sensitivities can be found in its hint tool. The effective power and all power modifiers are listed below the monster's stats. Ability effects can increase or decrease your effective power while facing a monster.

Requirements for missions and keys

Use keys to unlock quests
Use keys to unlock quests

With the increase in Power, your character will be able to complete more difficult missions. As you may have noticed, many quests will be grayed out. These quests are locked and cannot be accessed yet. Your character needs certain keys to unlock these quests.

To see which keys a quest requires, select the locked quest and then hover over the lock symbol in the upper-right corner of the quest overview on the Quests tab. These keys can be obtained as a reward for solving certain quests.

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Your character needs keys to unlock most missions.

Advanced Classes

All base classes can be specialized, upon reaching the maximum level of 30 for the first time. In that case, you'll have to choose one of three different advanced classes for each of the three base classes. An advanced class uses the same type of equipment as the base class, but offers several advantages over it.

They have a higher base power, have additional unique abilities, and can equip an improvised special item. In addition, each advanced class is dedicated to a first and a set of secondary attributes that grant a greater bonus to the character's Power. Focus on equipment items with the correct attributes and they will significantly increase your character's Power.

evolve your character

Evolutions can be performed every time you max out with your character, resulting in a return to level 1, but with a permanent bonus to your character's base Power. The first evolve will also specialize your class to an advanced class. But before you can evolve, you'll have to gather the necessary resources. Search for the Dark Ancient Temple quest and complete it. The mission will reward you with 16 Blue Sky Shards. Now select your character and open the Character tab. Click "Evolve" and choose an advanced class.

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What is LiteBringer?

LiteBringer is one of the first de-credentialed blockchain games and the first game to fully operate on the Litecoin blockchain. Its decentralized architecture gives players unprecedented freedom and security in online gaming. LiteBringer was nominated for the Innovation Award by the “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis”.

It was developed by Cipsoft, the creators of Tibia, an innovative multiplayer role-playing game that has been online since 1997. It was released in September 2020 and significantly increased Litecoin's daily transactions. It ranks among the top blockchain games and its popularity continues to grow along with the adoption of Litecoin (LTC) encryption.

LiteBringer is a mix of trading simulation and idle game with RPG elements. Players level up as a fighter, rogue or sorcerer in the imaginative fantasy world of Asirenia and eventually promote them to an advanced class that is even more powerful. Every move in the game is a transaction in the Litecoin blockchain. All weapons, resources and even characters are stored in the blockchain and can be transferred safely between players, allowing them to earn money while having fun in the game.

This gives you a basic idea of ​​how to play LiteBringer. If you have any questions, leave it there in the comments. Enjoy and read more about other games from criptomoedas on our website.

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