How to start playing The Sims Mobile

Play life on the go with this portable version of The Sims. Not sure how? Then check out our guide on how to start playing The Sims Mobile

The Sims 4 is a hit on consoles and PCs, with its life simulation system that engages players in creating a parallel life, building a family, and interacting with other unique and diverse characters. However, more casual gamers who prefer simpler games that they can play on their cell phones can also enjoy playing with life playing The Sims Mobile.

Now you too can start a new life on The Sims Mobile, playing anywhere with your Android or iOS device – and the best part is, it's free! Things on mobile are a little different from what you're used to on PCs and consoles, but we have some advice that will help you adapt to the game and quickly level up and improve your home.

Advice on careers, quests, hobbies, furniture, tips for the lot, so just read below everything you need to get started on The Sims Mobile. And if you also want to deepen your experience on The Sims 4 for your PC, you can read this article with 50 mod tips for you to play on your PC.

How to start playing The Sims Mobile

Like any good mobile game, The Sims Mobile includes some missions that will help you get started and fulfill some goals, but unlike the Desires or Aspirations of your PC counterpart. Quests often help direct you where you should focus your activities, and the rewards for completing them are also good.

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There are also events, the conclusion of which will give you access to new sets of furniture and equipment for you to pursue your hobbies. Investing time in these events is more than worth it when the events happen. Getting simoleons and money to upgrade your home can be difficult, but the quests will speed up the process.

to-do list

In addition to the missions you must complete, you will also receive a list of daily tasks to keep coming back to the game. Similar to the quests, here you'll earn experience and item rewards for completing them, so it's worth paying attention to each day.

They will give you instructions on how to make new relationships with sims, start new careers, or start a hobby. Luckily, they can be completed by any sim you have in your family, so you can put an im to do a hobby, another to bond, and you won't have to start a career you don't want with your main sim - although extra sims cost a premium currency.

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careers and hobbies

Careers are important to sims as they are the main method of earning money and a good way to hone a variety of skills.

Fortunately, you can simply join most jobs, and as your player level increases, you'll unlock new worlds to visit that will offer new careers. A barista is the basic job, and you'll soon become a cook and work in a fashion studio.

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Once on a job, you will be given a variety of tasks to pass the time. More interesting are the riskier tasks, such as showing off with latte art or using your pan to ignite some food. You can fail, but if you succeed you will get a lot of simoleons and experience.

home improvement

Anyone who has played The Sims already knows that improving their home with new furniture and decorations is an essential part of the game, and The Sims Mobile is no different. Each piece of furniture you place in the house will contribute to an overall level of your home, and as it is updated, you will be able to expand it and get even more types of furniture.

You'll start with the basics and have to start shopping for better things to have fun or do some activities. Although items related to careers or hobbies, such as kitchen equipment, are blocked after completion of the specific task.

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Relationships are important in The Sims, as you probably already know, and there are plenty of Sims for you to chat, date, and socialize with. You can literally talk to people who are passing by your house or even in cafes or the park, and within seconds you will have a new friend or lover.

Start a conversation and introduce yourself, and soon you'll have the option to share an event with the sim, which depends on how you present yourself. Flirt for a first impression and you'll soon have a date, while more casual conversation will lead to a stroll around your house. Building relationships will directly affect how happy your sim is, so be sure to talk to lots of people.

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Energy law

You will need energy to complete all the tasks you want to complete, and make sure you have plenty of it before you go out on a date or work, as each task will take some energy to complete. To regain your energy, you can take a refreshing nap in bed, or just take a break from the game, of course.

In general, you shouldn't often hit your energy limit, but you should be aware of how much you have and how much it will cost to complete certain tasks. Your energy can be recovered with the following actions:

  • Bed - available every 23 hours, grants 10 energy points,
  • WC - available every 2 hours, grants 2 energy points,
  • Shower - can be used every 5 hours, grants 5 energy points,
  • Bathtub – only available from the 17th experienced level upwards. It grants 15 energy points and is available every 10 hours.

In addition, you can also use items that give you energy, like cakes and cupcakes. Leveling up with a sim will also give you more energy.

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How to make money

Everyone who plays The Sims Mobile will reach a point where they need more money. Simoleons are used for everything and it always seems like they disappear faster than you can. Fortunately, there are ways to earn unlimited money to help pay for everything you want to buy. You can earn simoleons, the game's default currency, by completing various tasks and career events. Alternatively, you can earn free SimCash, the game's premium currency, by leveling up your character.

Unlike other Sims games, there are no cheat codes to use in The Sims Mobile. This means there is no need to enter a quick command on the console to get quick cash. No motherlode here!

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Hacks are also out of the question: most so-called hack applications are incomplete at best, while others can be downright dangerous. It's better to avoid them entirely. Instead, players need to rely on the game itself to earn more money.

Fortunately, like many mobile games, it's designed to give you unlimited cash as rewards for completing a variety of activities. Here are the best tips you can use to make money without having to resort to hacks or cheating.

The best way to quickly earn free money on The Sims involves completing daily tasks to do. These tasks typically offer three SimCash as well as a 200 XP bundle once all three have been completed. Even better, this XP goes up to your Sims level, which will earn you three more SimCash.

Then there are timed missions. They show up once a week and require you to complete five different goals. Each objective grants you a SimCash, as well as 200 simoleons, entirely for free. Goals are usually simple too; many just require you to do things like watch TV or lie in bed. Also, as each mission has five objectives, you can earn a total of five SimCash and 1.000 Simoleons in total.

Finally, you can also earn some easy money by watching commercials. The rewards are usually small, but you can earn some easy simoleons or experience points for just a few moments of your time watching an advertisement.

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Of course, you can also buy SimCash using real world money. However, this can get expensive quickly, so it's best to limit yourself to opportunities to make money in the game whenever possible.

the sims mobile

Life Hacks to Save Money on The Sims Mobile

In addition to earning free money with easy tasks, it's also important to learn how to manage your money. All of SimCash can easily be wasted speeding up timers, which might seem smart at the time. However, it's almost never worth the cost, and considering that SimCash can buy emergency simoleons, saving this premium currency can become necessary if your plans go awry.

Instead of buying cosmetics or speeding up time, consider spending SimCash on a new Sim slot. This will allow you to manage another character who can earn more XP daily and earn even more game money. In addition, you can form a relationship between your Sims to have a child, which can generate even more XP and money for you.

Take your Sims with you anywhere

Express your creativity by customizing your Sims with distinctive looks and unique personalities, give them traits, and have fun with clothes and hairstyles. Easily build the perfect home for your Sims by choosing their favorite designs and decors, with more detail than ever on mobile platforms.

Experience the fun and exciting times in your Sims' lives as they reach career goals, pursue hobbies, develop relationships and improve their Lifestyle. Party with friends, socialize around town, visit special events, and give your favorite Sims Stickers. What stories will you tell?

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The Sims Mobile is available for Android or iOS mobile devices and you can go to official website and download for free. Now leave it there in the comments, do you like The Sims Mobile? Play on your mobile? Do you have any tips to share? Take the opportunity to read more about The Sims on our website.

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