How to record PC screen without installing programs in Win 10

Before Windows 10, many tried to record the computer screen and ended up falling into some dilemmas, such as: programs too heavy for the PC, watermark, recording limit and others. However, in Windows 10 Microsoft ended this problem and you can record your pc screen without installing programs.

save the screen

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Well, first of all, to work, the Xbox Game Bar must be enabled on your computer for this to work, so press the Windows + G key and see if a window opens. If not, go to Windows Settings, then Applications and look for the Xbox Game Bar, then activate.

Follow the step by step to record your PC screen without installing programs

  • 1 Step: Switch to the screen of the application you want to record and press the Windows key + G
  • 2 Step: The Xbox Game Bar will appear showing the following request:
  • 3 Step: Check the box “Yes, this is a game;”
  • 4 Step: Press the red button and the recording will start.

The videos will be saved in the Videos folder on your computer, and it is always good to remember that to get a smooth video with great frame rates it is good to have a good video card. In it, there are also some additional settings, which, if well explored, can give you a more professional result, such as audio management, cuts and more. In addition to the screen recording, it is also possible to activate the option "Record Microphone", so that your audio is recorded, in case of any tutorial or something like that in which you need your audio.

And if I need a more professional quality, which program is the most recommended?

If you really want a program to record with great quality where you can also make streams with high resolution (depending on your hardware), we recommend OBS Studio, which has several more options of really professional settings for audio and video, both in recording and streaming. OBS Studio is used by most Streamers and professional youtubers who need great quality in their videos.

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