Definitive Guide to Playing Knives Out

A battle royale for mobile that started to draw attention and win players and, if you want to know this new game, let's give some tips on how to start playing Knives Out

When a game is successful, it's not uncommon for several clones to appear out there, trying to gain your attention with flashy visuals or some different mechanic that promises to revolutionize the genre. That was how fighting games, with Street Fighter, Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury, until Mortal Kombat appeared, which innovated with real filmed characters and extreme violence. Until the clones started to appear. The same happened with MOBA, Hero Shooters, RTS and all the rest of new games.

And the battle royale genre was no different. PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends were games that emerged in the great boom of releases of the battle royale genre. Famous franchises, such as CoD and Fallout, include this mode in their games and new titles keep coming out every day seeking recognition and gaining the attention of players, whether on PCs or mobile phones. And at this point, Knives Out is no different.

Although Knives Out, a mobile game from NetEase Games, is quite simple and looks like other Battle Royale games like PUBG, there are some unique mechanics for you to master. As such, it makes sense to get to know the game before diving into the game and trying it out carefully.

So if you're new to Knives Out and looking to gain some competitive edge, our Knives Out guide below will help you master a wide variety of beginner tips and tricks!

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Tips and tricks for beginners at Knives Out

The first tip for beginners in Knives Out is to stay alert and focused. Since you're exploring a huge open area designed to accommodate 100 players at the same time, it can be easy to “get lost in your own space” as you wander in search of supplies.

However, Knives Out is basically a game where those who are caught by surprise usually end up dead, and when there are 99 other players wandering the same terrain as you, it probably won't be long before you bump into one of them (or several).

So you should do your best to resist the temptation to let your guard down, even when the area looks clean. Don't wander aimlessly, think of a game plan (even if it's short term), follow it and keep your eyes open.

If you are focused and vigilant, your chances of being ambushed will decrease significantly and, as a result, your chances of surviving a little longer (perhaps to the end) will increase even more. The next trick for beginners in Knives Out is to find good loot early in the game. Naturally, you'll want to get your hands on some sort of weapon and some first aid items right after falling into a game of Knives Out.

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You can wear a tactical outfit or be a lolita. It's up to you!

Essential Survival Equipment

However, the three items you should prioritize above all may surprise you: a helmet, a backpack, and a bulletproof vest. If you manage to find these three items sooner or later, you'll be in very good luck.

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The helmet and armor will naturally protect you from different sources of damage (ie body and head shots) and the backpack will allow you to carry more items in the long run (items that include extra ammo for your weapon of choice and more first aid items).

In Knives Out, you automatically pick up items by simply moving over them, but be careful if you see any of these essential equipment items outdoors, as another player may be waiting nearby to ambush you if you try to catch them. . Of course, if you already have the item in question, there's nothing to stop you from setting up your own ambush.

Knives Out's final tip for beginners is about map mastery. This final tip is one that you'll only be able to improve with practice (and probably one or two kills), but having a good grasp of the game's map and using your minimap effectively can be the best weapons in our survival arsenal during the matches.

No matter how well equipped you are or how confident you are in your combat skills, nothing compares to having the instinct to immediately recognize where you are on the map and, more importantly, where your enemies might be hiding. As the old saying goes: the forewarned died of an old man (in this case, he died last).

Choice of the best weapon

Aiming can be a tricky task on the battlefield, so assault rifles or shotguns can really come in handy. If you want to be the most stealthy and never let your enemies know where that bullet came from, choose a sniper rifle.

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However, if you choose a sniper rifle, you should definitely avoid running into battle as they are a poor option in close encounters. A great super powerful aid is a grenade. But they are much harder to find. If your luck is good and you find one, save it for a trickier situation.

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The Knives Out Arsenal

How to find weapons

The first step in finding a weapon in Knives Out is to search for loot inside buildings. Unfortunately, not all buildings contain weapons, so you may be looking for a while before actually finding a weapon. To increase your chances of finding a weapon, try going to areas with lots of large buildings. The more buildings available to you in an area, the more likely you are to find a weapon.

Also, places like two-story houses can also be great when it comes to stealing some valuable items (including weapons). If you can't get to an area with a wide variety of buildings at the start of the game, you may want to head for residential areas with houses you can loot. This is because these houses are fantastic for protecting yourself in case you encounter an enemy player.

Once you find a weapon, whether in a building or house, you will need to equip it. Until you equip it, you cannot use it to defend against enemies. So how do you equip a weapon in Knives Out? First, look at the game's UI that sits on the screen. Inside this UI, you will find an option at the bottom center where you can see which two weapons you have in your current inventory.

This option also allows you to switch between them and reload your weapon if you are low on ammo. Remember this UI option when you find your first weapon and if you find one that is better than the original, switching weapons is one of the main ways to win in Knives Out.

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Know the style of your game

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Know when to use vehicles or nots

Winning the game is not about being a hero or rushing. It's taking things a little slower and surviving. In each match, the game pits you against 99 opponents. The first choice you will have to make is where to land your parachute. If you land in a city, you'll have a lot of loot at your disposal, but other players will also be there.

A more sensible option is to land in a quiet spot and then search the buildings after everyone has passed them. However, in that case, good products will become rarer. So, it's better to try to choose right where you will fall in the beginning. Keep an eye on the other players too, after all, if they're all thinking of landing in the same spot as you, it's best to find a weapon quickly or change your landing plans.

Learn the game's movement patterns

Not just running, crawling and crouching are very useful in the game. Keep in mind that it's harder to spot a quiet, slow-moving target than one that's running and making a lot of noise. You can even choose to lie down. If you're on a lawn, lying down will hide it completely. But if you've ever been spotted by an enemy, staying on the ground will reduce your mobility and make you an easy target.

You can often find an abandoned vehicle. Using it will give you the advantage of traveling to places faster. But as the cars are noisy, this will attract a lot of attention and, being easier to find, you can easily expect an enemy bullet to come in your window.

Looking for a good headset? Check out these tips to choose the best choice in gamer headphones.

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Consider Using Headphones

While using headphones in a mobile game is unusual, if you use them in this game, it will be useful, just like in Counter Strike. Headphones will help you to hear enemies approaching and detect the direction of enemy movement and fire. Always remember that the best approach is stealth. But it's only better when you listen to others.

However, if you're communicating with others while you're playing, headphones won't be very helpful. When you're playing as part of a team, wearing headphones will help you coordinate with your teammates as well. Proper communication will help you make quick decisions, such as surrounding a place full of enemies or sneaking up on someone.

But when you're playing solo, wearing headphones is a good option to consider, as there won't be your friends' speeches hindering you from hearing enemy gunfire or their footsteps approaching you. A good headset can make a difference when facing your enemies in Knives Out.

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The more rewards the more dangers

These are some tips that can help you win at Knives Out and become one of the best players in this battle royale. The game is available Site guidance on PC, Android e iOS. Say there in the comments if the tips helped you and if you are enjoying the game. Take the opportunity to read more about games mobile devices e battle royale on the Married Games website.

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