Unity Bundle 2019 is now live on the Humble Bundle

The Humble Unity Bundle 2019 has just launched on Tuesday, September 24th, however, it will be broadcast until Tuesday, October 15th, worth checking out!

Immerse yourself in a full-featured package to start using Unity, the perfect game engine for you to develop your own game! Get a year of Unity Learn Premium, the best guide for game development with the engine, DoozyUI: complete user interface management system, as well as essential Android plugins with Easy Mobile Pro, dynamic bone animation with Dynamic Bone and much more other courses that will help you master the engine. The package also includes a complete Unity development course that if purchased individually is worth $ 194.99 dollars, on the other hand, along with the package you only pay $ 15 dollars and still receive all other products included in the previous options.

To access the Humble Unity Bundle 2019 and see more information about this package click here

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Unity Bundle 2019 Now Airing on Humble Bundle | Unity

About Unity

Unity is a multiplatform engine for creating games, it was initially announced in 2005 at Apple Inc.'s WorldWide Developers Conference as an exclusive engine for Mac OS X. However in 2018, the engine was extended with support for more than 25 platforms including Windows, Android, consoles in general, WebGL, IOS, and virtual realities in general. The engine can be used to create games in three realities, two realities, virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as, simulations and other experiences. The engine was adopted by industries outside the scope of games, such as films, automotive, architecture, as well as engineering and construction.

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Several versions of the engine have been released since its debut. The latest stable version is 2019.2.6, which was released in September 2019. Check out what's new in version 2019.2.6 below!

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