How to easily kill Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact

A new boss arrives in the game in version 1.5 and, if you are looking for the new character Eula, you better learn how to beat Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact

Version 1.5 of Genshin Impact brought several new features and changes to the game. New weekly bosses, new challenges, stories, characters from both nations and a complete system for you to create your own home. There are many new features and more to come soon, scheduled to arrive at the game next month.

We have already done a complete tutorial so that you have a good chance in the lengthy fight against Azhdaha, the Primordial Geo Dragon, but now, let's talk a little bit about the second new boss, the Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact, Daleth. Have you been to face him? Do you know his tricks? So, let's talk a little bit about him and how to defeat him.

In fact, taking advantage of the fact that you will learn everything about the new boss Hypostasys, how about going to learn how to beat the new weekly boss, Azhdaha? Read our strategy for fighting this full article from our website!

Hypostasys cryo in genshin impact
The Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact is your new enemy

Farming items for when the Eula arrives

Are you already gathering primogens for when the Eula banner arrives? So, be smart, as you will need to visit Hypostasys Cryo often in Genshin Impact! Don't you know this character? So let's do a little bit here and, who knows, you might not find a good position for her in your team!

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Called the “Spindrift Knight” and a descendant of the old aristocracy of Mondstadt, Eula is the captain of the Favonius Knights Recognition team. The reason why a descendant of the nobility joined the Knights remains a great mystery in Mondstadt to this day. Eula is a Espadão user of the Cryo element and her area attacks are likely to put her on the list of the best DPS in the game.

Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact and its tricks

“Codename: Daleth. A high purity Cryo entity.

The research suggests that there are subtle differences between elementary hypostasys and other elemental life forms in terms of their physical composition. Perhaps these differences could explain his high level of homeostasis and his almost mechanical movements. ”

Adventurer's Handbook

Like many other cube bosses in the game, Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact has its attacks in a well-defined pattern, and when you discover that pattern, the fight is easy. But, in the case of Daleth, the fourth hypostasis, his fight is not only against the boss, but against the environment. The fight takes place all in the Dragon's Spine, where the cold can also kill.

In addition to the boss, the player must be concerned with the surrounding environment and fight to not die of cold. So, in addition to the movements, the player must pay attention to the Extreme Cold and to manage the freezing of the character, so as not to start losing energy. To avoid this, the scenario around the boss has some heat totems at the ends that must be activated by the player.

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Skills and Tricks

Like the other cubes, the goal is to hit the core to damage the boss. This core is protected by a few small elemental cubes, which he uses as his weapons during combat. After an attack, the core of Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact is exposed for a while and it is your moment to attack.

In this case, one of the main strategies is to take pyro characters in your group, to do the most damage to the hypostasys. Characters with electro elements can also be a good one. Now, characters with a water element can end up frozen during combat, so it might be good to leave your Barbara at home for now.

After most of the skills described below, the Hypostasys core will be exposed for a few seconds. Use this opportunity to damage the boss and, while he is protected, return to the heat totem pole, as the boss can lower the temperature even more during blows, accelerating the extreme cold.


Movement known to all hypostasys. It flies quickly beside the player and forms a large wall, which folds in a "clapping" motion very quickly, causing damage to an area in front of the wall. Run to the side to dodge.

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Klee is about to take a spanking

Ice blast:

It creates an ice barrier around itself and detonates it, while throwing icicles where the player is standing with a short delay. To dodge this attack, just periodically run around the edge of the arena (triggering the heat totems on the way) or run towards the exposed core, already prepared to attack.

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Guided Stalactites:

It flies in the air and forms a diamond with its small cubes before firing each one at the player. The trajectory of these projectiles is curved, but can be avoided by running under the hypostasis during the attack. The nucleus is exposed during this attack. Enjoy!

How to easily kill hypostasys cryo in genshin impact | a2b842df image | married games tips/guides | android, genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, playstation 4, playstation 5, singleplayer | hypostasys cryo in genshin impact
When it changes shape, get ready to dodge the shots

Crystalline Skirt:

It forms an icicle “skirt” that shoots three rings of increasing diameter. The last ring creates an area of ​​Cryo that damages the player when stepped or jumped. It can be avoided by moving to the other side of the arena.

Icy Wheel:

It transforms into a huge shuriken that travels in a straight line towards the player, leaving a trail that causes cryo damage to anyone caught in it. This attack can occur up to three times. Run to the side to dodge. You can also try to deflect this attack using Beidou's Retribution skill.

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"Best defense is the counterattack"

Glacial Shield:

When the hypostasys health meter is low (approximately 5%), it teleports to the center of the arena and forms a thick shield of ice around the core. You can do pyro damage to try to break it, but it will take a huge amount of attacks to do so.

While maintaining this state, he summons several Frozen Fruits around him, while regenerating a percentage of HP every second. In addition to the fruits, he will launch guided stalactites that will be fired periodically during this phase towards the player.

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To break the shield and win the fight, players can use charged attacks against the Frozen Fruits scattered around the arena and destroy the shield to then expose the core and end the fight. Don't worry too much about aiming at the fruits, as they will almost automatically go towards the hypostasys (but also don't go throwing them to the opposite side, waiting for them to fly back! Shoot them towards the cube they will find your way.)

How to easily kill hypostasys cryo in genshin impact | 76c18a86 image 2021 05 05 125411 | married games tips/guides | android, genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, playstation 4, playstation 5, singleplayer | hypostasys cryo in genshin impact

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Fight timer

Although the Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact can cause damage with its blows, its greatest threat during the fight is the Extreme Cold of the Dragon's Spine. Unless you have a party capable of dealing hundreds of thousands of points of damage in a single attack, it is good to keep an eye on your cold and return to the heat totems periodically or you will be dead in no time. Remember that shields do not protect the character from the cold.

When you approach Hypostasys, the increase in the Extreme Cold rate accelerates, unless you are close to one of the Heat Totems. Many of his long-range attacks can be avoided by getting very close to the cube, but as a result, the Extreme Cold will increase. Those Ice Stalactites launched by Hypostasis Cryo are an exception and they will continue to follow you, even if you are close to the boss.

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The most difficult part of the boss's entire fight is the last part, in which he throws the Frozen Fruits and they must be hit against the boss. Remember to dodge and use charged attacks quickly to prevent Hypostasys from reviving. After doing one or two fights, you will be "having dinner" with this boss, like the other hypostasys and will have no more problems facing him.

When you finish this process, the Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact will be destroyed and you will receive unique boss drop rewards that will be used in the evolution of the new character, Eula, such as the Precious Shivade Jade Stones and a new item, the Crystallized Flower, that will certainly be necessary in the ascension of the knight.

Venture Into The World Of Teyvat

Genshin impact - review - gamer portal

Genshin impact is a free open-world gacha game (similar to the loot box), but with microtransactions within the game, published and distributed by miHoYo. In it you step into the shoes of the Traveler, an explorer capable of traveling worlds, but who was trapped in Teyvat, a place reigned by the Archons and facing a war against unknown enemies, and must find a way to return to his home world and find your missing twin brother.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, soon, Nintendo Switch with crossplay between platforms. And for those starting out in Genshin Impact you still have here at Married Games a Complete Guide to start your journey really well, like Farmar many Primogens and Full list of the playable characters so far!

So, did you ever go there to face Hypostasys Cryo in Genshin Impact? Comment and share with your friends who are going to start playing so they know what to expect from the boss!

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