WhatsApp: see tips on how to stay “invisible”

Users of WhatsApp messaging apps can use the app “invisibly” to escape boring and uncomfortable people on Android and iPhone (iOS), in addition to the web version. For example, interested parties can use resources such as removing the blue check, which confirms the reading. See some ways to eliminate your traces to avoid being caught online and feel obliged to respond to messages on the spot.

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Whatsapp | invisible mode
WhatsApp | Invisible mode

The app prevents you from "appearing offline" to contacts as it still makes you visible when it was the last time you read your messages. However, there are some ways, not so simple to get around these obstacles and become almost “invisible” while browsing the app. So come on?

How to hide online status?

What these apps actually do is turn off the user's internet connection as soon as they open WhatsApp, and reconnect it again when they close the app. With this trick, you can see your messages when you are literally offline, without having to lie. But without an internet connection, of course, it is not possible to use the browser, any other social network or apps that depend on Wi-Fi or the mobile network.

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WhatsApp Status
Enabling airplane mode
Enabling Airplane Mode

Removing the Blue Check - Read confirmation

It is possible to disable the dreaded blue ticks in the same "Privacy" section of the settings. Scroll down the page until you find “Read Receipts” and deselect this option. Keep in mind, however, that you also won't be able to know when someone has read your messages.

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  1. First, access “Settings” by pressing the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Then choose the option "Account" and "Privacy".
  3. Turn off the key that says “Read receipts” and go!
Whatsapp | read receipts
WhatsApp | Read confirmations

Turning off confirmation, the two ticks will never change Grey guidance on azul, meaning that the contact received the message, but the sender will not know when (or if) the recipient has read it. The gray color only confirms that it was sent and / or delivered.

Listen to audio in a hidden way

If your device's operating system is Android, it is also possible to hide the listening confirmation when opening the file outside the messenger, as long as the audio download is automatic. The recordings made by the application's microphone have the .opus format, which are not recognized by the phone's default player. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the .opus files to .mp3.

opus mp3 convert
Opus MP3 Converter

The audios not yet heard are in the “Voice notes” folder of the WhatsApp directory in the device's memory. As long as the content is heard outside the app, the blue check will not appear for the contact.

Privacy settings 

You can choose who sees yours profile picture.

1.Open the app and go to Settings or Settings.

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2. Then select the Account tab. Then, click Privacy. You will see, among the options, the Profile Photo tab. When opening this tab, the options All, Contact Only or Nobody will appear.

3. Choose who can view your photo (in the case of Contacts Only, only the numbers saved in your phone's phonebook will be able to see your photo).

4. On the iPhone, tap "Settings", "Account", "Privacy".

Also in Privacy, you can configure the notices of Last Seen.

1.Click on the corresponding tab and select one of the options: Everyone, Contacts Only or Nobody. You also have the possibility to adjust the view of the Message, with these same options.

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Configuring privacy | Whatsapp
Configuring Privacy | Whatsapp

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