How to Make Money in Splinterlands

How to make money in Splinterlands, the collectible card game, is the big question anyone who wants to enter this world asks themselves. So let's answer it for you

inside our list of games to win cryptocurrencies, some are easier than others to understand how you will make money. Among them, Splinterlands, a Magic and Heartstone-style collectible card game, is relatively simple to know: In this game, your assets are your cards. You have common, rare, super rare and any other rank the game wants to give your cards.

You can sell them, rent them, lend them or any other way to get some cryptocurrencies like you normally do in a trading card game, but how about getting the cards? How to get the money to buy them? How to get the game's rewards? Want to know how to make money in Splinterlands Digital Trading Card Game? If the answer is “yes” (after all, I guess that's why you opened it in the first place), this article is for you!

We'll explore the various ways to earn money and discuss which methods are best for beginners. And, if you still want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, take advantage and take one of these books from Amazon to study more and increase your income.

Make money in splinterlands
Make Money in Splinterlands

Quick FAQ

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is the next generation of collectible card games. It allows players to collect, trade and battle proven digital collectibles with little real-world value. Each battle is a unique challenge consisting of dynamically created combat rules, a timed team building session, and the battle itself. Splinterlands combines the collecting ability and resale value of physical card games with the convenience and speed of a digital game. The game is available on PC, Android and iOS.

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What are the advantages of a blockchain-based game?

Using blockchain technology they can now buy, sell and transfer their digital assets for free, just as they can with physical assets. Furthermore, blockchain technology introduced the concepts of true digital scarcity and complete transparency.

For the first time, digital assets have been created that cannot be copied or printed at will, and every transaction that takes place is published in an immutable public ledger that cannot be falsified and that anyone can independently verify.

What is the Invocation book?

The Summoner's spellbook can be purchased from the in-game store for $10 via
PayPal or multiple cryptocurrencies. Purchasing the summoner spellbook allows you to choose a unique account name, access your blockchain account keys, unlock the ability to earn real value rewards, and much more!

Is there a version for mobile devices?

The Splinterlands mobile web app is currently available on the website you can access in any browser mobile. It is currently still in alpha as it was recently released and is still in testing and development. If you have any problems with the mobile web app version of the game, please let us know on the mobile-tech-support Discord channel.

Make Money in Splinterlands First Know the Basics

First, let's start with some of the most basic tips that apply to all players, not just beginners. For those new to the Splinterlands Digital Trading Card game, it might be worth reading the basics of the game first, as explained here. Also, you must have access to Spellbook Splinterlands to unlock the ability to win in battles and complete daily missions

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To earn some money in Splinterlands, you will first have to get the Spellbook. Spellbook will give you access to earn Dark Energy Crystals (DEC, the Splinterlands game currency), cards, items and packs, complete daily quests for rewards, and play in tournaments to win prizes. The game has a Free-to-Play version, but you won't be able to enter the game to win in that version. To win you will have to invest a little bit.

The Spellbook costs around $10 and can be purchased with fungible money (or “real money”) via PayPal or with Crypto Currencies. In the iOS app, you can also earn Spellbook with Apple Pay. Once you have your spellbook, you'll get some starting cards to play and you can start playing right away to win!

Play Ranked Matches

The simplest way to start winning is by playing ranked games. Each time you earn a rank, you earn a certain amount of DEC based on your Rank, League, Earning Rate and any DEC bonuses your cards or guild membership offer.

When you're just starting out, the rewards will be pretty small, but as you win more games, the DEC rewards increase. As you play ranked matches and rise in the rankings, you will naturally earn more and more DEC. However, one important thing that will stop you… is the strength of your deck. Which brings us to the next tip!

winning battles
The most direct way to earn money is by winning battles

To win, you need to invest

Invest in better cards to increase your win rate, ranking and league by renting or buying them. If you want to earn a lot more DEC playing ranked games, it's better to invest in better cards so you can move up in Leagues and maximize your win rate to increase your rank.

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Your ranking in ranked matches is limited in two ways:

  • First, by your own rating. The more you earn, the higher your rank (quite simple!)
  • Second, its rating is limited by its “Energy Capture Rate (ECR)”.

Win more battles with better cards and climb the leaderboard! This is probably the simplest part to understand here… the better your cards, or the more options you have… the more you will be able to win battles and collect DEC rewards.

To earn better cards, you can buy cards from the market, buy and open packs to earn cards, rent cards or even trade or borrow cards from trusted players directly. As you play, see which cards keep beating you, then find out which ones are better against them and, if you can, add them to your collection and start turning the tide in your favor!

Energy Capture Rate

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Each league has minimum ECR power requirements for you to advance. So, in order to move up in the League ranks, you will have to keep increasing your ECR power. Collecting power is a bit tricky to explain, but more simply, the bigger your card collection OR the more valuable/rare cards you have, the more collecting power you will have. Your account's ECR power assesses whether you own the cards, whether you are renting or even borrowing them.

Complete Daily Quests

To earn a free DEC, just complete your daily missions! You will receive a set of quests every 24 hours to complete. Daily Quests reward you with one or more chests (depending on your league) that you can open to earn DEC, Cards, Potions and sometimes even Card Packs!

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You can see your current mission on the battle screen. Quests usually require winning a certain number of battles (usually 5, sometimes just 3) with a specific type of splinter/splinter or using cards with a specific ability. After completing your quest, you can claim your reward, open your chest and see what you've earned!

Bonus tip: You can also buy Quest Potions from the shop to add 5 more chests to your quest reward per cargo. This definitely adds to the fun of your daily quests, but it's not always worth the cost – so do some research before purchasing these quest potions.

Place Cards for Rent

With a recent update, the game has added a way to rent cards from the Splinterlands market. This is a great way to start passively earning DEC over time! Take your cards that you don't use often and put them on the lease so other players can rent your cards.

You don't risk doing this, because everything is done with smart contracts through the Hive blockchain, where Splinterlands was built, and everything happens quite automatically. The best part is that you still securely retain ownership of your cards while generating DEC for yourself!

Evolve and Climb in Leagues

This is one way to earn more rewards in just about any competitive game, but to be safe, it's best to leave the tip here: One sure way is to move up in the Leagues to earn more daily rewards and more rewards at the end of the season. As you move up to new leagues, you will also start earning more rewards. Not only do you get to earn more DEC with every battle you win, but you also get to receive more chests in your daily quests and more chests in your end-of-season rewards!

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Don't hoard what you don't need

Sell ​​the Cards You Don't Need

With its rewards from chests, cards and packs, there will come a time when you have more cards than you use and many, at times, may simply not be good for your deck or your playing style. You may find that there are some cards that you don't use much or that are simply worth more if you sell than play.

Go ahead and list the cards for sale at Splinterlands Market! You can get a quick DEC, or make a profit or use what you've earned to buy cards that will help you more in combat and be able to win more games.

join a guild

Splinterlands has a Guild system! Once you get the hang of the game (or maybe even before!), consider joining one of the Splinterlands guilds. Guild members can enter Guild Wars to earn Guild-specific rewards and cards. Additionally, as your Guild rises through the ranks, you will also receive a DEC bonus on each of your battle victories with your rank!

To see which splinterlands guilds are available, please click here.

Get Rare Cards

One way to increase your DEC earnings in Ranked Battles is with gold cards, alpha cards or promo cards Gold cards, alpha cards and promo cards give you a DEC reward boost in rank battles. This works regardless of whether you have the cards or whether you are renting or lent to you.

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Having rare cards is a great way to easily add a little more DEC to your winnings! But, of course, you imagine that getting one of these is more difficult, renting one will be more expensive, and getting one to borrow will be harder than getting a regular card. Keep an eye out, if the chance arises, take it.

Keep an eye on Splintershards Airdrop

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Splinterlands recently released their new governance token called “Splintershards” (SPS). During Splintershards Airdrop, you can earn SPS tokens by holding your Splinterlands assets like cards, packs, lands and more! You can participate in the Splintershards Airdrop launch and earn free SPS just for keeping assets in Splinterlands like cards, DEC and others. To learn more about SPS, check out the see release documentation here.

bet your SPS

Not only can you earn SPS by launching the current Splintershards Airdrop, you can also wager your SPS to earn more SPS! Betting rates vary from day to day, but you can bet your SPS tokens and start earning more if you're lucky. This is a great way of putting them to passive use and enabling you to earn even more cryptocurrencies without doing anything.

Play Splinterlands Tournaments

Every day, Splinterlands has different tournaments available. Most have some sort of fee to enter, but there are almost always tournaments that are designed to minimize (or eliminate) risk for new players and just provide a fun environment in which to play in a different way.

By winning tournaments, you have the opportunity to win prizes like DEC, Cards, Packs, Other NFTs and more!

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Explore other Forms

In addition to these ways, there are other ways to put your tokens to work for you and make money in other ways, such as putting your DEC and SPS on other exchanges, as well as private equity investments and much more! It's up to you to invest in these businesses beyond gambling.

Splinterlands is the next generation of collectible card games. It allows players to collect, trade, and battle proven digital collectible cards with real-world value. Each battle is a unique challenge consisting of dynamically created combat rules, creating a well-coordinated team ready for each battle. Splinterlands combines the collecting ability and resale value of physical card games with the convenience and speed of a digital game. The game is available on PC, Android and iOS.

If you have questions about the game, please leave it there in the comments. Also take the time to read more about criptomoedas on our website and also learn more about two cryptocurrency games, Illuvium e Axie Infinity, for those who like Pokémon-style games.

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