Solve the bug to launch Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Bioware brings back all the excitement of the Mass Effect franchise to the new generation and PCs, but with it came the problems. Learn how to resolve the bug to launch Mass Effect Legendary Edition

legendary mass effect
Mass effect legendary edition

How to Solve the Bug Starting Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PC

Mass effect legendary edition bug

1 ° Download the software AutoHotkey,
2 ° Open a notepad and paste the information that is in the Pastebin;
3 ° Replace the path of the ME installation folder that is in Pastebin with the path of your installation;
4 ° Save the notepad as “MassEffectLauncher.ahk”;
5 ° Compile using AutoHotkey and transform the notepad into an .exe;
6 ° Make a backup and replace the original game executable with the .exe you created;

The Legendary Edition of Mass Effect arrived on the new generation consoles, bringing the incredible story of the struggle of all races in the universe against the Reapers, commanded by Commander Shepard (or Commander Shepard, you name it). However, despite this, PC players have complained about some problems.

Performance problems, frozen T-pose dolls, crashes and crashes are the most common problems we encounter when looking for errors that are happening and in relation to a Mass Effect Legendary Edition bug. One of the problems that has flooded the internet with questions is the problem of the game just not booting.

One of the solutions was grazed on the official EA forum to address errors by the user DvidebyZero and, according to the answers, it has helped the players to solve the error. So, to help you solve the problems, we have brought the user tutorial from the forum and some links that can help solve the bug of starting Mass Effect Legendary Edition that prevents you from starting the game.

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What is happening?

Some slightly older computers may not run the files on your computer. AVX. If your PC uses the Legacy system, it may not run some current games. This script will assist computers in executing the necessary commands to start the game. Of course, it is always recommended to have all your drivers updated, as this can solve the problem without the need for any extra resources.

Remembering that these procedures are instructions from a user who located the solution and shared it on the EA Support forum. Although the tutorial does not mess with any game files, be warned that you will do so at your own risk. If everything is fine, then let's solve this bug of starting Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Resolving the bug to launch Mass Effect Legendary Edition

To make corrections, first, you need to use the software AutoHotkey. However, stay tuned, if you have a game that uses an anti-cheat system, it may call the program a cheat. However, as we will only use it to compile the code, then, don't worry because you are not doing any cheating.

After downloading and installing the software, open a notepad and copy the code created by the user Dvidedbyzero from the EA Support forum, which he made available on Pastebin, or copy and paste it right below, and replace the path of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition installation folder with the path of your installation.

Mass effect legendary edition bug
How to solve the bug of starting Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Once this is done, save the file with the name “MassEffectLauncher.ahk”. It is necessary to save exactly with that name. When saving, choose the option “All files” or it will end up automatically saved as a txt. Save it in an easy-to-find place. After that, we compile it using AutoHotkey.

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How to solve the bug of starting Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Right click on your .ahk file and on the “compile Script” option. The result of the compilation should be an .exe file, or an executable file. Now, navigate to the folder where the game is. In the case of the image, it is in the F directory, inside a folder called Electronic Arts in the Programs file (x86). Find yours, back up the original file and put your new executable in there.

Okay, there is still a third step to be taken. Go to the individual game folders (Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3) and find the game's executable. There you will have to check the compatibility of the game with your operating system. If any "Compatibility Mode" option is checked with an old version of Windows, uncheck and save.

This should solve the startup problems, if your problem is related to an incompatibility of the game with your old system on Steam or Origin versions. The original launcher has some options for changing the subtitle font language and size, etc., but if you need to change them, you should be able to edit the command line parameters in the script file (see aqui possible language codes). The code is all with the default options of the game, so if you want to change any, see the options.

Another important detail to note is that when you choose a Mass Effect game to run in the custom launcher, the launcher is hidden, but it is still running. When you exit the game, the launcher will appear again, this means that you need to make sure to close the launcher using the X button when you are finished, if you do not want Steam to constantly tell you that you are playing the game when you are not.

You can also close it in the system tray by right-clicking the AutoHotkey icon and choosing 'Exit'. It is more difficult not to close the original launcher, as it is a full-screen application with music etc., but with the custom launcher you could easily leave it idle with it running in the background for hours without realizing it. This is not harmful, but it is always a good idea to close programs you are not using.

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Startup issues on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S?

Microsoft console players have also reported an issue regarding the game's automatic shutdown. This is much simpler to solve, since it only involves the use of the wireless headset. In this case, just remove it before starting the game and it will start normally. In the game's official forum, moderator EA_David indicated the step by step to follow before turning on Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

  • Make sure the wireless headset is turned off;
  • Launch Mass Effect Legendary Edition from the console's home screen;
  • On the game selection screen, choose Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 (without turning on the headset);

When you are at the home screen of the chosen game, you can connect the wireless accessories normally.

If the user returns to the game selection screen while the wireless headset is on, the game will close. EA is already working on a fix for the issue, but has yet to release a forecast to release the fix for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition launch bug and has not yet explained why it happened.

The Mass Effect Journey

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Look at the size of this bug

The first game in the franchise was released in 2007, by Bioware exclusively for Xbox 360 and ported to Pc by Demiurge Studios (also responsible for the DLC Pinnacle Station) and to PlayStation 3 by Edge of Reality, and was born thanks to the end of the license of the use of characters from the Star Wars franchise.

The Knights of the Old Republic series was a success and a third game was planned, but due to the end of licensing, the company decided to force on its own IP. The highlight was due to the character's morality system, which was very simple in Kotor, oscillating only between the dark or luminous side of the Force.

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In Mass Effect, the developers wanted to go beyond good and evil, allowing their decisions to reflect on their relationships with NPCs and their companions during their journey. Killing or sparing an enemy can have consequences in the future, just as punching or not punching a meddling reporter can guarantee support or disapproval for the protagonist's attitudes.

Shepard, had his name chosen in honor of Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr., the second person and the first American in space (May 5, 1961). He later commanded the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, and became the fifth person to walk on the moon. The face of the Shepard man is based on the Dutch model Mark Vanderloo.

The characters' voices are made by actors Mark Meer, who has played in games from the Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights franchises, and Jennifer Hale, who has worked on Metal Gear Solid, Metroid Prime, Bioshoch Infinity, Overwatch, as well as a series of TV as the Avatar: last Master of the air and the Legend of Korra and Powerpuff Girls.

And despite the controversies about “who is the canonical Shepard” and the male version of the character stamping the covers of the first games, Shepard was born as a woman. Jonathan Cooper, animator, released images of the first movement tests were used based on a female model taken from the game Jade Empire.

Another highlight of the Mass Effect series, as well as several other Bioware games, is the possibility for the player to get romantically involved with people and aliens of both genders. A player can choose between several NPCs to develop a romance, some of which can relate only to a male or female Shepard or both, which allows for an infinite number of different ending possibilities, depending on the relationship of your Shepard with the ship's NPCs. Normandy.

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With versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, Mass Effect Legendary Edition hit stores on May 14.

And there? Did you fix your bug to launch Mass Effect Legendary Edition? How's your game? Talk to us in the comments and take the time to read more about Mass Effect on Our site.

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