Muck's Guide: 10 Definitive Tips to Survive

Check out this Muck Guide and start your survival journey

Success in the early days of release on Steam, check out this Muck guide and learn how to get started on your survival journey. The free game from Steam which has already managed more than 16 thousand simultaneous players in the first days of release can be considered a success. Muck is a free roguelite survival game made by YouTuber Dani as a response to a rude comment in one of his videos. “Why don't you make a multiplayer survival game? (Or can't you?)”. Well, apparently he got it and showed the process here.

The game can be played by one player or multiple players. If you've just started playing Muck and aren't sure what to do at the beginning, this Muck Beginners Guide will help you out. It's easy to get lost and not know what to do after the first few tasks are over so keep reading the guide for tips and tricks on how to survive.

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Quick FAQ

What's the first thing you do in Muck?

Your first step in Muck is to pick up a rock so you can hit some trees to get wood. Luckily, a blue circle will appear on the screen showing where a stone is that you can pick up. Follow the blue circle until you find a stone that you can pick up by pressing E while looking at it.

What are the important things to do in Muck?

– Build an ax as quickly as possible;
– Wood is an incredibly important building material in Muck that players will need to create walls, tools and more;
– Create a shelter;
– Get food;
– Open chests and get the upgrades;

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How to catch Bark in Muck?

All you need to do is interact with your Workbench and look under the “Basic” tab for a bark recipe. This requires 5 woods to make.

Can I save my game in Muck?

No. Although you still can't save to Muck, the developer has added a pause feature for those who play alone in single-player mode. Just press ESC to pause the game and prevent time from progressing. You will not be attacked while the game is paused.

How to get Dark Oak?

There are 2 ways to get dark oak: Cutting the dark oak or getting it as a rare drop after defeating Gronk.

Ultimate Muck Guide

How to get tools

muck guide
If you've played Minecraft, you know what to do.

As with many games in this genre, your first step in Muck is to pick up a rock so you can hit some trees for some wood (Wood). Luckily, a blue circle will appear on the screen showing where a stone is that you can pick up. It's the first thing to do, as not everyone is capable of breaking trees in the punch like Steve from Minecraft.

Follow the blue circle until you find a stone that you can pick up by pressing E while looking at it. Now you'll want to break some trees marked "Tree" with your rock to get some wood. If you try to break a stronger tree, like the one labeled Birch, you'll need more advanced tools.

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Regardless, keep following the tutorial tips for making a Workbench where you can create real tools. Now all you need to do is get 10 wood to create 10 Barks on your workbench. You can find the “Bark” recipe in the Workbench Basics tab. When you have 10 Bark and 10 Wood, go to the Tools tab where you can make a Wooden Ax and a Pickaxe. You'll want these tools to speed up your resource collection.

Keep upgrading your tools to unlock new armor and weapon recipes as you progress. For example, use your Wood Pickaxe to break up dark iron rocks and then smelt that ore into bars. Eventually you can make an anvil and start making more impressive equipment. Each item's level of progress progresses as follows, from weakest to strongest:

  • Wood – Steel (Iron) – Gold – Mithril – Adamantite

Collect these resources and upgrade your equipment. Always unlock new recipes as soon as possible and keep exploring to gain new, better materials. It's a beginners guide to Muck, but if you think about it, it's not that different from other games like Minecraft or the like. Search for the items, make your tools and stay alive.

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lost, kitty

how to get food

If you don't want to starve yourself, you will need to have some food source while playing Muck. Luckily, this is one of the easiest parts of this roguelite survival game and this Muck Beginners Guide will show you how. When you are starting out, you will see and research Yellow Mushrooms, Wheat and find some Cows along the way. So, here's the way to get food.

You can eat the yellow mushrooms and immediately fill your hunger bar. So keep an eye on them as you explore. Wheat tends to reappear daily, so you can stock this item to make Bread. This is another great way to fill your hunger bar when you're exploring the island.

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Before making Bread, you will need to make a Workbench to turn your Wheat into Dough. Five Wheats make a Dough that you can put in a production station called Cauldron (Cauldron). All you need to do is put wood or charcoal in the Cauldron to fuel it and cook the dough.

The third popular food choice is to kill cows for meat and cook it in a cauldron. Although you can eat raw meat, you won't fill your hunger bar very much. That's why it's better to throw some firewood into a cauldron and cook it. The ideal tip in this Muck Beginners Guide is to stock up on some Bread and Mushrooms in your inventory as you explore for food to eat if you're far from a Cauldron.

How to get a sword and a bow

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you will need weapons here

Getting a sword and bow early on is a good way to stay prepared for combat. It's a little easier for you to make a bow first, but the two weapons are pretty simple to craft. First, to make a bow, all you need to do is get a workbench and then create a string to learn the bow recipe. If you don't have the rope recipe, you'll need to find the wheat first.

To make your first sword, you'll need to follow a few more steps in this Muck Beginners Guide:

First, use your workbench to make a furnace to melt iron ore. You may need to explore a bit before finding the iron ore – its placement seems random. Just look for dark black stones that you can mine with your Wood Pickaxe. Once you have some iron ore, smelt them in the furnace and you will learn the anvil recipe (Anvil).

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Go back to the workbench and create an anvil using 5 iron bars and 15 stones. Before making a sword on the anvil, you will need to make a steel ax and chop down some birch trees (Birch). Then, you can make a sword using 7 iron bars and 5 birch woods (Birch Wood). Now that you've made it this far in Muck, you've got a pretty good idea of ​​how the game works.

Once you start fighting enemies, take the time to avoid them to avoid getting hit. This works for most enemies except the main boss in Muck.

What are Muck buffs

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Wash before using, you don't know who left it there

Buffs are a significant part of the gameplay in Muck and using them can get you pretty powerful easily. If you've been playing for a while, you've probably noticed chests everywhere that cost coins to open. However, there is a brown chest with a black border that is always free. Be sure to open these chests early on to get good help.

Each chest has a buff inside that will upgrade your character in some way. Examples include absorbing health, extra health, a shield, increased movement speed, extra jumps, and more. Before unlocking these chests, you need to fight enemies and collect the coins they drop. That's why combat plays an important role in your character's development.

So if you're playing Muck in Creative mode, you won't encounter any enemies. The only way to get coins is by spawning enemies using the gray challenge totems or by crafting them. After collecting some gold nuggets, you can create coins on an anvil.

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See the items that can drop from the chests in Muck:

Attack Power up

Orange JuiceIncreases Attack Speed
DumbbellIncrease base strength
Milkincreases defense
horshoeIncreases critical chance
crimson knifeSuck life from enemies
BulldozerGives a chance to knock out enemies
Sniper ScopeSmall chance of doing great damage
AdrenalineIf HP drops below 30% it will increase damage
Hammer KnutsCauses extra electrical damage
wings of gloryCause extra fall damage
BerserkThe lower the HP, the higher the damage

Power Up of Life

Broccoliregenerates HP
red pillIncreases maximum HP
blue pillIncrease the shield
DraculePermanently increase max HP on kill

Motion Power Up

Sneakersspeed up
jetpackIncreases the height of the heels
Frogdouble jump

Miscellaneous Power Ups

peanut butterIncreases Stamina
Checkered ShirtIncreased damage to resources
piggybankImproves chest drops

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That's all you need to know to be successful at the beginning of the game. With Muck's Beginners Guide, you will be able to survive the first days of life in the game. As in any survival game type, after a few days and experience you will start to find new items and stronger materials and new recipes.

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You can do some cool things

Some More Survival Tips

walk as fast as you can

Imagine you are on a fast Minecraft run. Cut down some trees as fast as you can, make a pickaxe, start picking up some rocks and Iron. The formula is pretty much the same for Muck.

Monsters start appearing at 12:5. You can see the time in the lower left corner of the screen. This gives you about XNUMX minutes into the game before the start of the first night. It's not a long time to at least get a Stone or Iron Pickaxe. Don't worry about other tools, they are more than enough to get you through the first night.

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Monsters will attack your workbench, furnace and so on.


You will need to defend your outpost on the first night. By the time the night begins, you should have made at least a Work Bench and a Furnace. Start melting Iron at night and fend off the weird and scary monsters, otherwise they will destroy your stuff.

You can simply run in the opposite direction to prevent monsters from attacking your stuff. They tend to chase you, but once they see that tasty workbench, you'll have to literally get them out of there. Also, if you fight them near your Furnace, you can continue to smelt materials while fighting.

eat the mushrooms

There are three different types of mushrooms in Muck: Ligon, Sugon and Gulpon. Each does different things for the three separate bars in the corner of the screen. Ligon Shrooms, the yellow ones, increase your health bar. Sugon the pink increases your stamina. Gulpon the Red increases your health bar.

Since these mushrooms are plentiful (they appear everywhere), you don't have to worry too much about the Cauldron, cooking the cows, or making bread with wheat. These mushrooms do the job, especially if you're running straight into Big Chunk.

open as many chests as you can

Killing monsters grants you gold coins. These coins are used to open chests that contain buffs and perks. Different chests are worth different values, but don't worry about that too much at first. Just use all your coins to open 25 gold chests. You need these perks and buffs right away.

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There are many different benefits you can unlock. Some useful in the beginning include any kind of movement advantage, like the Jetpack or double jump. This makes it easier to fight monsters and eventually escape the huge rocks of the Golems and Big Chunk. Free chests can also be found around the map. They are dark gray in color, almost black.

Jump straight to Mithril

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A Mithril sword will help a lot here

Don't worry too much about collecting so much iron ore. Once you have the Steel Pickaxe, you can start mining Mithril immediately. Using Mithril is the latest upgrade to your equipment, better than regular steel and will allow you to start chopping down oaks with a Mithril Axe. Why is it important?

The different trees in Muck are used to create different levels of items. You need birch to make a Mithril axe, for example. Oak is then used to craft a set of Adamantite equipment, the next level above Mithril.

You can turn gold ore into coins

Killing monsters isn't the only way to get rich in Muck. You can find gold ore scattered around the place, extract it and smelt it in a furnace. You can turn gold bars into gold coins.

This means that you can start exploring these perks and buffs in advance. You won't have to wait until monsters spawn overnight, or activate any of the battle pillars (which can kill you if you're unprepared).

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Start saving coins on the second or third night

After the first few days in Muck, you can start saving your coins for some of the bigger chests. This can cost up to 250 gold and the quality of the advantages they offer scale with how much they cost.

With some of the biggest buffs in the game, you basically become an unkillable overlord. The game kind of hits a natural difficulty barrier where you end up far exceeding the strength of all the monsters around you. Even the formidable Big Chunk can't really face you in the end.

How to Kill Big Chunk

big chunk
Big Chunk

Big Chunk is the final boss in Muck. This huge stone golem takes no prisoners. Your Rock Throw Attack with Area Damage can melt your health in a very short time. The best way to kill the boss is to get really close and start attacking him with your Adamantite sword.

When you're directly below the boss, he can't really do much damage to you, but you need to watch out for all the little enemies, sorcerer goblins, and others that appear. They can hurt you and they will.

survive on the island

Stuck in the mud of an island, alone or with your friends, try to survive as long as possible using the resources you find around the island. Collect resources, craft tools, weapons and armor, find items and build your base during the day. But when night falls, mysterious enemies appear from the shadows. Using the resources and items you created during the day, you must try to survive at night. And over time, and updates, new challenges and items will be added to the game. The Island launches you and your friends into a fun and action-packed experience on a procedural-driven island. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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If you have any other questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments below and also take the time to let us know what you think of our Muck Beginners Guide. And read more about survival games on Our site.

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