7 Tips for Choosing New World Factions

Choosing between the three factions in New World can be a layered decision. Here's everything players need to know before diving.

In doubt about the New World factions? You're not the only one. There was a time when MMORPGs were a niche market for hardcore gamers. Staying on top of this type of game requires dedication, time, and a group of friends who also actively play the game, as most evolution items or more powerful weapons are rewards from dungeons or enemies too powerful to face alone. . Trying to evolve in an MMORPG alone or with a group of random players was a very difficult or impossible task.

Today, it really is a different world, and Amazon's entry into massively multiplayer games is getting a lot of attention. The game differs from others in a number of interesting ways that engage players and keep them engaged. The conventional leveling system makes the progression easy to follow, and the game features many exciting actions and different ways to fight to survive. And surviving means choosing sides. So if you're unsure which faction to join, check out this guide to help you choose.

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new world factions
Alliances, Union and Looters

What are the New World Factions

Most MMOs have a well-known and beaten system of opposing or warring factions, like the Horde and Alliance in World of Warcraft, with players automatically choosing a side as part of the character creation process or after advancing a few levels in the game, as in Allods.

In New World, there are three factions vying for control of the precious Aeterneum. Players can choose between the zealous Alliance, the ambitious Marauders or the mysterious Syndicate. Be aware that each server has a different dynamic when it comes to which factions control which regions, and this has some bearing on which players will choose. If you want to know more about servers, see our guide to help you choose one.

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Joining a Faction

There are many reasons to join a faction, and it's essential to try out all the game content available. When the player has struggled to make their way from the wreck on the beach to the nearest village to Falésia do Monarca, Primeira Luz or any other territory destined for beginners between levels 1 to 25, they will have reached or will be too close to reach level 10 .

Once the player reaches level 10, he will receive a quest from a gentleman in the center of town named Urbanus Bixford. The quest is called “Commitment to the Cause” and requires the player to do the relevant research and align with a faction. Each village in each region, regardless of who controls it, has a faction representation and they are happy to give each character all the necessary supplies.

Before choosing, keep in mind all of the following points that could affect how powerful, influential, or useful each guild would be for an individual character. The exact territories each faction controls are always changing, and a player's membership in a faction determines their ability to fish, farm or hunt in those areas as well. This means that Aetereum looks different on every server in New World, so the player's choice of faction depends a lot on the server choice.

What do New World factions do?

The factions in New World are a very important choice to make. They largely affect the social and PvP aspects of the game. You cannot join a Marauder guild if you are part of the Alliance, for example.

Also, the part considered the “endgame” of New World is about conquering maps. If an opposing faction already owns a zone, then a guild can prepare an invasion with coordinated combat by deciding the fate of the territory. If they succeed in conquering the strong enemy, they will claim the zone for themselves. Capturing a zone builds faction pride by granting ample buffs to players belonging to that faction.

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Also, if you like to play hard mode, you can activate PvP in the open world. This allows you to fight other players marked for PvP. You can only fight players from the other faction in the open world. You will also need to activate PvP if you plan to complete PvP missions for your faction, which is how you get to competition zones belonging to other factions.

On a final note, zones belonging to other members of the New World faction can help in the development of this settlement. Each important village in each zone has a municipal council, with missions that help in the development of the zone. This means that the governor, also known as the guild leader in control of the settlement, can upgrade the settlement, focusing on improving defenses and trading posts for players to enjoy.

Control Points

Each territory in New World has a Fort, which serves as the Faction Control Point for the region. The map shows who controls which forts and which are contested. The more players from a faction are present in the fort, the faster that faction will take over the fort and eventually the region if it succeeds. To enter a fort, a player must be signaled to PvP, which can be easily turned on and off using the "u" key.

Members of the dominant faction receive a 5% bonus to XP gain during leveling and 20% to influence gain within that territory. This is similar to “reputation Pigtail”, a common experience in other MMOs like World of Warcraft. In New World, players can also access special items, rewards and other quests by making friends at high levels.

new world territories
New World Territories

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declaration of war

Declaring war on New World is a very complex process. It starts with a Company, the New World version of a Guild, declaring war on a Territory. There are a total of 12 territories that make up the vast island of Aetereum, and war can only be declared on a territory that is currently in conflict. How this happens involves Influence, the New World version of reputation and the opposing factions. You can see the classification of factions on the official website.

A state of conflict occurs when an opposing faction gains 100% influence over the territory, usually by competing in enough relevant PvP missions. A war consists of taking control of the strongest enemy in enemy territory, an operation that includes siege machines and cannons, among a host of other things for the event.

How war works in the New World

The war will take place at a time chosen by the defending company/guild. The defending army must successfully defend their fort or the offensive army must invade the fort for the war to come to an end. Offensive players can build siege weapons to help bypass defensive constructions in forts such as ballistae and repeater towers.

Offensive materials for war are purchased with the Battle Tokens they earn to start the war, and defensive structures are built and upgraded with City Projects in New World.

Ending a war in the New World

To start attacking the defending team's gates in New World, the offensive will have to pass three control points. After that, they can face their own fort and try to claim it for their team and win. Defensive teams win when the offensive front line runs out of soldiers to keep trying to get past the checkpoints or the Fort.

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Once a winner is chosen, players are teleported off the battlefield to continue their adventures in Aeternum.

Siege equipment and traps

Both the defensive and offensive team have access to the traps for the other team's warriors, and it would be a big mistake in New World not to use them.

  • hell mine – Land mines that flood the battlefield with fire
  • Gunpowder Barrel – Very destructive bomb with a long detonation time

Attacking players have access to Siege Platforms to help capture rally points and bring down Fort Gates.

  • Cannon Platform – Damages structures with a low rate of fire
  • Flamethrower Platform – Throws flames at enemies
  • Repeater Platform – Rapid fire, mobile weapon

Defenders also have siege weapons to help prevent the offensive team from overloading their rally points and gates.

  • Ballista – Defender's cannon version
  • explosive cannon – Designed to keep out groups of enemies
  • repeater tower – Repeater Defender Version
  • eviction from Fogo– Spills boiling liquids on enemies from above
  • Horn of Resilience – Heal friendly targets for a short period of time

Special Equipment

Being part of a faction in New World doesn't just mean doing missions and getting beaten up in a PvP event. Players can enjoy exclusive perks depending on which side they choose, including cash for new gear and accessories. As a player advances through the ranks with their Faction, they can buy better gear from the Faction Shop.

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Different factions offer a variety of armor sets that players can purchase with the coin earned on Faction-specific missions. Most of them are geared towards PvP, but players can also collect resources and explore uncharted areas as part of their efforts to earn their money. The higher the rank a player has with his faction, the better quality of equipment he can acquire.

the factions

Choose your faction and go to war
Choose your Faction and go to war

The alliance

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Faction Colors: Gold, yellow, orange.

Philosophy: This faction rose from the wreckage of that wreck, amid the muddy beach determined to do good. The Alliance is the faction of players who want to become warriors passionate about fighting corruption and evil. Those who normally play Loyal and Good characters in RPGs would be ideal to join this group. The Alliance's role is not only to purge the land of the mysterious power that emanates from it, but also to cleanse it of vices or immoral behavior. The greed of the Marauders must be kept under control. And what dangerous secrets is the Union hiding?

Classification sets and levels: Alliance armor sets have names that resemble a historical religious order. The Initiate is the lowest level and uses Level I. Templar is Level II, followed by Excubitor at Level III and Lumen at Level IV. The Adjudicator is the second highest level at Level 5. The highest and most intimidating level is Inquisitor, whose gear is also considered Level 5, but is Epic rather than Rare quality.

the union

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Faction Colors: Purple, blue, white.

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Philosophy: Knowledge is more than power. It's money, prestige and social standing. The Syndicate focuses on Intelligence and Focus, two of the ability scores that govern the use of magic items. Thus, this faction attracts magic users, but it can extend to other character classes as well. Any player interested in espionage, for example, would feel at home in the Union.

All factions require their members to complete quests and level up, but this is a little more involved with the Syndicate, which gives players a specific set of quests to follow as part of the initiation process. Each level advancement also consists of a test and they are usually level 20 or higher. Keep an eye on other factions as you level up and train to uncover their secrets and subvert their plans.

Level Groups and Classes: The levels given to members of the Syndicate ranking resemble those of an ancient secret society. Adepts are the new players, and start at Level I. Scrivener follows at Level II, Chronicler at Level III, Kabbalist at Level IV and finally Alchemists at Level V.

The Raiders

7 tips for picking new world factions | 7f441b42 looter | married games tips/guides | amazon games, mmo, multiplayer, new world, pc, playstation | new world factions

Faction Colors: Green, in varied shades.

Philosophy: Looters have a simple and easily understandable philosophy. An etereum is for commercial and personal gain, and this faction is here to exploit it. It can mean natural resources, magical knowledge, real estate, whatever the land offers.

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This faction is quite strict when it comes to promotions, requiring players to hit the reputation limit before they can make their initial rolls and earn their first rank. There's no morals to follow, no divine mission – just good old-fashioned “shot, smack and bomb” at the highest possible level. Grab some gear and go do something outside, and as for the other factions that's not your problem.

Level sets and ratings: Marauders are compared to a military force. In organization and discipline this may be true, but only if the army in question is made up of ruthless mercenaries. The Level I rating is Soldier, and titles get more dramatic after that. Tier II is Gladiator, then Tier III is Ravager, Destroyer at Tier IV, and finally Commander at Tier V. As with the Alliance, there is an even higher rank, Legacy, which is also considered Tier V, but is Tier V epic.

Take advantage of these promotions, upgrade your PC and get ready for New World

faction equipment

The factions in New World also provide players with gear, but the items are pretty much the same. The only big difference is the aesthetic appearance of each faction's equipment. You need to complete missions for your faction to get faction tokens to buy exclusive gear.

It's also one of the best ways to get decent gear at levels 15 and 30. Equipment will help you during the leveling process, but it won't be the best gear in the game by any standards. Gaining equipment on endgame expeditions and manufacturing is the best source of equipment.

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In patch 1.0.4, Amazon Games changed the amount of New World faction tokens players could earn per level of their advancement reputation. Below you'll find the amount of tokens you can earn, which means you can buy even more faction gear when you reach the next stage of your faction advancement reputation.

  • Tier 1: 5.000 tokens, increased to 7.500
  • Tier 2: 10.000 tokens, increased to 15.000
  • Tier 3: 15.000 tokens, increased to 22.500
  • Tier 4: 25.000 tokens, increased to 37.500
  • Tier 5: 50.000 tokens increased to 75.000

Which Faction Should I Choose?

As you might guess, the answer is: It's up to you!

As seen, each faction in New World has its own list of advantages and disadvantages, requirements for evolution and equipment that are given according to evolution. In addition to its own basic philosophy. Are you a person more inclined to defend the good and fight the evil in games? Don't you care about the other factions? So you already know where to go. Besides, the strength of each one on the servers and mainly, in which faction your friends play, all this will certainly influence your decision.

It is quite possible that, over time, players will only join the dominant faction, making it stronger and stronger and making it impossible for each other to gain enough power and influence to gain new territories and server will be dominated by a single faction, forcing Amazon to do something to shake things up again. So, think about that too when choosing one.

Quick FAQ

What are Factions in New World?

There are factions that want to rule the continent. The ultimate goal of each faction is to conquer as much territory as possible, and while these groups have their own motives in the game, the practical benefits are what matters most.

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What do factions mean in New World?

Factions are large groups of people allied with a cause. Joining a faction is done by completing the main quest “Commitment to the Cause”.

Can I change Factions?

Your faction can be changed once every 120 days for an Azoth fee.

What are the 3 factions in New World?

There are three different factions in the New World: Union, Alliance and Saboteurs. Players will be able to choose between these three after completing a series of missions and reaching level 10.

How do I join the Saboteurs in New World?

By completing the main quest “Commitment to the Cause”, you will be able to choose your faction.

Explore A New World

N is set in the mid-1600s, where players colonize a fictional land called Aeternum, created in the mold of British America, along the Atlantic Ocean. Players can mine resources, craft items, and fight with and against other players.

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For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum was the source of fantastic legends – and now you've found it. Shipwrecked, without supplies or allies, you'll need to make your way into a dangerous world where the fundamental laws of life and death don't apply. Magic flows through Aeternum. Brings life: miraculous healing, reanimation of the dead and strange flora with magical properties. And that brings horror: the power to cause unspeakable destruction and the slow wear and tear of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection. In such a land, your destiny is whatever you make of it.

Now, leave it there in the comments: What do you think of New World? Have you already chosen your faction? Are you enjoying the game? You can enjoy and read more about MMOs is about N on our website.

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