How to defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact

The head of water in the Liyue region may be one of the hardest to beat in the game, so here are some tips for defeating Oceanid in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Oceanid is one of the most difficult bosses to defeat, thanks to the many water animals that surround the arena. Some of them attack you and have different strategies, different HP and resistances and forces you to think about various ways to counterattack and, above all, to survive everything that the boss commands. Well, we will help you to overcome it with these tips.

A nice detail about the Oceanids in Genshin Impact is that they won an entire event explaining their origin and history, and even presented the player with a small Oceanid as a mascot called Endora. Currently, the Desejo da Água Pura event is over and it is not possible to get your own pet Oceanid, but don't worry. At some point he will return.

Oceanid in genshin impact
And what will the Oceanids eat?

The Oceanid people at Genshin Impact

Coming from the Fontaine Region, the Oceanids are creatures made of water that are intelligent and more powerful than a common slime. They were dedicated servants of the ancient Arcote Hydro and sent to various regions of Teyvat to connect waters around the world in a large information network. Although they function as spies, Arcote Hydro had no evil intentions.

However, after the death of the Archon, the Oceanids rebelled against the current Archon and separated from their master. This caused them to lose some of their intelligence and sanity, forcing them to join other forms of water and relearn everything they forgot. Some can gain intelligence very quickly by joining water creatures created by another Oceanid.

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The Oceanids are also, by nature, very suspicious, as they fear that an assassin will be sent from Fontaine to kill them. If an Oceanid comes into contact with another of its kind with evil intentions, they can lose their sense of identity due to the accumulation of negative energy and end up absorbed by their killer.

Another way to kill an Oceanid is through contamination with another type of water. There are freshwater and saltwater Oceanids. Although they can live together, Oceanids of one type cannot survive for long in the environment of the other. This makes the existence of the Oceanids quite lonely, although they love to live with other creatures.

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They are afraid of falling in love with other living creatures, such as humans, because they know they can drown them, so the Oceanids only talk to humans while they are children, in the hope that they will forget about them as they grow up and thought they were just friends. imaginary or dream. Some humans do not forget and wait a lifetime for an answer.

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Time to fight Oceanid in Genshin Impact

“A life form created from condensed Hydro elements of incredible purity.

Often attached to bodies of water. It is said that as the bodies of water become purer, the Hydro elements within them become more abundant, causing the Oceanids to become more powerful.

It is also said by some that the Oceanids were once sea creatures from a very distant home, who carried the fragments of a long-dead god to the various corners of this world. Maybe they did it so that the love that their god had for this world could spread through the waters to the whole earth… ”Adventurer's Handbook on Oceanid at Genshin Impact

The Oceanid in Genshin Impact attacks mainly using water creatures and removing part of the scene, leaving less space for the player to move around the arena. For obvious reasons, Hydro characters here are useless and Electro characters can be dangerous, after all, being in the wet status you can end up electrocuted by your own powers.

At this point, we can safely recommend characters with the Cryo element, after all, you can freeze enemies without even needing another character on the team. Pyro characters can do extra damage when vaporizing enemies.

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In this fight you will need to defeat the water animals that Oceanid in Genshin Impact summons to do some damage to him. There are 8 different types of animals, with different resistance to different elements. See below:


They act and move exactly with wild boars in the wild, attacking with an onslaught. They have resistance to the Pyro element of -55%

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Hydro Boars


They approach the player at medium speed and attack using 3 different types of melee attack. Attacks are very fast attacks, making them difficult to dodge, unless you react immediately. It has -55% resistance to Pyro.


Three herons appear far from the player, avoiding hand-to-hand combat. Its main attack is to flap its wings, releasing a deadly hydro shot that travels at somewhat rapid speed. It has -55% resistance to Electro.


They fly and approach the player for a quick and deadly sweeping attack. You have to stay away from them, or they can make the fight quite boring as there is no warning of when they will attack. Bow or catalyst character recommended here. It has -55% resistance to Electro.

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Hydro Hawks


Two annoying crabs circling the player while firing a bubble gun from their claws. It has -55% resistance to Cryo and freezing them is the best option, as they avoid hand-to-hand combat at all costs while shooting.


They do not have an attack, but advance towards the player with a small area of ​​continuous Hydro damage around them. It has -55% resistance to Cryo and freezing them cancels the attack.


It has 2 main attacks, a medium dive attack that cannot be dodged and a large diving attack that lets out a blue circle to show that it is attacking, that it can be dodged. When it dies, it explodes in a water bomb with a very wide range. It has -55% resistance to Geo.


Its two attacks are very similar to the Canary dive and the Hydro da Garça shot. It also has -55% resistance to Geo and also explodes in a water bomb.

Sinking platforms

For every two groups of defeated water creatures, Oceanid will sink two random platforms from the arena. It can cause medium damage if the player is close.

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How to defeat oceanid in genshin impact | 0fd131c3 image 2021 05 10 114435 | married games tips/guides | android, genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, playstation, singleplayer | oceanid in genshin impact
The Arena of the fight against Oceanid


If the player takes too long to defeat the water creatures, the Oceanid in Genshin Impact will summon a whirlwind of water beneath the player that will do continuous Hydro damage and, in the end, explode causing great damage. The best way to avoid it is simply not taking too long to kill water creatures.

Combat strategy

During the fight against Oceanid in Genshin Impact, avoid the onslaught of the Hydro Boar and use ranged attacks against the Hydro Squirrels, Ducks and Hawks.

A Hydro Falcon's attack can be avoided by running directly under it. If you are unable to defeat them in time, using characters such as Zhongli, Noelle, Xinyan, Diona and Beidou's shield skills will be able to nullify or remove any possible damage. These skills are useful throughout the battle.

However, some of these characters have a long cooldown between shields, so don't hesitate to equip a weapon from the Weapons of Sacrifice set (the sword is currently the only useful variant for shield characters) if you think the The cooldown time for your special abilities is very long.

Zhongli, however, is the only character who does not have this problem, as the duration of the shield is 20 seconds. Much longer than the waiting time of 12. Prioritize killing, dodging or protecting yourself from Hydro Toad attacks, if possible, as they will do a lot of damage if they hit you.

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An important tip during the fight against Oceanid in Genshin Impact is that the range of any damage indicator area shown on the ground is unreliable. You need to dodge farther than what is shown. Watch out for the death blast radius of Hydro Toads and Canaries.

After giving the final blow, you need to flee quickly or create a shield, as a water pump turns right away. Invincible pictures of certain Elemental Explosions can help prevent damage. Using a vertical movement (for example, Venti's Celestial Sonata or Keqing's Star Restoration) at the right moment of the explosion will cause the shock wave to pass under the player.

How to defeat oceanid in genshin impact | giphy | married games tips/guides | android, genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, playstation, singleplayer | oceanid in genshin impact
Don't trust everything you see

An immersive attack at the right time, jumping from the edge of the platform into the water, can also allow the characters to avoid the damage. You can also avoid the final explosion of the whirlwind by using an Elemental Explosion, using the animation frames that grant you invincibility, if used just before the blowout blows and takes damage.

Kaeya and Chongyun are very good at freezing all types of Hydro creatures that the Oceanid summons, except for the Hydro Hawk. Likewise, all other Cryo characters are useful here in the same way; Diona can freeze the birds and create a shield with the Ice Cat Claw.

Qiqi is even more useful here, as she is able to mark targets, freeze them and heal her team. Note that whenever a target is marked by Qiqi, you have effective health recovery for all four characters, allowing your team to heal regardless of who hits the marked enemy.

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Ganyu is amazing due to his area of ​​effect explosion and high damage. Note that it cannot provoke enemies with its Ice Lotus ability, so use it only for area negation. In the fight against Hydro Hawks, it can make a huge difference.

Electro characters are incredibly useful here, like Razor and Keqing, as they are capable of creating the Electrified effect. On the other hand, Catalyst users, like Ningguang and Klee, can be useful for the Hawks, but Lisa is even better at destroying them, as she has an electric strike that chases enemies.

Since the battlefield is technically submerged in very shallow water, electrical attacks can electrify the water itself, causing you to take a large amount of damage if you are not careful, so a healer may be needed. Otherwise, this can be avoided by moving away from the electrified area.

If you find the waiting time for your Cryo characters too long, you can equip one of the weapons from the Weapon of Sacrifice set on them. Admittedly, the base chance of 40% is unreliable, so don't hesitate to refine your weapon. Otherwise, as mentioned earlier, use a shield character for your protection.

A Journey Through a World of Archons and Monsters

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Genshin Impact is available for PC, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, soon, Nintendo Switch with crossplay between platforms. And for those starting out in Genshin Impact you still have here at Married Games a Complete Guide to start your journey really well and how Farmar many Primogens.

So, can you defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact with ease? Comment and share with your friends who are going to start playing so they know what to expect from the boss!

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