How to Play Pokémon Unite with Switch Friends on Mobile

Pokémon Unite allows crossplay between Switch and mobile platforms, so take advantage of these features and play with everyone

Playing Pokémon Unite with friends is much more fun than playing it alone. In fact, the title is the newest multiplayer game in the world of MOBAs, a genre that spent years being dominated by the two great pioneers of the style, League of Legends and DOTA, and is available on Nintendo Switch, iPhone and Android devices. In it, players choose from a list of available Pokémon, each with its own style of play and powers, and fight against an opposing team while trying to score points.

And as a game with crossplay, the question remains: how do I play with my friends from other platforms? And my save? Are you stuck on one platform? It is possible to pass your save and all your progress to another platform and also invite your friends from other devices to play with you, but first, you need to configure it for that first. Here's what you need to do to play with your friends and transfer your save from one platform to another, so you can continue your games whenever and wherever you want on your mobile phone or Nintendo Switch.

Play pokemon unite with friends
playing with friends gets better

Quick FAQ

How do you earn Pokémon Unite?

Your team wins in Pokémon UNITE by scoring the most goals, not defeating their opponents' Pokémon.

What Pokemons are available in Unite?

Blastoise, Blissey, Gardevoir, Zeraora, Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax among others. See the full list in the Pokémon Unite article.

Is Pokémon Unite free to play?

Pokémon Unite is free for everyone and offers cross-platform gameplay.

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How to Play Pokémon Unite with Friends

How to invite on Nintendo Switch

Inviting friends to Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch is very simple: You'll need to have the ID codes of your friend or the people you want to play with, so have them handy.

  • open the game

    Open Pokémon Unite on your Switch.

  • Start a Lobby

    From the main menu, select Unite Battle and start a lobby.

  • Click on the 'plus' sign

    How to play pokémon unite with switch friends on mobile | 32553166 pokemon4 | android, ios, mobile, multiplayer, nintendo, pokemon, pokemon unite | play pokemon unite with friends tips/guides

    Select one of the “plus” signs around your character or press the Y button to open your friends list.

  • Choose the friend from your list

    How to play pokémon unite with switch friends on mobile | 052888b1 pokemon5 | android, ios, mobile, multiplayer, nintendo, pokemon, pokemon unite | play pokemon unite with friends tips/guides

    The list of your friends who are available for you to invite will appear, with information on whether they are online, in a match or offline. Choose the person you want to invite and select Player info.

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  • invite the friend

    Then select “Invite Friends”.

Wait for the friend to accept the invitation

Once this is done, the invitation should appear on the screen of all the friends you sent the invitation to. They simply need to accept the invitation to enter your lobby.

Now that you're in the Lobby with your friends, check out our definitive guide to winning Pokémon Unite Battles

How to invite players using a Lobby ID

If you want to play with someone who is not a friend and doesn't have their ID, you can still invite them to the game without using the friend code.

  • Start Pokémon Unite.
  • Select Unite Battle and start a lobby.
Play pokemon unite with friends
Start a Lobby
  • In the upper left corner you will see a Lobby ID. You will need to share your Lobby ID so that other players can use it to play with you.
lobby id
Lobby ID

Once this is done, other players will be able to enter your Lobby and play with you. The player who wants to enter your Lobby just has to use the Lobby ID in the “Lobby Search” option in the main menu.

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How to Invite Players from Other Platforms

Pokémon Unite was released for the Nintendo Switch, and is also available on iOS and Android mobile devices, and it's possible to play with them in the same game, as the game came with crossplay support. You won't need their friend code to invite them, but you will need to share your Trainer ID.

  • Start Pokémon Unite.
  • When in the main menu, press L to open Coach Information.
  • Share the code that appears at the bottom of the screen with whoever you like so your friends can copy it and find you in-game.
lobby number
Copy and share the Lobby number

So if you want to play with your friends, these are the methods. You can find them in the Lobby or, if you like, play games with other unknown players and make new friends.

How to transfer my Pokémon Unite Save

Pokémon Unite welcomes new players every day and has also opened the door to solving one of the most feared problems in crossplay games: data transfer! After all, if you can play on multiple platforms, why do you need to start a new game on each of them? Most games solve this with a single account on the developer's servers and logging in already gives you access to all your information.

The most active players have possibly already purchased and unlocked various items, Pokémon and victories in the last two months the game became exclusive on Switch, so they will want to take all that progress to the new platforms where the game will be available. Pokémon Unite fortunately provides an easy way to transfer this data.

Some already make the process a little more complicated by linking the login to a unique player code on the console, such as PS Plus, for example, making life difficult for those who want to continue the game on a different platform, for example, in Genshin Impact , which players can play on PC, mobile or PS4 and PS5. Luckily, Pokémon Unite isn't one of those.

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The first thing Pokémon Unite players will have to do when starting the game on their mobile phone is to log in with their Nintendo Switch account. The entire process has three steps and you can transfer your progress to your mobile device in just a few minutes. By the way, did you see that the Nintendo Switch Lite was officially released in Brazil? Take advantage of these offers and buy now yours and download Pokémon Unite!

Step 1: Choose Transfer Data Access

When opening the game, do not create a new account if you have already played Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch.

Once players install, launch, and update Pokémon Unite, the game's home screen has two options: Create Account or Transfer Data Access. If you are a new player, you should choose to create a “new account”, but for those who already play Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch (which is the case we are dealing with here) should choose the second option.

Make sure you don't hit “Create an Account” or you won't have access to any of your game progress, Pokemons, purchases, or win ratings you've made on Nintendo Switch. Once you've chosen the right option, it's time to connect your Nintendo account.

Step 2: Login with your Account

After choosing “Transfer Data Access”, players must link the game on the mobile platform to the account with the necessary data. There are four options here and you should use the same one you use on the Nintendo Switch. You can connect with the following options:

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  • Nintendo Account
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pokemon Trainer Club
How to play pokémon unite with switch friends on mobile | 559661cf loginunite | android, ios, mobile, multiplayer, nintendo, pokemon, pokemon unite | play pokemon unite with friends tips/guides
Pokémon Unite login options

Connect one of these accounts to the mobile version of Pokémon Unite with any of these options. The procedure should work if you've already linked one of them to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Those who are not sure which one to choose should preferably use the “Nintendo account” option, as this is guaranteed to have the same data as the Switch version of Pokémon Unite you want to transfer to the mobile versions.

After choosing the option that is best for you, you will see a login page for you to enter your username and password. The account will be connected as soon as players log in. I don't think it's necessary to talk, but as a guarantee, we'll leave the warning:

Connect your account only to devices you trust! Do not log into third party cell phones or unofficial apps as you could lose all your data. You have been warned!

See also essential tips to get started playing Pokémon Unite

Step 3: Confirm Data Transfer

After logging in to the account where all your Pokémon Unite save is, the game will display your Trainer name and your account level for you to confirm if you are the correct player (if not, log out immediately) and if you are sure you want to transfer access and last saved data. Choose “OK” and all data will be transferred.

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If everything went right, now you'll have the same progression as your game on Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of Pokémon Unite.

As this is not a one-way transfer process, so the next time you log into Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch, all the progress you've made on the mobile versions will be counted. This includes the free Aeos, Pikachu Unite License and Festival Style: Pikachu outfit coupons that all mobile gamers get.

Join your Pokémon in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is an online multiplayer battle arena game, or MOBA, with battles between two teams of five players. The game map is divided into two parts, with several points that must be controlled by the players. Players score points for their team by defeating “wild” Pokémon that appear across the field, capturing them and heading towards one of the opposing team's “goals” to score points. Each match is limited to 10 minutes and the team with the highest total score at the end of each match wins the match.

Players begin each game controlling low-level base Pokémon that can level up and learn new combat moves as they win battles and evolve. They are divided into five types of “classes”: Attackers, Defenders, Supports, Versatiles and Speedsters. The game includes a unique “Unite move” mechanic for each Pokémon character. Pokémon Unite is available for Nintendo Switch, Android e iOS.

Now, leave in the comments: Which of the tips helped you in the matches? What is your favorite Pokemon? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about Pokémon on our website.

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