How to play with Sova in Valorant. Tips and Tricks to Master in 2022

Time to "beat" your opponents with this amazing archer agent. See how to play with Sova in Valorant

If you're wondering how best to play Sova in Valorant, we've got everything you need to know about his usefulness in battle and the abilities of this Initiator agent, showing you exactly why he might be the perfect character for you. Sova is the Valorant reconnaissance specialist in the franchise, who also has a full lineup of abilities that support his relentless talent for precision, while also allowing him to be the deadliest agent to set foot in Future Land.

Sova is one of the free agents you start with in your account and he's a wonderful character to have if you're new to a first person shooter like this. Sova allows you to collect valuable information that can help divide enemy forces before they even reach you. While performing his role, Sova may be one of Valorant's deadliest agents, there's more to the Russian reconnaissance specialist than meets the eye. So here's everything you need to know about the game's Launcher Agent.

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Sova skills at Valorant

"Born from the eternal winter of Russia's tundra, Sova tracks, finds and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. 

Your custom bow and amazing reconnaissance skills ensure that even if you run, you can't hide."

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Sova is the tutorial character in the game, but that's not why he's a bad character. By far, Sova's skills and recognition on Valorant maps are paramount to winning any match. His abilities allow him to get a little extra information for his team so they know exactly what they're up against.

His signature skill is Tracking Arrow, which allows him to find enemy positions, making Sova strong in both Attack and Defense. Even if his sweep is empty, you can still use it to narrow down the enemy's location. While he excels in recognition, Sova has many other abilities that make him strong, here's a look at each one and some tips on how to use them. Check out the full character guide below.

Shock Arrow ($ 100)

Fires a Shock Arrow that explodes in the collision, the longer the shot is charged the farther the skill can go. Using the right button you can choose how many times the Shock Arrow will bounce until it hits the ground. There are 2 charges per round.

A player in valor holds up a bow and arrow about to shoot and electrified bolt
Shock Arrow

Tips for using this skill:

  • The Beating Shock Arrow can kill enemies in areas that you cannot see. If you are going to a bomb site, the best thing to do is to shoot an arrow at the place you want to stay, to ensure your safety.
  • This arrow does a lot of damage, but not enough to eliminate a full-fledged enemy. That is, use it to finish enemies or to guarantee the advantage before opening for the exchange.
  • This is an excellent skill to start fights before entering a zone. Combined with its vision-granting and alternate fire abilities, the Shock Arrow can be used to damage enemies hiding in corners and behind cover. It's best not to use it when enemies know where Sova is, as shooting the arrow can be very slow.
  • Even though the Shock Arrow does a lot of potential damage in areas that would be impossible to shoot, such as tight hallways near corners, it's not enough damage to be lethal to healthy opponents. This ability is best used to finish off injured players or to soften up targets at full health for you to detonate later.

Owl Drone ($ 300)

Sova equips a drone that can be controlled to explore an area and reveal enemy positions. Once equipped, the drone can be fired with the fire button, after which control is transferred to the drone itself. Use the drone to shoot darts at enemies that reveal their location for a short period of time.

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A heads up display inside sova's owl drone in valorant
Drone Owl

Tips for using this skill:

  • While using Owl Drone, Sova remains stationary. So, it is very important to make sure you are in a safe area to use it.
  • It's a good idea for one of your teammates to follow the drone a few steps away. For as soon as the enemy appears, your colleague can go and kill him with ease;
  • An excellent tool for exploring a spike detonation location and other areas where the enemy may be hiding;
  • The Owl Drone is best used just before your team is ready to enter a location;
  • Another way to use the drone is as a distraction while having a teammate ready to attack unsuspecting enemies;
  • Be careful as the Owl Drone can be destroyed by enemy shots.

Tracking Arrow (35 second cooldown)

Sova launches an Arrow that reveals all enemies in the line of sight. This arrow also has the mechanics of pressing with the right button to determine the number of times it will hit the wall.

A player with a bow and arrow in valorant prepares to shoot a recon bolt
Tracking Arrow

Tips for using this skill:

  • This ability can't see players behind the wall, so make sure your enemy is in your line of sight before playing it;
  • The Tracking Arrow can bounce twice before having the collision. This means she can reach areas that would be too risky if you went with the character;
  • The skill has a considerably short cooldown, which makes it possible for it to be used multiple times per round;
  • This is the main reason to play Sova as it is a powerful skill that can give your team an advantage during offense and even turn the tide when defensive.
  • A key aspect to master is the right angles to release the arrow to get the most out of the wrist.
  • Keep in mind the line-of-sight aspect though, as enemies can be inside the wrist but hidden behind a wall or even covered by a smoke bomb. Players hidden like this will not be revealed by the attack.
  • Another downside to keep in mind is that the Recon Arrow can also be destroyed by enemy players, so make sure everyone is ready before firing it.
  • A cool trick is to shoot the arrow straight up and throw it over crates and other hiding places, then advance with Sova's Ultimate to blast revealed enemies without engaging in combat;
  • Other great places to shoot the arrow are aerial locations, such as roof edges, are harder to see and no one pays much attention to them;

Hunter's Fury (7 points of Ultimate)

Can shoot 3 thick strips of energy that go through walls. Each enemy hit takes heavy damage and is also marked. Sova equips his bow with up to three energy blasts that can pierce walls and reveal enemy locations. Explosions are fired forward upon pressing the fire button and any enemies caught in the line are damaged and have their position revealed. From the moment the skill is activated, a timer starts during which up to three bolts can be fired.

Blow hold his bow and arrow and shoot it through walls in valorant
hunter's fury

Tips for using this skill:

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  • As long as your ultimate is equipped, you can see where it would more or less go on the minimap. It goes through walls, so it doesn't even have to be very good to hit, just know the position of enemies.
  • Hunter's fury can be great for picking up a few kills before getting on the bomb. If you know that enemies want to come out from behind a door, you can use your ultimate, and if they do, your teammate eliminates them.
  • If you're sure an enemy is hiding behind a specific wall, you can also try to detonate them by shooting blind. It's best to use Sova's ult when enemies are revealed, as you won't have access to your weapons while the skill is active.
  • When activating Hunter's Fury, pay attention to your minimap which will now show a blue line, indicating the skill's effective range.

Tips for Playing with Sova in Valorant

When playing as Sova, your role is to create openings and provide information advantage to your team during offense and defense. When on the offensive, use the Tracking Arrow and Owl Drone to reveal enemy locations so your team can enter Spike planting spots and other locations without getting shot in the back.

Use communication with one of your teammates to sync a Drone distraction tactic when you know there's a player hiding behind a corner. Lead with your trusty owl to get their attention so your teammate can eliminate them without resistance.

Shock Arrow has a surprisingly high area of ​​effect, so you can also cause some panic by flinging it towards unsuspecting enemies hiding behind cover. Use the ricochets to send the arrow around corners so you keep enemies unsure of their hiding places.

Sova can use it with just about any weapon in the game, except for close and personal types like the shotguns, Bucky, and Judge. One of the best weapon combinations to use with Sova, however, is the Operator – the most expensive weapon in the game – as your primary weapon and the Ghost as your secondary weapon.

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Who is the easiest agent to play at Valorant?

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So, these are our tips for playing Sova in Valorant. Let us know if these tips helped you perform better with this agent. Think Sova is bad just because it's free? Or do you usually play with him? Leave it in the comments! Enjoy and read more about Valuing on our website.

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