How to play with Brimstone in Valorant. Take control of this agent in 5 steps

His arsenal includes incendiary grenades, smoke bombs and even an orbital laser. What else do you want?

The American controller Brimstone in Valorant grants more utility than most other agents. He's almost an ideal choice for support players, but what's the best way to play Brimstone in Valorant? Here are our top tips for mastering the versatile Brimstone. As most team builds contain valuable utility agents for late rounds such as Legend, Brimstone can cast all of its abilities quickly and try to find victims on its own.

Brimstone is an agent that enters the Controllers class of the game. The controllers class is perfect for controlling a field for the team. Here below you can trust our Brimstone guide, to shine in Valorant! Brimstone is without a doubt one of the most fun agents to use in Valorant. Whether you're setting an enemy on fire with your Molotov or slowly punching opponents to death with your ult, it has some really fun ways to guarantee kills. But if you're stuck on how best to use Brimstone's array of useful abilities, fear no more. We're protecting you.

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Brimstone Abilities in Valorant

“Coming from the US, Brimstone's orbital arsenal ensures that your team always has the upper hand. His ability to deliver utility with precision and at a distance makes him an unparalleled commander.”

In terms of design, Brimstone in VALORANT is a stereotypical soldier version of a character. Like Bangalore in Apex Legends, he has a smoke bomb to give his team cover and a great final zoning airstrike. Like Soldier 76 in Overwatch, Brimstone can support his team with a local beacon to give him a tactical advantage. However, the way Brimstone uses these abilities differs greatly from any of its themed predecessors.

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On the surface, Brimstone looks like a typical “leader” type character in the game. With his Celestial Smoke being so useful, a Counter-Strike-style incendiary grenade, and a team-wide Stim Beacon buff, Brimstone looks like he would be a more tactical character. However, Brimstone is actually one of the most aggressive agents in VALORANT.

Incendiary ($ 100)

Brimstone throws an incendiary grenade that deals incendiary damage on the field it lands on. Can be thrown one at a time, costing 200. He equips a grenade launcher and when he fires it, an incendiary grenade is thrown in an arc. It can bounce off walls and will explode when it hits the ground. Incendiary only deals five damage per burn, but lasts for eight seconds.

Brimstone in Valorant

Tips for using this skill:

  • The grenade can bounce in different directions. Learn how to use it on some maps to catch some spots where enemies often hide.
  • As a defense, sometimes you don't even need to use this ability to do damage, sometimes it can be a great ability to buy time for enemies not to get into the bomb.
  • This ability is as simple in VALORANT as it is in any other game. It has pretty much all the same applications as the Molotovs in Counter-Strike.
  • It can be used to clear corners, force players out of angles, push and get in the way of planting or disarming Spike.
  • One difference is that there is no limit to how far he can be thrown or bounced. Being able to cast Incendiary across the map can be useful in helping your teammates.
  • Arsonist hurts you and your teammates, so be careful where you throw it. Additionally, it will make a sound whenever someone takes damage, revealing possible enemy locations.
  • The biggest thing to watch out for when using this skill is the time it takes to use it. The animation to equip and fire it can be fatal if poorly timed. Make sure you always pull it first, then peek to shoot.

Stimulating Beacon ($ 300)

Place a beacon next to the character that creates a buff area. All players in this area receive a bonus to reload speed, fire speed, weapon switch and recoil recovery. Each costs 100 with a maximum of two at a time. Using a spear stimulator in front of Brimstone in an arc. and once it lands, players in its area of ​​effect gain the Rapid Fire buff. Fire rate increased by 10%, reload is 10% faster, recoil recovery is 0% faster, and weapon switching speed is also 10% faster.

Brimstone in Valorant
Stimulating Flag

Tips for using this skill:

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  • The buff makes everyone in the area shoot faster. this can be very useful for allies who are defending a specific spot.
  • Stimulating Beacon can also act as a bait. If your opponent is in a small area, you can throw him in a place for distraction while an ally raids him and kills him.
  • The buff remains active for four seconds after the player leaves the zone and there is an internal cooldown so two flares cannot be used in a row.
  • The flag is a very interesting but straightforward skill. Throwing it to the ground gives everyone who enters the buff area gains Rapid Fire. Most of the time, it is played in front of the team that enters the rooms or corridors.
  • As it has a lingering effect, just walking through it is enough to give your team a head start in the firefight.
  • Using the Stimulant on defense is much more complicated as you have to play it before you get pushed. The best you can do is play it when the attackers start to arrive.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that the edges of the Beacon circle can be seen by the enemy team. Be careful about revealing your position unnecessarily.

Heavenly Smoke ($ 200)

Use the map to drop a smoke bomb that obscures the view. You have to click to choose location and click again to confirm. He gets one free charge per round with additional charges costing 200 each, up to three at most. Brimstone equips a map that allows him to place a smoke bomb in a large area around him. He can place all three at once, giving him the ability to lock in multiple angles at once.

Brimstone in Valorant
Celestial Smoke

Tips for using this skill:

  • You start the round with one of these for free, but you can have up to three to use. If you hold one, it will be taken with you to the next round.
  • This skill has a very high cast range, but cannot be used across the entire map. You need to be relatively close to the area you want to cast the skill to summon smoke. Anyway, you are also very vulnerable while using the skill, so be careful.
  • Always try to place smoke bombs at the bomb entrances. If you are on the attacking side, that means you may have someone targeted on your passage to the bomb, so use the smoke bomb in these spots to ensure your team's safety to dominate the bomb site.
  • As the radius he can send them out is quite large, Brimstone is able to throw them to safety.
  • On defense, Brimstone can cycle smoke into a single choke point to deter attackers.
  • Smokes can be used to block Spike from attackers or throw it for desperate disarms.

Orbital Attack (Ultimate Brimstone in Valorant)

Use the map to mark a location, launching a bolt from the sky that deals high damage for a few seconds. The strike starts after a short delay and deals 20 damage per tick. Enemies trapped inside will almost always be killed. Like Celestial Smoke, Brimstone can cast this ability within a wide range of its current location.

Brimstone in Valorant
Orbital Attack
  • The skill lasts more or less the time to defuse Spike, that is, it is worth using to save time both to plant and to defuse Spike and win the round.
  • Orbital Attack goes through the roof of buildings, meaning there is no safe place against Brimstone's Ult.
  • You can save this move for Spike's post-plant and prevent your opponents from defusing the bomb.
  • On defense, a well-timed Orbital Attack can obliterate an enemy advance by throwing it a choke point across the map.
  • There is almost always a use for the Assault, but you should use your team's information to ensure it is put to good use.
  • Finally, Orbital Assault also damages you and your teammates. Make sure the area is clear of allies before you rain hell on the battlefield.
Play with brimstone in valorant
Will you face it?

Strategies for playing with Brimstone in Valorant

Brimstone isn't exactly useless on defense, but it's in offense where he really shines. Brimstone is built to take and hold locations, but try not to use it as a “spearhead” at the entrance; leave that to a duelist like Jett or Phoenix. It's your job to track and guarantee kills if your teammate goes down.

Use your smokes to isolate areas where enemies might be lurking and restrict your lines of advance or escape. They will be forced to wait for 20 seconds while the smoke dissipates or move to a less advantageous angle. Either way, learning good formations for your smoke bombs is a must.

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A nice trick in the attack occurs when enemies try to retake the site. If you hear an opponent tap the disarm button, that should be your call to action. Firing an incendiary at the spike will force enemies back, giving you valuable time to let the bomb detonate. On defense, use your Booster to give you a buff when going into the first few encounters. You can also use your incendiary to delay the spikes setting and give your team more time to fight and win.

Always stay in touch with your team. In fact, it is vital that you communicate with your team! Don't just blow smoke and wait for them to enter; tell your allies where you are playing and where they should attack. Do not lead attacks unless necessary; your powers are too important to risk losing to an unlucky shot.

More precision and speed for your in-game movements. More firmness for your hand during matches

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So, these are our tips for playing with Brimstone in Valorant. Let us know if these tips helped you perform better with this agent. Do you think he's a good agent for you? Or do you usually play with him? Leave it in the comments! Enjoy and read more about Valuing on our website.

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