Sage in Valorant: Learn 4 Tips for Playing with the Support and Heal agent

Learn the best ways to use all of Sage's abilities in Valorant

Like any team, having someone to support and care for injured teammates is essential. That's Sage's role in Valorant, the Chinese radiant agent capable of healing and reviving allies in the field. An all-strike team will rarely be effective, so having Sage on your team can make a big difference and even guarantee victory. If one team has 4 people and the other only has XNUMX, then one of them already has an advantage. Reviving a dead ally can balance things out again.

Sage is almost essential to any Valorant team composition in the current meta, thanks to its healing properties. There is no respawn in Valorant until a round is over, so any advantage in keeping teammates alive is necessary.

The Protocol's resident radiant healer is most notable among all the agents on the list for her unique ability to revive fallen comrades. While this is her most notable trait, Sage is more than capable of proving that she is more than just a support agent, as she utilizes her various radiant orbs to stop the enemy's onslaught.

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Valorant's Sage Skills

"The stronghold of China, Sage creates security for her and her team wherever they go. Able to revive fallen friends and evade aggressive attacks, she provides a calm center for a hellish fight.”

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Sage in Valorant is a Sentry Agent who excels at healing her team and controlling nearby areas of the map. Her Healing Orb can help keep her and her allies alive, while her Resurrection ultimate can bring a hapless teammate back to life. She helps a squad maintain their numbers with consistent healing. His ultimate ability can turn the tables in a round, as when fully charged, his ult brings a fallen team member back into the fray. This complete kit makes Sage able to keep her team alive, while also having the potential to be a dangerous opponent.

She also has a wall that can block off areas of the map and entire entrances, as well as a slow field that can slow anyone's movement speed on it. Sage in Valorant, being a support specialist, has a lot of control, healing, and even resurrection skills to be able to lead her team to victory, which makes her a valuable piece in any team. Check out all the complete information in the guide below:

Barrier Orb (400 $)

Barrier Orb is a very expensive skill. However, it is one of the best skills in the game. This skill consists of a very large and solid wall, which no character can walk through. Sage's Barrier Orb creates a solid wall that can only be broken by bullets. This nifty skill can be used in a variety of ways to help you and your teammates stay out of trouble.

Sage's barrier orb ability in valorant
barrier orb

Tips for using this skill:

  • The wall has 3 different segments, each with its own life bar that can be destroyed. Sage has no way of going through the wall (over the top), that is, be very careful where you put it so you don't lock yourself in any place that will harm you.
  • Sage and his allies can stay on top of the wall before it is created, leaving you at high points that can give you a strategic advantage or reach boxes and other spots.
  • If your team is pushing a point and you can't worry about a flank, for example, put the wall as your first line of defense. A franchisor would have to shoot her to get to his team, alerting him of his position and ruining the surprise.
  • Another possible use for the skill would be blocking a lane and lines of sight. This can be played at the start of the round to cut the enemy team's path, blocking snipers to kill your teammates. And if things get a little risky, a timely Barrier can buy you time to heal, resurrect, or guide your team's retreat.
  • Finally, the wall allows you to reach high points and eliminate unsuspecting victims. Being down while casting the orb, the wall will go up and take you with it. This can help you jump to higher ground and surprise your enemies.

Slowing Orb ($ 100)

Thrown like a grenade, Orb of Slowness explodes when it hits the ground and leaves a large area frozen, causing characters to be slowed when walking on top. Using this ability is similar to the Barrier Orb in that it can be used to block a flank or fend off enemies when your team is trying to retreat.

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Sage's slow orb in valorant
Orb of Slowness

Tips for using this skill:

  • The ground expands a second or two after being cast. During this time the slow is not as strong as at its maximum potential, but it allows you to rush by jumping on top of an enemy.
  • Your allies also suffer from the sluggish effect if they go over the top, so be very careful about where to use this ability.
  • Casting the spell on a bunch of opponents grouped together will make it difficult for them to position themselves. If an enemy is slow in the ice field, he can be easily eliminated by your team.
  • But also similar to barrier, this ability has one major flaw. The skill affects Sage and allies the same way it would an enemy.
  • That means you have the potential to throw your entire team under the fence. The orb needs to be launched carefully so as not to disturb your teammates.
  • Players would benefit from using it in the same way they would use a grenade in other first-person shooters.

Healing Orb (45s cooldown)

The only skill in the game that heals allies. Sage targets an ally and left-clicks to heal them. If Sage right-clicks, she will use the healing on herself. It is the skill that allows the agent support kit to thrive. The skill can be used to heal injured allies or yourself, restoring health over time. While it looks quite simple, it has a rather long cooldown, so use it wisely.

Sage in Valorant: Learn 4 Tips for Playing Support and Healing Agent | 6340422f sage healingorb | married games tips/guides | fps, multiplayer, pc, riot games, valorant | sage in valorant
Healing Orb
  • This ability heals very slowly, so give healing to your ally as soon as you can. The skill heals about 50 health, so heal fast!
  • Death arrives quickly on the battlefields of Valorant. So, do not hesitate to use healing, even if it is in itself.
  • The ability recharges after 45 seconds, so you can use healing several times in the same round.
  • More selfish players can play aggressively, retreat and heal before rejoining the fight. But Sage's kit is most useful when played defensively.
  • Sage is ideal in the back row, healing teammates when they are injured. If an ally is ambushed, for example, Sage can watch the flank and alert her teammate. And if the result isn't very good, the medic can heal his ally and let him try again.
  • This is especially useful during a firefight when multiple players are injured. Sage can give you an instant advantage when restoring an ally's health. And if you're the last player left, fight, retreat, heal and fight again.

Resurrection (7 points of Ultimate)

The ability works in a simple way: Sage aims at a dead ally, and when using it he will return to life without a weapon, but with 100% health. This is a powerful tool, meaning Sage's health is instantly worth more than most of her allies. It's important to stay safe in the rear when your ultimate skill is full, because dying with it is a waste.

Sage in Valorant: Learn 4 Tips for Playing Support and Healing Agent | f5e92632 sage ressurection | married games tips/guides | fps, multiplayer, pc, riot games, valorant | sage in valorant

Tips for using this skill:

  • The skill has a very high animation, which gives a lot of opportunity for your enemies to kill your ally before he gets the weapon back. That is, do this very carefully.
  • If your ally died too far away for a Sniper or Guardian, consider placing your wall in the enemy's line of sight before resurrecting him.
  • If players need an edge, Sage can easily turn one-on-one into two-on-one to secure victory.
  • While this skill can certainly give your team an instant player advantage, the casting distance is short. Players basically need to be on top of their allies to resurrect them. But for such a powerful skill, this requirement is necessary to maintain game balance.
  • Luckily for Sage, all of his kit can help him position himself correctly so he doesn't get shot down while reviving his teammate. Players can place a barrier to block enemies' line of sight, allowing you to achieve resurrection smoothly.

Strategies for playing with Sage

As Sage is a Sentinel, she must primarily play in a supporting role to succeed. Players should focus on healing teammates rather than chasing kills. However, they should still make the most of their opportunities as kills help carry Sage's ult.

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One of the main keys to playing Sage is staying alive. Her healing presence creates a huge impact on any round lost when she is eliminated. Don't take unnecessary risks when playing Sage and remember to heal yourself whenever you get the chance. Be aware that your teammates are counting on you to help keep them alive.

Try to stay together with your teammates at all times when playing as Sage. Her abilities are all about helping teammates, so she has little to no impact on a match working alone. Stay close to at least one other squad member so you can provide healing in the event of a firefight.

Given that your healing is so useful, teammates will also make it a priority to help protect you in battle. Being a good team player and maintaining a selfless attitude are great traits for a Sage player.

Sage in Valorant: Learn 4 Tips for Playing Support and Healing Agent | 760c2e1c black | married games tips/guides | fps, multiplayer, pc, riot games, valorant | sage in valorant
You protect your teammates and they protect you

The barrier is useful for controlling an enemy team's movements or changing their offensive formation. Use it to block paths, entrances and lines of sight. You can also use it to break up oncoming enemies as a group. Opposing players sometimes try to destroy the wall and surrender their position.

The Barriera Orb is one of the most expensive abilities in the game, so knowing when and where to place them is essential. The wall can be used for protection when planting and disarming the Spike, so it can be beneficial to save the charge until the end of a round.

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Sage can even place the wall underneath teammates or herself to give them a higher vantage point. A popular strategy with Sage's barrier is to place it near the entrance to a location and stand on top of the wall waiting for unsuspecting enemies.

The Slow Orb is best used at entrances and choke points where you are anticipating approaching enemies. This not only lowers their attack, but also makes them vulnerable to retaliation from your team.

Can be combined with other teammates' abilities to overwhelm opposing defenses. The orb bounces off walls, making it possible to create a deceleration field in multiple nearby areas simultaneously.

When using the Healing Orb, make sure you are completely out of harm's way. You don't have your weapon drawn while healing and with your attention to teammates can leave you vulnerable to being caught. Make use of the orb's decent range to heal teammates while staying out of sight of your enemies.

More precision and speed for your in-game movements. More firmness for your hand during matches

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Quick FAQ

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Is the Viper a Duelist?

No. She is a Controlling agent in Valorant. The best duelist agents in Valorant are Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, Raze.

Who is the best? Cypher or Killjoy?

Both agents are good, however Killjoy clearly gains the upper hand over Cypher. Cypher's abilities aren't as effective as Killjoy's, and his cyber cables and cages may mark points off the map, but aren't too impactful to help directly.

Who is the easiest agent to play at Valorant?

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Who is the hardest Valorant agent to play?

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The Valorant Protocol is already in action

VALUE takes place in an Earth version in the near future, after an event known as First Light. This event spans across the globe, leading to major transformations in life, technology and the way governments operate. However, some people across the world are starting to gain skills arising from this great event. These talented individuals are called Radiants.

In response to First Light, a ghost organization founds the Valorant Protocol, which brings together agents from around the world. These agents consist of radiants and other individuals equipped with Radiant technology. Due to the backstories of these characters, the VALORANT team presents an interesting dynamic as individuals not only sometimes know each other, but also come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from criminal to military. Who are you and how will you use your powers? Only you know this answer.

So, these are our tips for playing Sage in Valorant. Let us know if these tips helped you perform better with this agent. Do you think Sage is a good agent? Or do you usually play with her? Leave it in the comments! Enjoy and read more about Valuing on our website.

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