PUBG Tips: See 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!

Are you still not familiar with PUBG after the game is free? The game consists of up to one hundred players who parachute onto an island in search of weapons and equipment in order to kill other players, while trying to survive at the same time. The playing area progressively shrinks, confining survivors to an increasingly smaller space and forcing encounters. The last surviving player or team wins. The game allows both first-person and third-person perspectives.

The game was released in March 2017 for Microsoft Windows on Steam's early access platform, selling over 18 million copies in the first eight months, and peaking at over 2 million simultaneous players by the end of 2017, being the most played platform game so far. PUBG Corp. released version 1.0 of the game on December 20, 2017, and the Xbox version was released on December 12 through the Xbox Game Preview testing program.

pubg tips: see 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!
PUBG Tips: See 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!

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Tips for PUBG beginners

1. Understand the point

pubg tips: see 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!
PUBG Tips: See 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale! | battle royale, mobile, Multiplayer, pc, playstation, pubg, xbox | pubg tips

So any shooting game has the same goal, right? Well, not necessarily. The idea behind PUBG is survival. Whether that means camping or fighting, that's your ultimate goal. Live out everyone else using whatever means necessary (so to speak, we mean in-game). PUBG has a ranking system for each season and those who successfully complete kills, assists and personal placement objectives stay alive.

If you're planning on camping all the time, you'll be dismayed that the game doesn't quite support that. Another feature of PUBG is that it forces players to band together. We'll look into that more below, but essentially it's best to get to the weapons and medical supplies early on without getting killed.

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2. Know when to fall

Each PUBG game starts with all 100 players piled into a transport plane flying in a random path across the map. Deciding when and where to land is your first big decision and can easily determine whether you will last 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

After jumping, you have two options: dive as fast as you can to villages, cities and military bases where the best weapons and equipment can be found; or try to stay as far out of the plane's flight path as possible and search remote buildings in peace and quiet. Either way, try to be aware of other people parachuting around you and be prepared for a fight if they are around.

3. Always look for the essentials

Once you land, you need to hunt for weapons and equipment to help you survive. Everything can be found on the floors of buildings, so don't waste your time looking elsewhere. You'll want to grab the essentials as quickly as possible, but luck always plays a part in what you'll find. Sometimes you will find a building full of a high quality kit, other times you will be lucky to find a pistol.

The PUBG also features a decent selection of weapons, from sniper rifles precision and assault with machine guns, shotguns and pistols. You can carry two main weapons and a pistol, so it's best to get two contrasting weapons, like a sniper rifle and a submachine gun. You'll also need ammo for each one, but this is usually found next to the weapon. You can also upgrade most weapons with attachments like red dot sights, foregrips, and expanded magazines.

In addition to weapons, you'll want a backpack so you can carry more gear, and a helmet and protective vest to help soak up the damage. Health kits are also vital for recovering after a fight, and there are a variety of grenades to watch out for.

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4. Choose your fights

Most of the survival in the PUBG it's knowing when to fight – that, and being aware of your surroundings. If someone is shooting at you from a distance, it's better to run for cover rather than try to fight. On the other hand, there's absolutely no point in shooting someone using a weapon that doesn't have enough range. An SMG is useless at 200m.

It is also worth remembering that each shot fired can be heard from very far away, revealing your position. If you have surround sound headphones or use Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for spatial audio, you'll get the most out of PUBG as it will help you identify distant shots. Of course, the choice to run into the action or just let it settle is yours.

5. Stay in the safe zone (and out of the red zone!)

pubg tips: see 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!
PUBG Tips: See 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale! | battle royale, mobile, Multiplayer, pc, playstation, pubg, xbox | pubg tips

Like other Battle Royale games out there, the PUBG divides the map into a safe zone, a red zone and a life danger zone. The Safe Zone is marked by a blue line on the map that slowly contracts, bringing people into a smaller play area over time. If you get caught on the wrong side of this blue barrier, your health will gradually decrease and you don't want it to drop to zero.

You should also keep an eye out for the Red Zones that appear on the map. Here artillery fire will bombard the ground, making survival reasonably unlikely. If caught in a Red Zone, run or drive as fast as possible. If that seems impossible, seek shelter in nearby buildings so you can wait until the bombing passes.

For those fleeing the Safe Zone border or Red Zone bombing, remember that vehicles make a lot of noise – so choose your escape route wisely!

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6. Learn PUBG's weird control system

Regardless of whether you are playing on Xbox One or PC, the PUBG it has some slightly weird controls that you need to get used to if you want to be successful. Here are some of the most important ones to remember:

  • On PC, right-click right mouse points down. On Xbox One, you quickly pull the left trigger to activate it.
  • hold the right mouse button on PC activates an over-the-shoulder view. On Xbox One, holding the left trigger activate this view.
  • Hold Other on the keyboard to activate a free view camera that won't hamper your movement. On Xbox One, this can be activated by holding the right shoulder button.
  • You can change your weapon's rate of fire by pressing the B key on the keyboard or the left button on the Xbox One D-pad.

Fortunately, the PUBG lets you remap controls on PC, and there's now a "Type B" control system on Xbox One that lets you hold the left trigger to activate iron sights, rather than switching your over-the-shoulder view. It's also worth memorizing your inventory and inventory navigation controls so you can dive in and rearrange while on the go.

Play with weak headset? It's not possible, right? How about upgrading to a headset that works perfectly for any type of game? Take a look:

7. Get together with friends

Being a PUBG lone wolf is great, but you can also play as a duo or in a squad of up to four. The partnership doesn't diminish your experience – far from it. In fact, it significantly changes the way the PUBG if feel as you will try to jump out of a plane together, share resources and call other groups you have seen on your journey. You can also revive each other after falling, so you also have a better chance of survival.

There's strength in numbers, but the flip side is that your enemies will likely be a little more organized as well...

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8. Always watch your replays

Since PUBG reached version 1.0 on PC, a great replay and Killcam feature has been included. From seeing how you were defeated to learning how other players handle certain situations, you will gain a lot of knowledge by watching these replays. Heck, you could use it just to relive the glorious moment when you got your first chicken dinner!

More tips!

9. Large cities under the flight path are dangerous places to start

But they usually have better serves. For the best chance of success, find small clusters of buildings right at the edge of skydiving range, or use one of the other more detailed situational strategies to get even better loot, which you'll find in our article on the Erangel map.

10 Top things you want to find ASAP

pubg tips: see 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!
PUBG Tips: See 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale! | battle royale, mobile, Multiplayer, pc, playstation, pubg, xbox | pubg tips

It's Assault Rifles (ARs) that are good in most situations, a backpack, a bulletproof vest, healing items, and a helmet - the highest level of these items, the Best.

11 All game doors start closed. 

If a door is open, someone has been there. If you leave a door open, you are telling the world that you were there too.

12 If you catch fire from afar and don't know where it's from, don't lie on your stomach

You just become an easy target in the enemy's line of sight. Instead, zigzag and run until you can cover and break the line of sight. Going over a hill is great for this, as is the classic “cheese it!” strategy in a vehicle (just drive really fast).

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13 Always clear out buildings (unless you're really in a hurry) before looting. 

It's very easy to lure people into feeling safe by leaving the loot on the floor and then shooting them in the back.

14 Vehicles will roll downhill and explode when hitting things at high speed. 

Park on its side on sloping terrain to stop them rolling, and if you crash, get away from the vehicle as quickly as possible.

15 Learn which helmets can take what amount of damage

pubg tips: see 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!
PUBG Tips: See 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale! | battle royale, mobile, Multiplayer, pc, playstation, pubg, xbox | pubg tips

A Kar98, the most commonly encountered and used sniper, can instantly kill you with a headshot if you have a level 2 helmet or lower, but a level 3 helmet can be hit. Watch what helmeted opponents have before you start exchanging sniper shots as it makes no sense if you are at a disadvantage.

16 Always move, even when looting or camping, just a little

This prevents someone from catching you with an easy headshot, which happens surprisingly often. Just move from side to side or continue crouching and standing.

17 With the arrival of version 1.0, you won't need to master the crouch jump, as the jump should take its place. 

That said, it's worth switching the 'Vault' command to something other than the normal 'jump' (spacebar) button, because there are certain things you can only scale the old-fashioned way. Learn what heights you can jump and climb to when you're in trouble.

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18 Both bandages and first aid kits restore 75% health…

but first aid kits work instantly after seven seconds of application, while dressings require multiple applications and cure over time, taking about a minute. Wear bandages from the start, when you're in a safe place, and put away first-aid kits to help during late-game firefights.

19 A great tip from the excellent xTyler73 player reddit guide

There is an ideal way to use bandages that allow you to get more health out of them than just spamming. The bandages heal over time, with your health bar rising from red to fill in white. At the third health tick rising, start using the next dressing, for the most efficient use of time and resources.

20 Different items take up different amounts of space in your inventory

pubg tips: see 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale!
PUBG Tips: See 25 tips to enjoy free battle royale! | battle royale, mobile, Multiplayer, pc, playstation, pubg, xbox | pubg tips

First Aid Kits are bigger than bandages, for example. But this also applies to different types of grenades, with Frags smaller than smoke and stun grenades, for example.

21 You can carry more when equipping the bigger items

As equipped items and ammo loaded in your weapon do not take up inventory space. If you want to free up a space the size of a Frag, for example, equip your Smoke or Stun grenade – but beware, if your inventory is full, you won't be able to exchange it for the Frag without using or dropping something!

22 If you want to sneak to victory, hide at sea in a boat,

Preferably behind a cliff where no one is likely to look, it's a fantastic way to avoid being seen. With some extra fuel, you can usually speed your way to many safe zones on the map.

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23 Having bad equipment isn't really the end of the world, so don't be greedy

What matters is how you adapt to what you have: if all you have is a shotgun or SMG, try camping inside buildings and confined areas. If you only have a crossbow and decent aim, avoid buildings like the plague and find a high spot for sniping. It only takes one kill for you to earn a significant amount of loot!

24. If you're hiding in one of the small wooden huts and spot an enemy….

…That's coming, leaving the cabin and shooting him is often better than waiting inside. If they're smart, they'll either know someone is there or try to clear it with a grenade or shoot it through the wooden door first. The element of surprise usually works best.

25 There are two main strategies for reaching the end zone. 

If you're sure you can get there as one of the first, do it as quickly as possible and get yourself into a position where you know at least one flank is safe - whether it's a small rock or a windowless interior wall.

How to download PUBG free on PC?

For, download PUBG free, just have an active Steam account, enter the game page and click on “Play”. Then the game will be included in the platform library.

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