How to Play Shared Account on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Nowadays, it is quite common for people to adopt an alternative modality to circumvent prices, which are often above what they can spend with official prices, and end up choosing to use shared accounts. The practice is not very well regarded by Microsoft, but it ends up being the way out for people to play their favorite games.

However, although people are starting to adopt this method, many people still don't know how to play games the right way, without having to compete for space with other people who bought the same account as you. So, in this article, we will show you the correct way to play on a shared account in Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S the right way, without interruptions and online.

It is worth remembering that both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S have practically the same interface and, therefore, the tutorial is for all platforms.

How to play on shared account on xbox one and xbox series x/s
How to Play Shared Account on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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How to play on shared account on Xbox

Step 1: Have your game already downloaded

In this first step, it is important that you have already purchased your game and downloaded it. If you bought from free market sellers, talk to your seller to choose the best way to download. There are several methods and by talking to him you will have the best option for this.

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2nd Step: After downloading the game and adding the account on your console, let's actually start

How to play on shared account on xbox one and xbox series x/s
How to Play Shared Account on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Once you have downloaded your game and added your account with your email and password, you will try to log in to your game, but for that, it is necessary that you log out of all the profiles that are connected to your console. Detail: It's not deleting saved accounts, just exit all of them when turning on your Xbox. For this:

  1. Press the luminous button on your controller
  2. Go to “Profile & System” and log out of connected accounts.

Step 3: Try to log into the account where your game is

Now, you will have to try to log into the account where the game is, that is, the account you purchased. When trying to access it, it will probably be configured with parental controls. And this image appears:

How to play on shared account on xbox one and xbox series x/s
How to Play Shared Account on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

This screen appeared, click the back button “O” and you will return to the home screen.

Step 4: Go to Settings

Go to "Settings", then "Network Configuration" and "go offline". By doing these steps, you will leave your entire console completely disconnected from the internet.

Step 5: Try again to log in with the account where the game is

With your console offline, you will retry logging into the account where you have the game purchased. When you try to log in again, you will get the same message that appeared back there on the first attempt to log in. As in Step 3.

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Step 6: Try again

Did the message mentioned in the previous topic reappear? Now you will try to log into the account again, but this time it will work. And how will you know if it worked or not? Because when you try to log in for the third time, you will get a message like the one below:

How to play on shared account on xbox one and xbox series x/s
How to Play Shared Account on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

When a message like this appears, it's because it worked!

Step 7: Connect your console's internet again!

When the message from the 6th Step photo appeared, you will only have to go to “settings” again and to “network settings” and activate your console's internet again.

After that, you can enter normally in your personal profile and also in the game you were wanting to enter.


It is worth remembering that if you are buying a game with a shared account on a site like Mercado Livre, you have to be aware of some risks and one of them is that it is not completely safe. That's why it's always recommended that you share it with a friend, to ensure that no one will change the password of any account, leaving you without the game.

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Another thing that's important to note is that if you're going to share a game with a friend, remember to buy the game on an account that none of those involved regularly use. Shared media should always be in an account reserved for the game only, so as not to cause any access issues.

Before buying a game on any site, such as Mercado Livre, always pay attention to the seller's reputation and comments about their sales. This is essential for you to avoid future scams.


What is shared account?

No Xbox One you can share each of the games linked to your account with another person who has another account and use it on another console. This functionality is cool and was created for family members to be able to share digital games in accounts and separate consoles.

How to unlink shared account?

Press the Xbox light button to open the panel.
Select Profile & System > Settings > Counts > remove accounts.
Select the account to be removed, then select Remove to confirm.

The practice of the shared account of the ban?

Yes, there is a risk of a shared account ban your Xbox One so that it no longer enters the profile and you can no longer play with it online. But it's pretty rare.

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More about Xbox

Xbox is a brand of electronic game consoles created by Microsoft. The Xbox name is included on a range of Microsoft-developed consoles, from sixth-generation to ninth-generation consoles, as well as the Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass online service. The brand was first introduced on November 15, 2001, in the United States, with the launch of the Xbox console.

The first console in the series, the Xbox, was the first console offered by a North American company after the Atari Jaguar in 1996. It reached over 24 million units sold on May 10, 2006. Its successor, the Xbox 360 , was released on November 22, 2005 and discontinued on April 20, 2016. The successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, was announced on May 21, 2013 and released on November 22 of the same year. Via: Wiki.

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