12 Top Tips for Getting Started on Free Fire

Are you starting out on Free Fire and want some tips for not dying in the first few minutes? See here with us

Learn some game tricks that you would only know after some time of experience with this Free Fire guide for beginners. Garena Free Fire is a game of the Battle Royale genre, that is, a lot of players in a big arena that will get smaller and smaller with the time that the last one who survives wins. Gameplay is no different from similar hits of recent years, like PUBG or Fortnite.

For those less familiar with the genre – and for those who aren't – we present some tips in this Free Fire Beginners Guide that will certainly make it easier to get started and explain some mechanics that the game doesn't mention and will make a good difference while you land on some random place on the map.

Get off to a good start in free fire
So many people to kill, so little time...

Learn How To Survive With This To Get Started Well On Free Fire

Let's give you some quick tips to get you started on Free Fire. The game is a battle royale and the objective here is to survive. It can be difficult for a new player to get into the game after so long in launching and Of course, as with any game, training and practice are essential for you to master the game. Otherwise, with these simple tips in mind, you're already halfway to being one of the game's ultimate survivors.

Do not run directly to the white circle

When a new, smaller area is marked on the map, don't run directly to it. It's probably a good few seconds before the actual reduction (the time you see on the screen) of the map starts, so first assess the situation and see if enemies are hiding in the area or if someone will run desperately to the center.

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Remember that you can stay on the edge of the white zone at all times, just look for some victims who haven't read this Free Fire Beginners Guide and be safe there before you need to keep moving.

Choose the landing place well

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know well where to fall

At the start of the game, you are on the plane along with 49 other players. You'll have plenty of time to calmly think about where you're going to land. This is crucial – this will decide how many players you find at the start of the game and what items you will have access to.

You can land on a densely built part of the map, with lots of buildings and lots of things to pick up. However, there will be more chances to find other players and if they get the weapons before you, you will have problems. If you go to the periphery, with fewer players (or none at all), you will be safer, but also with less equipment. It all depends on whether you want to start fighting right away or prepare for battle in peace.

During the flight, pay attention to nearby players.

When jumping out of the plane and choosing a place to land, look around and don't take your eyes off the nearest players. It could happen that the ideal place you've chosen happens to be the ideal landing spot for several dozen other people in a few seconds. So, if you drop in there without paying attention to the rest of the game's population, you might turn their prey over in a few seconds.

So pay attention to this tip from the Free Fire Beginners guide: In these situations, it's worth quickly choosing another place to land and then run there - it's better to have 2 or 3 small buildings that you can clear yourself than to have more of them that will need to be played in the bullet with half the population of the map.

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Try as many headshots as possible

This is pretty obvious advice, however, just as important as all the above when playing Free Fire. Headshots do a lot more damage (snipers are able to take out an enemy with one shot) and, in addition, most enemies will wear armor on their torso, which will greatly reduce the damage of a shot to the chest.

A level 3 helmet, which is a decent head-protection item, is very hard to find, so you should always aim for your opponent's head and try to take them out with a good well-delivered headshot. So keep this guide to Free Fire for beginners: In addition to being more efficient, a good headshot will also save you ammo. Accuracy here is the trick. So grab a controller for your cell phone and secure your headshots in Free Fire.

Avoid red and green areas

The red zones work in the same way as those that appear during a game in, for example, PUBG. On the map marked with a small red circle within which, after a few seconds, a bombardment begins. Being in this area, in an open area, will likely result in the character's death, so it's worth staying out of this situation before the bombs start. If you don't have the opportunity to avoid the red zone then you need to quickly enter any building.

The green zones, in turn, are areas where poison gas is released – and it penetrates your armor and quickly depletes your health. It's much less dangerous than the red zone, because death from it is quite rare, but on the other hand, you can't hide in a building here – to stop taking gas damage, you have to run out of it. green zone as soon as possible. It's a valuable tip from our Free Fire Beginners Guide.

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Always pay attention to the map

Avoid patrol drones (orange zone)

It's better to stay away from orange areas. This is another area to look out for, as it is the area patrolled by a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone. The zone is marked in orange and moves along with the movement of that drone. If you find yourself inside it in an open area or inside a poorly hidden cover (for example, visible through a window or under a canopy of doors without walls), you will be tracked by a drone.

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In the next few seconds, your position will be visible to all players – so it is necessary to avoid contact with drones. Note: you can shoot down a UAV drone with your gun, however, it's worth remembering that the explosion that comes right after the shots will still reveal your position.

Customize your play style to fit your inventory

Think carefully about the items you will carry and use your inventory wisely. Customize it to your playing style. Do you like melee? Explosions? Long distance? The ideal setup is to always have weapons for long-range combat on hand and one that is effective in melee and medium-range combat, such as an SMG or an Assault Rifle.

You won't always be able to immediately pick up this type of weapon, however, so it's worth using the equipment you've acquired in order to maximize its effectiveness. If you have a sniper rifle on hand, keep enemies at long distances, and if you have an SMG or shotgun, try to stay within close range. So the tip from the Free Fire Beginners Guide is: Use what you've picked up wisely until you get something better.

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Choose your weapons well and take what you know how to use

Manage inventory content

Backpack space is quite limited - you cannot carry more than 2 long weapons and XNUMX short/special, as well as a certain amount of ammo, grenades or medicine. The capacity can be increased with the help of backpacks out there that differ in carrying capacity.

An important tip from our Free Fire Beginners guide is to get a backpack, as it can make a big difference during combat and it might be worth looking around for one. If you can't find any and there's enough space in your inventory, remember that you can drop an item from your inventory in order to pick up something more valuable.

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react to sound

Fans of the Counter Strike series know exactly how important sound is. In the case of Garena Free Fire, this is even more important. All sounds made by the characters, including footsteps, jumps or falls, as well as the noise that accompanies the movement of vehicles, are audible to nearby players.

Furthermore, the shots, in addition to their own sound, provide information about the player's position, which is marked on the minimap with a red triangle. So try not to make a noise and open fire when you know you're capable of killing the enemy and/or quickly escaping the scene.

Remember this works both ways, you should always listen for the action around you and look at the minimap to find the closest enemies. So, to do well at this point, you'll need good audio on your phone and your PC, so it's good to have a great headset for that. Check out some of our headphone recommendations and already gain an edge over your opponents.

use your grenades

During the game you will collect various items, among which, of course, there are grenades. These come in a variety of forms – regular, which deal damage to enemies in an affected area, as well as grenades that can be used to give you some cover, which are great if the enemy catches you out in the open.

Use grenades regularly to clear rooms where the enemy is hiding, even if he isn't killed in the explosion, so of course he'll be forced to try to flee, giving you a chance to kill him, and it'll be fun to watch. you run away desperately not knowing where the explosion came from. It's a good tip from the Free Fire guide for beginners.

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Are you going to have vitamin C there?

keep an eye on the map

The terrain is worth watching – there may be an enemy nearby that is easy to neutralize. Thanks to the game's third-person view, Free Fire allows a very efficient control of the battlefield, observing the flanks. You have a much larger viewing area than in FPS, so you can see what's next to you without necessarily having to turn the camera.

It pays to regularly monitor the battlefield and its surroundings, for example, to see an enemy running past and surprise you if he wasn't able to see you. Also use the third-person view advantage when jumping out of the plane to estimate how many potential enemies will land in your area.

Don't forget that the combat zone decreases over time.

On the map, different colored circles will appear showing the changes taking place on the battlefield. As in most Battle Royale games, the map in Garena Free Fire in the first few minutes of the battle will be fully available to all players. Over time, however, it will systematically decrease – first a white circle will appear, which will signify a safe zone.

After the time specified on the screen has elapsed, the entire map area will be restricted to just that under the white circle and the entire process will then be repeated. The map is reduced throughout the game until players fight in a very small area. This is a way to prevent players from standing around waiting for everyone to kill themselves or the famous "campers".

Quick FAQ

Can you play Free Fire on PC?

You can play Free Fire on PC with the help of Android emulators

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What is BlueStacks?

An Android emulator for computers

How to Download Free Fire on PC?

1. Access the link to the official BlueStacks website;
2. Click on 'Download Garena Free Fire on PC';
3. This will make you start downloading the 'BlueStacks Installer';
4. Open the file on your PC and follow the instructions to install BlueStacks (attention, it may offer to download other software during installation. Carefully read the screens and, if it offers something you are not interested in, click “ refuse” so your PC doesn't get cluttered with things you don't use);
5. Once in BlueStacks, simply log into your Google Play account (this is a requirement to play Android games on BlueStacks);
6. If the Free Fire app is not installed automatically, via BlueStacks, you can go to the Google store and download it. Not only Free Fire, but any Android app can be used on PC, as long as it's compatible;

What are the minimum requirements for Free Fire on PC?

Operational system: Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64bit)
Pprocessor: any 2 GHz Dual-Core 2
HD: 4GB at least
RAM: 2 GB or more
Video card: At least an Intel HD Graphics 3000 or higher
DirectX: 11 Version

Have Free Fire Max for iPhone?

To play on Apple cell phones, Free Fire Max the minimum requirements are: iPhone 6s, 3B storage and iOS 11. The recommended requirements for the game are: iPhone 7, 4GB storage and iOS 11.

Download Free Fire and test your skills

Free Fire is a battle royale developed by 111dots Studios, and can be played online on mobile. Up to 50 people fall on an island and must seek resources, equipment and weapons to defeat other players. In addition to the Google Play Store's “Best Game by Popular Choice” award in 2018, the game's championships were also the third most watched content on YouTube. The game can be downloaded by App Store e Google PlayStore.

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Now tell us: What did you think of our Free Fire guide for beginners? Did any tips help you survive on the map? Leave it in the comments and enjoy to read more about Free Fire on Our site!

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