The best commands for Minecraft

Console commands, commands or tricks are present in many games and may make your game easier or help you solve some problems. See the best commands for Minecraft

It's not uncommon for games to leave their console command open to players. Games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have the console command at a keystroke (') or in The Sims, for example, you need to combine the crtl+shift+O keys to open the command console and type cool stuff like famous motherlode. Sometimes you need a little more work going into options and settings files to free up the developer console.

Whatever the case, this very useful feature is also available in Minecraft and you can use it to make your game easier, add items you can't find, or even fix a bug that has left you stuck somewhere. The commands are very useful and can add a variety of cool things to do in your game. 

To help you get started, we're listing some fundamental commands available, plus some lesser-known options. Before we talk about how all of this works, here's our list of top 10 commands for Minecraft in 2021:

  • Teleport from one place to another;
  • How to change the difficulty;
  • Set your world's weather;
  • How to change game mode;
  • Locating structures in the game;
  • Sending private messages to other players;
  • Summoning of objects and creatures;
  • Set the time of day in your world;
  • Counting entities in your world;
  • Manage your team;
Commands for minecraft

What are commands for Minecraft and how do you use them?

Console Commands are basically lines of code that developers use to test games. You can use them to do a lot of things, but using them incorrectly can damage your save. So, it's important to make a backup before starting to use the commands. After all, if you can just add materials to your inventory without exploring it can make the game dull. 

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To use the commands for Minecraft just open the chat window in your game, then type “/” plus your command and give an enter. Commands can be simple, like just two letters or more complicated, so it's best to be sure what you're going to do before you start typing commands for Minecraft.

No, it's not a "cheat"

In some situations and in other games, some of these commands may be called “cheats” and some of them require you to turn on a “cheat” setting to use. In Minecraft, how you employ console commands comes down to playing style.

You can simply get the materials easily and concentrate your work and time on building bigger things, or you'd rather go digging and looking for everything before starting your construction. The choice is yours when you start to enter the world of commands for Minecraft.

10 Best Minecraft Console Commands

teleport from one place to another

Command: /tp – teleportation

One of the most useful basic commands, teleportation provides a quick way to explore the vast scale of many Minecraft worlds. No more wasting time going from one place to another, fetching minerals away from your construction. Teleportation helps you spend your time a little more strategically.

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The bigger and more ambitious your game becomes, the more likely you are to quickly find a great use for teleportation.

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Want to do more with the teleport command? You're in luck because there are so many other ways to use it. In addition to moving from one point to another, you can also customize your commands to move items and even to other players on your map.Click the link above to learn more about the different ways to use the Teleport commands for Minecraft.

How to change the difficulty

Command: /difficulty – root command to change difficulty setting

You may not need to use this command every time you play, but it's important to know it's there when you need it. If you are bored and want to go more challenging or are having trouble meeting your current goals and need some relief, one of our simplest Minecraft commands can help you solve that is difficulty.

Click on the wiki above for some extra formatting information and notes about the command. Essentially, this command is as easy as that; type the root command, type the desired difficulty level and press Enter. Your options are peaceful, easy, normal e hard. On the wikia you will have more information on how to use the command. Remember to backup your save before executing the Minecraft command.

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Setting your world's weather

Command: /weather – root command to manage the weather in your world

In Minecraft, weather can be both a superficial resource and a critical component of the game. Sometimes it can be important to keep access to certain resources like water or sunlight, making the ability to customize your world's climate potentially very useful.

Just enter the root command and specify your preferred weather type and duration in seconds. Choose between clear skies, rain and thunder, each with its own implications for the different Minecraft biomes.

change game mode

Command: /gamemode – root command to select game mode

To give players the ideal sandbox for every style, Minecraft has four different main game modes: survival, creative, adventure e spectator (the configuration hardcore is not included as normally players cannot switch).

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Each of these main modes emphasizes a particular aspect of gameplay and a different way to enjoy Minecraft. They are also self-explanatory by name. For example, “creative” is designed to ease builders and eliminate typical hazards, and “survival” emphasizes resource gathering and a more conventional gameplay dynamic.

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Finding the nearest game structure

Command: /location – the root command to find structural coordinates in your world

Whether you're trying to find buried treasure or perhaps remembering where your house is that you started building and forgot which direction it was, the find command is a great way to solve this by finding the nearest landmarks. Just type /locate and enter the structure type, and Minecraft should display the coordinates of the closest structure.

Check the wiki page for a detailed list of the different structures you can find using the locate command, with links explaining more about each type. It's not always an easy command, but it can be a really useful way to properly explore the world. Using the teleport command with the coordinate finder command will make things much easier when it comes to finding items or resources.

Sending private messages to other players

Command: /tell – root command for private messages between players

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There can be several ways to format the private messages command in Minecraft, but this is the most popular root command. By typing /tell and correctly formatting the message recipient and content, you can quickly send important notices to other players or team members.

The /tell function is simple, but it's useful when you don't have an established way to communicate with another player. Check the wiki for other conditions and guidelines on using these commands for Minecraft and other more complex ways for different ways to talk to your friends.

Summoning objects and entities

Command: /summon – add an in-game object at your location

Summon is another command center for Minecraft. It can be very useful, especially if combined with the teleport command. Teleportation helps you get around without difficulty, and now you can use summoning to instantly deliver whatever object you want to your location, any item, mob or object you might need.

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The best commands for Minecraft | minecraft, mojang, Multiplayer, nintendo, pc, playstation, sandbox, xbox | minecraft commands

You can also specify location coordinates, allowing you to call certain elements and resources wherever you want, even if it's not for your location. For example, you can summon lightning wherever you need it. Although game limitations limit how often you can use this command, it's a really useful function with a lot of potential.

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Set the time of day in your world

Command: /time – root command to manage time of day

As long as you understand the fundamentals of time and day/night cycles in Minecraft, the time command is a simple way to set the time of day in your game. Along with the weather management command, this is a useful workaround when you need access to sunlight or specific environmental conditions (like making monsters fry in the sun).

You can play around and set your time randomly to get an idea of ​​how to measure the 1-second increments used in Minecraft, or you can consult the wiki for some useful presets like sunrise and sunset. In addition to setting your preferred time of day, this is also a convenient way to quickly advance the time.

count the creatures in your world

Command: /testfor – root command to count objects and creatures in game

The /testfor command has a few different effects, mostly as an overview tool to count objects or creatures in a particular location. It's also a good way to check for interesting players or specific items in the world. Whether you're keeping an eye out for other players or a horde of zombies, use this command to assess a situation before heading out on the road.

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With this command, how do you specify the important targets and it will affect the type of information you will receive. See the wiki page for information on how to locate individual players and also how to count large groups in a given set of coordinates.

managing your team

Command: /team – root command to manage your team in multiplayer mode

Managing a large group of users in multiplayer can be hectic, but the series of team commands offers several different options for how to take care of things in Minecraft . From moving players to different teams to keeping tabs on available teams, banning players, it all starts with this command.

You'll find a complete list of command variables on the team management command wiki, with a guide on how to use each variable and how it affects gameplay. You can add and delete teams, as well as assign and remove players. Just use the correct list variable to see your information and from there make sure everything goes well in your game.

let your imagination fly

The best commands for minecraft | 4377d062 minecraft 2020 | married games tips/guides | minecraft, mojang, multiplayer, nintendo, pc, playstation, sandbox, xbox | minecraft commands

Minecraft is an open-world construction game created by Mojang Studios where players interact with the world, collecting resources, placing and breaking different types of blocks in a 3D environment. In this environment, players can build creative structures, creations and artwork on multiplayer servers and singleplayer worlds across multiple game modes. the game is available guidance on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS, Windows Phone, Android e iOS.

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Now let us know in the comments: What are the best commands for Minecraft and which ones will you use in your game? Enjoy and take a look at the best minecraft mods for you in this matter from our website.

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