Face the Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact 2.1

An Oceanid Electro that lives in the midst of storms will be your challenge if you want to strengthen your new Electro characters

The Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact is one of the new elite bosses that arrived with Inazuma Update 2.1. The monster is one of your mandatory challenges so you can get the lifting materials for Raiden Shogun, Archon Electro, and her general, Tengu Warrior Kojou Sara.

After exploring Seirai Island and overcoming the challenges of electrical storms and unraveling the sacred stones, Travelers will be able to face the Thunder Manifestation and obtain the Storm Seeds, the lifting material needed to evolve their new electro element characters. If you want to know what to expect from combat and which characters are the best to fight the elite boss, then come with us.

Manifestation of thunder in genshin impact
Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact

An unusual Electro life-form that weaves thunder and lightning like music to the resentment that moves your every move. Although this creature may look similar to oceanides, it lacks intelligence. They say this is an elemental being moved by pure repentance.

Adventurer's Manual game description

The Manifestation of Thunder in Genshin Impact

To face the Thunder Manifestation, you must first complete the Quest “Seirai Storm Chasers”, which you receive with Katheryne of Inazuma. You will have to reach the island and meet the adventurers who are trying to solve the mystery of the electrical storms on the island and make your way to the elite boss. After that, you'll find him at Pico Amakumo, on Seirai Island in Inazuma.

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When defeated, the player must use 40 Original Resins to collect their rewards, which consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Material for Electro element users. Once defeated, it takes 3 minutes for the Manifestation of Thunder to reappear. You can simply teleport to the nearest Teleport point and make your way back. It will probably be there again for you to face.

By defeating him, you will always gain 200 Adventure Experience, regardless of your world level, but the amount of mora, friendship experience and the quality of artifacts varies by world level. In addition to Storm Seeds and Silver Vajrada Amethyst pieces, you can also receive artifact pieces from the Gladiator's Judgment and the Wanderers Troupe.

The Seeds of the Storm

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Sizzling electric pearls left behind by the Manifestation of Thunder. It is said that the Thunder Manifestations will only descend in lands where a powerful hatred abides. The bards say that it is life's unbearable disappointments and sufferings that cause them to wander the broken earth forever, releasing rays that scale the sky as they go.

skills and attacks

The Storm Manifest is also not the most complex elite boss on Genshin Impact. Compared to Liyue's Oceanide, this boss is a walk in the park, just be aware of your attack patterns and avoid them, as you can be paralyzed for a few seconds and receive a series of attacks in a row, which can be fatal. . So, keep an eye out for the boss's moves and get ready.

Blink: Teleports to any point in the arena instantly. He'll use this mostly when he's going to use ranged attacks or the electric barrier.

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Electric Blades: It flies in the air and releases several electrical stalagmites around the arena. These pulse intermittently, dealing Electro damage around them.

electric blades
Electric Blades

Electrical Outbreak: Creates a small explosion with Electro damage in an area, activating the stalagmites.

Biting Storm: The Thunder Manifestation coils and spins its wings, quickly slashing forward in a whirling attack.

Thundering Roar: It flies through the air and roars, sending out Electro shock waves dealing massive area damage.

Thundering Feathers: forms five sets of electric feathers and unleashes them against the player. They chase the player for very little time if you are far away, being easy to dodge.

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Diving Pump: flies and repositions near the edge of the arena, then dives forward in a straight-line flyby dealing electro damage. Don't trust the purple rectangle that appears on the ground, stay as far away as possible.

Torrential Descent: Fly and summon several lightning bolts to descend on the player. The rays will hit a circular area and, for each wave, they will be hit three times.

Electrical Barriers: summons walls of lightning that move and lock onto each other, trapping the player in the middle for electro damage.

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electrical barriers

swinging prison: Charges with electricity and forms a square-shaped lightning prison around the player. Both the rim and the inside of the ring will damage over time. The ring also follows the target as it moves.


Like Hypostasis Electro, the Manifestation of Thunder is a pure Electro energy entity and therefore immune to all Electro attacks. Since the Thunder Manifestation is a flying character, having Pyro and Cryo characters within range (eg, Diona / Ganyu / Aloy, Amber / Yoimiya, Klee / Yanfei) can help attack it from a distance, as well as activating them. Overloaded and Superconducting status.

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It's best to avoid all attacks when possible, as getting hit by one will automatically lock the Manifestation target on the current player, and an efficient way to do this is with geo characters. Being a pure energy monster, any geo attack will produce a shield, which will help you avoid the area attacks and those damage that come from the stalagmites that surround the arena. So Zhongli, Noelle, Ningguang and Traveler geo will help you with some shields all the time.

Face the manifestation of thunder in genshin impact 2. 1 | ec275cb1 amakuno | married games tips/guides | android, genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, mobile, multiplayer, pc, playstation 4, playstation 5, singleplayer | thunder manifestation in genshin
The Amakuno Peak

Staying close to him at all times will help you a lot in dealing quick damage, so good DPS will help you save time in the fight. Eula, Diluc, Hu Tao, Ayaka and anyone who deals a good amount of damage here will help you a lot. Of course, Razor and Keqing are out of this one, unless they are focused on physical damage, but still bring other teammates into your party, just in case.

Anemo characters like Venti, Sucrose, Kazuha, or Traveler anemo might not help much, as the "Spread" reaction won't do their damage as much. Hydro characters that give your character wet status, such as Barbara, can be a “double-edged sword” as if you're wet, you can take an Electrically Charged reaction against you. A healer like Diona or Sayu can help you out more here (mainly because spinning around with Sayu is really cool).

Unlike other elite bosses, this enemy will not have a regeneration or invulnerability phase, so you can hit him with peace of mind, as you only need to wipe out his health bar once. The most annoying part about him is the fact that he's always flying and he's pretty fast, and he can also teleport, so keep an eye on his stamina consumption so you don't run out when you need to dodge an attack. This boss's speed hinders the use of some stationary elemental abilities such as Rosaria, Chogyun, Albedo and the Pillar of Zhongli.

Yoimyia seems to be an ideal character to take on this boss, as six normal attacks can deal pyro damage with his elemental ability, allowing you to cause an overloaded reaction to the boss, even if he's from far away. Characters that need to charge your attack like Amber or Ganyu can also be good, but remember that the boss is fast and can attack you by surprise while you charge your damage. Xiangling's elemental blast can come in handy, in addition to Qiqi's healing ability.

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