Tips for getting along on Black Friday

Misleading websites, offers too good to be true, discounts for early risers at store doors? See some tips to shop well on Black Friday

Black Friday is the most competitive sales day of the year, so it makes sense that it is also one of the busiest shopping days. So this year, with several stores and sellers eager to make up for lost time thanks to the pandemic, we will see a Black Friday that will come with everything to attract as many consumers as possible. And there are so many Black Friday deals, special sales hours, lightning opportunities, physical and digital store sales at different prices that can surprise even the most seasoned shoppers.

Plus, the day is a challenging day for bargain hunters, with a main objective of getting big discounts on great products before it all runs out. And these can be attracted to promotions that can be a bait for the so-called “black fraud”. That famous “everything half double”.

Over the years, a true “Black Friday Manual” has emerged online to help consumers escape this practice of some stores, but it never hurts to remember them. So, let's give you some of these tips, so you can be prepared for when the date comes to buy everything a lot cheaper.

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Quick FAQ

What day will Black Friday happen in Brazil?

In 2021, the event takes place on November 26, the last Friday of the month.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a sales campaign that brings relevant discounts on products from all categories, such as smartphones, notebooks, appliances, TVs, clothes, shoes, books and more.

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Do physical stores also participate?

It depends on the retailer in question. Some choose not to offer discounts. Check the website or store that you want to know if the owner will do Black Friday promotion.

What are the forms of payment?

This depends solely and exclusively on the store you buy your product from.

Check out the ads and apps

Ads are the main source of promotion for Black Friday offers, so keep an eye on them. This will also help you organize your day to maximize savings, as many stores offer special discounts at specific times, such as early bird sales and door-breakers (which is not uncommon here in Brazil).

Many apps for Android and iOS are designed to make it even easier to shop for the best deals on Black Friday. They can help you find the best place to park at the mall or even the best route with less traffic to the stores. They will alert you when the stores you want to visit have coupons and special offers available and will help you compare prices while shopping.

Some of these apps are:

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Do your research well before Black Friday

Get your research out of the way as soon as possible if you hope to get a price on an expensive item during Black Friday sales. A bad product is a bad deal, no matter how cheap it is, and having knowledge of the items you want to buy before the day will help you avoid getting scammed with an advertisement for dubious deals.

Did you find what you were looking for? Favorite the store address in your browser or make a good note of the exact site you are browsing somewhere. It will make sense a little later. Procon has a site list which are already known to be deceptive.

Compare prices

Use internet shopping price comparison sites like Black Friday official website to help you in product price comparison. Compare the “options” included in the product. Some retailers will lower the advertised price of a reduced product and then charge you more for the necessary parts that will make it work as expected. A good example of this is low-cost computer printers that come without a printer cable or ink.

Look for early discounts

Some stores have special promotions for early arrivals, such as "breaking doors", and there are also promotions such as "midnight madness" or specials for early risers. Check the store listings to see the times when they can have the best prices and promotions, so you don't miss out on a good offer. Also, find out which stores are handing out gift cards based on how much you spend there. These gift certificates can help make significant savings if you shop a lot in the same place.

plan where you will buy

Knowing when stores are having their biggest deals and comparing the prices of the things you want to buy will allow you to strategize where to buy first. Prioritize the stores you don't want to lose at all so you don't run out of a good deal.

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Most retailers will advertise on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so following them can tell you where and which place is cheaper, which stores have great deals and the best discounts. Keep an eye on the profiles to be followed and start picking up these ads and saving them.

Amazon has real deals every day

If you go to the Store, take the ads

Many stores offer a “lowest price” guarantee, but you may need to prove the exact product being advertised for less. Take all the print ads you've saved (as per the tip above).

Most brick-and-mortar retailers don't meet internet prices, even when the product is advertised on the same company's website, but it doesn't hurt to try. Print the web page that details the product and shows the advertised price. This can give you additional bargaining power and cause the seller to waive other charges, such as assembly fees.

If the purchase is “on the website and pick up at the store”, then you will pay the internet price. By the way, by the way, it's better to have everything printed and saved.

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Know the store's policies

Knowing a store's returns policy can help you determine where to shop. Many retailers may charge a return fee for expensive items. Almost all major retail chains require receipts for returns and exchanges, and many maintain a database of individuals who tend to abuse their returns policies. If you get on an "abuse" list, be prepared for trouble.

Ask for "Gift Receipts"

Are you going to buy something to give away and went to the physical store? See if they give you a “gift receipt”! They usually include a description of the item purchased, but not the amount you paid for the item.

Including these receipts in gift boxes will facilitate returns, warranty use, or exchanges that the recipient may need. Without a receipt, the item may be rejected upon return or exchange without proof of purchase. Of course, if you don't mind, give the recipient the correct receipt anyway.

Your credit card can help you

Using a credit card can be valuable to consumers when they have their bills paid on time to the maintainer. Many credit card companies entice consumers with free benefits, including free guarantees, return protection and sales price protection.

Warranty coverage: your credit card company may offer to double or triple the manufacturer's warranty for free on a product you buy – a good option instead of buying an extended warranty contract that costs money and has a shorter duration.

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Return protection: a credit card company can guarantee a product refund for up to 90 days, while the store might not. This option is becoming particularly more important as delivery issues or missing stock can occur during Black Friday.

Sale price protection: Some credit card companies offer this protection and will refund the difference in price if a product you buy has a greater reduction than the price you paid in a given period, usually 60 days.

Talk to your card operator and see what are the advantages they offer for you to use their services during this period when you are tempted to buy that item that may be a little more than what you normally use on the card .

Beware of flashy ads
Cbeware of flashy ads

If it's too cheap, be suspicious

Have you seen a TV or computer worth R$20 for R$2? Of course, someone's first impulse is to buy such an item right away. This can be a blessing disguised as a curse and give you a huge headache (or none at all, it's up to you). It's not uncommon for pricing errors to occur when exchanging Black Friday offers on retail websites, and when such an offer appears, it's very likely that that item will sell within seconds. However, the chances of the purchase being canceled in a few minutes because the store discovered it was an error, is huge!

Then it's up to you to decide whether you're going to fight for the item at the price you paid or not. There have been several cases like this and, in certain situations, the Court was on the side of consumers, forcing the retailer to deliver the products for the wrong price and, in others, on the side of the retailer who did not need to deliver anything, as the Court understood that there was abuse by consumers.

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If the case happens to you, it's up to you to see it through or not.

Beware of fake websites

This is one of the most popular ways for criminals to try to trick customers into falling for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday scams. Fraudsters will clone websites to trick consumers into thinking they are buying from a legitimate website. The website may look almost identical to the real website; however, subtle changes can indicate that not everything is what it seems.

A web address ending in .com can be changed to . Org, images may be pixelated, functions on the website may not work correctly and the content will often be substandard. It is always worth checking a website address to confirm its authenticity.

Use only safe websites

Before entering any information on a website, you should always check that the website is safe and secure. The first step is to hover over the URL and check the validity of the web address. You should look for a lock symbol in the address bar and make sure the URL starts with 'https: //' ou 'shttp: //'. The 'S' indicates that the web address has been encrypted and secured with an SSL certificate. Without HTTPS, any data transmitted on the website is insecure and can be intercepted by criminal third parties.

However, this system is not completely fail-safe. Last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of phishing sites that use SSL certificates. Users are advised to be extremely cautious and look for further evidence that the site is secure. You should check the website's privacy policy, use a website security verification tool such as Google Safe Browsing, or do a search WHOIS to see who owns the site.

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Remember what I said above about bookmarking sites? So that's why here! If you have the address of the items you want bookmarked and stored, it's pretty hard for you to Google the item and risk clicking on a fake site.

Another way to ensure is using a good VPN

O NordVPN it is considered one of the highest rated VPNs in the world. It has more than 14 million users worldwide. The service comes with many benefits like advanced online privacy and security features. Offers more than 5.000 servers in over 60 countries.

It offers many features such as military grade 256-bit AES encryption and various security protocols. It supports torrent and even offers dedicated P2P servers. Meanwhile, there are no limits on the bandwidth or data you can download or upload. This, along with excellent speeds, makes it a perfect VPN for streaming and gaming.

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The sheer amount of holiday advertising, both local and online, can be confusing and almost crippling for anyone looking for Black Friday deals. Maximize the benefits of shopping on a day when there are big crowds and better deals around every corner. Develop a plan and do some preliminary research. This will help ensure your Black Friday is a shopping success.

Leave it in the comments if you have more tips for Black Friday and take the opportunity to read more news and tips on our website.

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