10 Essential Tips for Playing Black Desert Online

Want to start playing Black Desert Online? So here are 10 things you should know when embarking on your first journey

Black Desert Online is a beautiful MMORPG by Pearl Abyss that offers a huge world to explore and many adventures to live. We talk regularly here on the site about various class releases, seasons and new content, so you can see there's a lot to discover in the created world for players to explore in search of combat, action and experience.

If you want to know how to get started and get the most out of the experience, it's best to know a little about the game before you start. It's important to remember that BDO is a “buy-to-play” game and you need to pay a fee to start playing. You can try the game for free for 7 days, but after that you will have to pay. So, before you start, it's best to know if the game is for you, making the most of your trial period.

Here are 10 essential tips before starting the game and enjoy your trial period before jumping into the game.

Quick FAQ

How much does Black Desert Online cost?

Game Pass R$17,46 or 3 x R$5,82
Bronze II BRL 34,96 or 3 x BRL 11,66
SilverII BRL 209,96 or 3 x BRL 69,99
Gold II BRL 454,96 or 3 x BRL 151,66

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How to unlock a Black Desert account?

To unlock your account do the following:
Access the link. Put your registered email in the account and click “Send”. You will receive a verification email from RedFox.

How to play Black Desert for free?

The game has a 7 day trial period. After that, you need to pay for one of the game packs.

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

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Minimum and recommended requirements

The Black Desert Story Online

“The 'Black Stones', which are found in greatest abundance in the desert between the realms of Calpheon and Valencia, were used as a source of energy in ancient technology. Nevertheless, these artificial chemical reactions destroyed the minds of the ancestral population and bankrupted their civilization. Calpheon, the realm of fortune and commerce, called this land full of buried Black Stones the 'Dark Desert' and started a war to conquer it. However, the absolute monarchy of Valencia named it the 'Red Desert' for the blood shed by its soldiers during this war.”

1: Create a Character to Play Black Desert

Before you even start playing Black Desert, you'll see the character creation screen. My advice is to take the time at this stage to browse through the different options available. The screen may look confusing at first, but let's try to break it down so you can understand it better. Your character is fully customizable when it comes to appearance, so feel free to take the time to make sure you're happy.

Predefined Characters

If creating your character's look isn't your thing (or if you're looking for a little inspiration), check out the Beauty Album. Here you can choose a predefined character designed by other players in the game. However, you can only choose those based on the class of the character you are creating.

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For now the horoscope does not affect the basic game. They can influence interactions and friendships with NPCs in the game. It is also important to note that horoscopes cannot be changed after creating your character.


Different Class options will be available for you to choose. For example, you can become a warrior, ranger and guardian. There are 18 classes in total! In BDO, keep in mind that all classes are locked by gender. Many of the classes have a similar option for the opposite sex. For example, Ninja is similar to Kunoichi.

Play with the class you like, unlike the game's current metaclass. Dedication to character, along with patience, will allow you to build your character regardless of class.

black desert classes
The Black Desert Classes

2: Choosing a server

A few different types of servers are available to play Black Desert: Olvia, Normal, Nodewar, Arsha and Seasonal.

Olivia Servers

For BDO beginners, it is recommended to use Olvia servers. That's because you gain extra experience in the first 30 days of play to help level up your character or upgrade it if you've been inactive for more than 30 days. Overall, they are a safer space for newcomers to the game to get acquainted with everything. After the first month, you will no longer be able to access Olvia's servers, so it's good to enjoy it while you can.

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Nodewar Servers

Nodewar servers allow guilds to participate in PVP wars with each other. Events like Node Wars take place at specific times, but are considered normal servers outside of those times of war. When Nodewars is active, all mobs will disappear.

Arsha server

These servers are for anyone who likes a little PVP action and a decent fight. There is an additional 50% item drop rate while you're on the server, but there are no PVP action consequences unless you visit a city, so it's common for people to fight for a domination point.

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Get the Best Experience in Black Desert Online

season servers

On seasonal servers, you get more exp, tuvala gear, and other rewards like failstacks, accessories, loot boxes, and more for participating.

Tuvala gear is great backup gear or for new adventures, as PEN Tuvala is the same as TET on other boss loots, which is great as it's free. At the end of the season, you can keep your gear and convert a piece into boss loot. You also usually get a PEN Capotia accessory or something similar, which is just like a TET accessory, which is great. I highly recommend participating in the seasons regardless of whether you are new or not.

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3: Setting up and understanding the UI


Knowing the game controls will make the experience much easier for you as a gamer. Some useful shortcut keys are:

  • Main Menu (Esc);
  • Quest(O);
  • Enter (enter the chat);
  • World Map (M);
  • Movement keys – move left (A), right (D), backward (S), forward (W);
  • Mouse cursor (Ctrl);
  • Inventory (I);
  • Skill (K);
  • AutoRun(T);

How to automatically walk in BDO: Press M to open the map. Right click where you want to go on the world map. Press T to autopath to destination. This can be done on horseback or running regularly. Taking the time to examine the game's UI makes all the difference in the experience you can expect.

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trace your path and go automatically

Turn off alerts in BDO

Go to General Settings – Alerts. Take a look at the different options here and disable the ones you don't want to be notified of. There's nothing worse than your screen being filled with alerts instead of gameplay – it gets annoying quickly.


Going into the language options, you will notice a filter option for the chat box. While this might be something you want to turn on, keep in mind that the filter is sensitive and can block many of your everyday conversations. There is always the option to block a person.

Game Tips

For beginners, the game's hints can be quite helpful to keep yourself around. However, they can become quite repetitive and not very useful over time. The same goes for skill guides. Take some time to examine the UI and customize it to suit you and your gameplay.

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play black desert
Learn about your HUD and leave the screen as you see fit

4: Leveling up

As mentioned above, the Olvia server option allows you the chance to gain experience and level up your character much faster.

An important player tip is to raise your character to level 14 as quickly as possible. This is because it opens a lot more ports within the game, for example the chatbox option. There are only a few things you can't do until you reach that level. The upgrade is available at level 14. We recommend just following the storyline as it will give you increased inventory and contribution points, which is important when building your node empire.

When you first enter the game, use the local Gray Foxes and take some time to kill as much as you can to gain this experience. Use the left mouse button to attack and take the opportunity to get to know the mechanics and skills of the game a little better. Once you reach level 7, the chat box will become available and you will be a little less flexible.

5: Chat Boxes

Chat boxes bring that multiplayer vibe to the game. It allows for easy communication between you and your group or guild. Customizing this as soon as you can, once again, will make your gaming experience much easier.

Using the cursor, click on the chatbox settings and see the customization options. Keeping it simple will make life so much easier. You can also adjust how many chat boxes you want to access and customize accordingly. Having about two chat boxes helps keep things simple, but some might want a chat box for each group they communicate with.

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In the settings, you can adjust which chat is enabled in that specific chat box. For example, you might want a guild member-only chat box.

Chat Box Setup

It doesn't matter how you configure it but it is recommended that you enable the boxes for guild members, party members, general, whisper and warning. Then have another box where the world and server are also enabled but not in full view all the time. Effectively, use the settings to filter the chat that's best for you.

6: Missions

There are three different types of quest options available that you should be aware of when playing Black Desert. Main Quest, Side Quest and Black Spirit missions.

Main Mission

For the Black Desert beginner, I would recommend sticking to Main Quest as much as possible. They are recognizable by a specific symbol that looks like a spiral. Press 'O' to open the quests tab. Staying in the main quest keeps you on the main storyline of the game and, while not repeatable, allows you to explore the lore/story of BDO. It also puts you in a better position to understand the fundamentals of the game and get great gear.

Alongside this, BDO is such an immersive world that it provides a good roadmap for you to follow while allowing you to explore the different regions of the game. Quests are visible on the right side of the screen or using the 'O' key. Clicking on the mission will provide you with a roadmap, allowing you to see exactly where you need to go next.

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side quest

They have a variety of rewards and different symbol representations for the quests. Usually, after finishing the main quest, they are completed. Some of the side quests can also be replayed.

Black Spirit

Black Spirit is the icon of the game. He acts as your guide as you progress through your quests. Some of the quests are accepted through the spirit. The hotkey to invoke it is “/” or ',' depending on your keyboard / region. It is recommended to check with the spirit if you cannot find any quests, as he may have the next one available to you.

A little bizarre but it helps you

Note: The spirit can also trade energy for combat or skill experience, upgrades, transfusion, and item makeover. Your appearance will also change throughout the game.

7: NPCs

Types of NPCs

There are many different types of NPCs in the game. Bringing up a list of NPCs using the magnifying glass allows you to easily search for a specific NPC depending on your need, with a list and highlighting a route to them. Using this method, you will be able to find vendors, blacksmiths, stable keepers and more to help you with your missions and general gameplay.

NPC with Question Mark

As you travel around the world of BDO, you'll notice some NPCs with "?" over your head. An important tip is to talk to anyone you see with this symbol over their head. Talking to them increases your character's knowledge spectrum. More knowledge leads to more energy, which in turn leads to more options in the game. Energy is useful when performing certain activities, such as gathering or other life skills.

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8: Nodes and Map Connections


Nodes are connections between different locations. By looking around for a Node manager, you can unlock the part of the map where this node is located. Nodes can be used for life and transport skills. With BDO being such a vast world, unlocking nodes makes the journey much easier for exploration.

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The Black Desert Map

The map

I mentioned the map in previous sections. But use the map to help you get to your destination. The map can show things like quests and NPC locations, highlighting the path you'll need to follow. So it's worth getting used to using it.

9: Pearl Shop

The Pearl Shop allows you, as a player, to spend real money on game improvements such as pets and clothing. Functional items such as weight limit increase are also available.

Many of these items can be obtained by completing quests. Pearl Shop items are also available for purchase without the need to spend real money. Using the central market, you can use in-game silver to buy premium items that other players are selling on the market.

Always check the value of a premium item in-game if you like. You can buy it quickly from the Pearl Shop, but Black Desert still offers an alternative way to purchase these items, if they're available for purchase in-game.

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10: Friendship Points

NPCs in the game have what are known as Friendship Points. The higher the points, the friendlier your character is with the NPC. As mentioned earlier, your character's horoscope can affect the friendship rating you have with the NPC.

Complete Friendship Guide

Alongside this, talking to the NPC can also increase the Friendship score. Friendship can help unlock a lot of things within the game, but keep in mind that it takes energy to start a conversation with an NPC. The higher the Friendship score, however, the less energy needed for conversation.

Remember those "?" previously mentioned? This is knowledge. Knowledge also plays a role in conversation with an NPC. Knowledge allows you to have topics to talk about and is not gained just by clicking NPCs with a “?”. Killing monsters, completing quests and exploring new areas also provides knowledge. As in real life, each NPC is different and has different interests. Therefore, a conversation is only available if you meet these requirements.

Building this friendship with NPCs is useful for unlocking different aspects of the game. For example, having a certain level of Friendship points will allow you to unlock purchases from NPC stores that might otherwise be unavailable to you. However, these friendship points will be consumed when purchasing the item. New quests, knowledge and rare items can also be unlocked this way. So it's good information to know when starting the game!

Are you ready for Black Desert Online?

I hope this guide has given you useful information to get you started on your BDO journey! As with any game, it's good to know where you can find some help. Use the game's FAQs, chat servers and guilds for any more specific questions. Many guilds also have Discord chats, for example, so it's a good place to go find out.

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Black Desert is Pearl Abyss' open-world action MMORPG franchise that redefines the genre, bringing cutting-edge visuals and skill-focused combat. With the most advanced game character customization system on the market, users can break the mold and create unique characters that truly represent themselves. The franchise also features intuitive controls, meticulously designed worlds and extensive lore that will thrill newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs alike. The Black Desert franchise has more than 40 million players worldwide across PCs, mobile phones and consoles.

Now, leave it in the comments if you are interested in playing Black Desert Online. Do you have any questions about the game? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about MMORPG is about Black Desert.

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