Valentine's Day: 10 Movies to Watch with your Love

June 12th, does the date remind you of anything? Yes, Valentine's Day. For singles, just another ordinary day, but for committed ones, one more time to spend with your love and celebrate the relationship. And with this coronavirus pandemic, there's nothing better than making plans to stay home and watch a good movie with your partner!

And that's exactly what I'm here for! Not sure what to choose? Here are 10 tips for romantic movies to enjoy together with your love. There's a choice for all tastes, so read until the end!

Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day

Do you like romantic movies with those clichés that everyone already knows, but is it a pleasure to watch anyway? Or do you prefer that movie with a happy ending that leaves your heart warm? Or who knows, maybe, the one that leaves you unable to see well with so many tears in your eyes? Hmm, how about those who treat romance in a comical way and make their stomach hurt with laughter? No? Want a cartoon romance? Here in this list you will find all these options and a little more to enjoy the day with your sweetheart (and a good movie!). Follow the list:

PS I Love You

Cover of p. S. I love you with the protagonists lying down, showing only their faces | movies for valentines day
A movie that teaches that love lives forever. Source: AdoroCinema

Let's start with a classic. Of course, not as classic as Nothing Hill, which by the way, could very well be part of this list but I thought it was too cliché to put it (but if you didn't watch it, I recommend it!!!).

Well, getting back to the topic, PS I Love You is a beautiful movie about love and overcoming. You can prepare the tissues because it's a lot of emotion. Instead of a movie where the girl meets the good guy, they fall in love and live a beautiful love, PS Eu Amo te is about the end of a relationship. But no, it's not a common term. Holly's husband actually ended up getting sick and dying, leaving her in absolute shock and depression.

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But calm down, it's not all sadness and depression in this movie. Holly then begins to receive letters, written by her late husband to help her get back to her life and routine. All with the same PS at the end: I love you (yes, the movie's name comes from there).

A beautiful love story that shows that true passion can stay alive even after death, this is one of those movies to watch a thousand times, and cry all of them, but not with sadness, but with the beauty and power of the message. transmitted.

The film stars Hillary Swank, winner of the 2000 Academy Award for Best Actress for Boys Don't Cry and 2005 for Million Dollar Baby, and Gerard Butler, King Leonidas in 300. It also features Lisa Kudrow's appearance, Phoebe of Friends. It was released in 2008 and inspired by a book of the same name by Cecelia Ahern (if you also like books, here's a tip).


It just happens

Cover just happens, with the protagonists walking in the street holding each other | movies for valentines day
The story of two best friends who just love each other. Source: AdoroCinema

This is one of those movies that appears on every list of novels that need to be seen. And yes, it's also inspired by a novel written by Cecelia Ahern (doing what, a woman is good at what she does). Simply Happens tells the stories of Rosie and Alex, childhood best friends, who clearly have interests beyond friendship in this relationship.

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The story of the film lasts from adolescence to adulthood for both, showing meetings and disagreements in their lives, with the right to a university scholarship, unexpected gravity, betrayal and many more things, is that a cliché you want? Here you will find several. It's a novel about the power of choice and how time transforms people's lives and relationships.

It Just Happens stars Lily Collins, the Claire from the film Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Sam Claflin, the Finnick of The Hunger Games. The book this story is based on is called “Where the Rainbows End.


Letters to Juliet

Cover of letters for Juliet, showing the main actress only in her face, and the couple Claire and Lorenzo at the bottom | movies for valentines day
A story that shows that true love is ageless. Source: AdoroCinema

This is a movie often overlooked when talking about good romances, but it's absolutely beautiful, emotional and captivating. And of course, like a good novel, clichéd. But what would novels be without clichés, isn't it? We already watch looking for them, you can confess.

Sophie and Victor are the current couple. The couple go to Verona (Italy), stage of the classic story Romeo and Juliet. During the trip, Sophie becomes involved with a group of volunteers who answer letters addressed to “Juliet”, in search of loving advice. She then finds an old letter, written by Claire, talking about her true love.

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Sophie then devotes herself to helping Claire, now a lady, find Lorenzo, the guy the letter was about. And the two, young and old, end up helping each other to relive love in its purest aspect. It's a film that shows that it's never too late to love, nor to find your true love.

Many of the criticisms of Letters to Julieta complain about the predictability of the play's plot. So I warn you, if you're looking for an unpredictable and shocking movie, maybe this isn't the best for you. But the agenda here is beautiful and romantic movies to watch with your sweetheart and this one is perfect for that. beautiful and captivating. Not to mention the breathtaking beauty of the scenery.

Letters to Juliet stars the well-known Amanda Seyfried, who has acted from novels like Dear John to thrillers like The Girl in the Red Cape. Vanessa Redgrave (Camelot, 1967 and Julia, 1977) lives Claire. A curiosity is that the actor who plays Lorenzo in the film, Franco Nero, is Redgrave's husband in real life.

Letters to Juliet is available at Netflix.


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10 Things I Hate About You

Cover of 10 things I hate about you, with the protagonist sitting in front and the protagonist standing behind her | movies for valentines day
One of the first Heath Ledger movies. Source: AdoroCinema

This is the oldest movie you will see on this list. That's because I'm running away from the familiar classics like Titanic and Nothing Hill (but which, as I said, are completely recommended if you haven't seen it yet!). You've also probably heard of this movie if you were born before 2001. That's because it was a big hit when it was released.

10 Things I Hate About You is a teenage romance. No need to keep reading if you don't like this style, skip to the next one. I don't want to see reviews like “oh, but it's a teen movie, yuck,” I warned. Anyway, it's a romantic comedy, so no crying here! Okay, you can cry, but it probably won't happen like in the previous movies (because a good novel has to come with clichés AND cry! But not in this case).

Well, here you will meet Bianca. Bianca really wants a boyfriend. But her father (always the father) does not allow her to date unless he fulfills one condition: her older sister, Kat, does too.

Sounds easy, but Kat is a real bitch, and she turns all the boys away from herself. Cameron, the boy who is in love with Bianca, then hires Patrick to conquer the shrew.

Yes, it's as fun as it sounds. And, despite mentioning hate in the title, it turns out to be a movie that talks about love. If you don't like sugar water and tearful romances, this is the best bet for you, who will continue with the “own” factor of a good romance, but with a good dose of laughter.

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And now, a shocking fact: 10 Things I Hate About You is starred by none other than our eternal Heath Ledger, who was unknown at the time he recorded the play. Kat is played by Julia Stiles (Bourne series, started by Bourne Identity). Both actors gained fame and recognition from this movie.

Another curiosity, it is also inspired by a book, in the classic The Tamed Shrew, by William Shakeaspere. But don't expect a faithful copy, it's just a retelling of the original plot.

10 Things I Hate About You is available on Disney +.

as if it was the first time

Cover like it's the first time, with the protagonists sitting on a beach, henry playing a ukulele | movies for valentines day
Yes, you've probably seen this movie before, but watch it again. Source: AdoroCinema

Okay, you've probably seen this movie, and I said I was running away from the most popular movies. Why then is this movie on this list? Well, the truth is that few people see As If It Was the First Time as the good novel it is, focusing more on the comedic part of the play.

And Like It's the First Time is a great novel. Even as a break will make you cry, yes, but laugh. But the jokes don't overlook the beauty of the story itself. It's a great movie to choose to watch with your loved one, even if you've already seen it, I guarantee it ages like wine! And who knew, Adam Sandler in a novel (and amazingly, it's not the only novel in his career)!

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In Like It's the First Time you'll meet Henry. He is extremely womanizing and flirtatious. Upon seeing Lucy, he decides to make her his next victim. But Lucy is not like other women: due to an accident she suffered, she cannot keep memories of the days lived after the trauma, that is, every day when she sleeps, she forgets everything she experienced throughout the day.

But that didn't stop Henry, he then makes plans for every day to try to win Lucy back in different ways. It may start out as silly, but it evolves into a beautiful story of true and lasting love as Henry commits to winning back the woman he loves every day.

As already said, Adam Sandler plays the main role of Henry, and I don't even need to put in other films that he has done, because he is so famous. Lucy is played by Drew Barrymore, another actress who needs no explanation, but here are some examples: The Panthers, Never Been Kissed, Duplex, Letra e Música, among others.

The film was the second collaboration between the two since Afinado no Amor, in 1998, and it was not the last, with the two acting together once more in Juntos e Misturados, in 2014.

Like It's the First Time is available at Netflix.

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how i was before you

Will and louisa dancing at a party | movies for valentines day
Louisa and Will are sure to captivate you in this thrilling movie

Are we going back to the tears? More than a movie that will make you cry because it's extremely beautiful, if you like movies that completely kill your emotional, here goes Like I Was Before You, that movie that you hope it doesn't come to an end, because you know it will hurt.

Maybe I said too much? Maybe not, it's possible that there will be a happy ending, and that's what you'll root for as you watch the movie (I hope so). Will is the typical popular guy from town and from high school: strong, handsome, athletic, rich, he has everything he would like in his life, until an accident leaves him quadriplegic. Calm down, it's not spoilers, this all happens before the movie starts!

With the accident, he becomes cynical, bitter and depressed, which worries his parents. That's where Louisa comes in. She is the opposite of Will (post accident), cheerful, lively, hardworking, lively and outgoing. She is then hired to take care of Will, and does her best to keep him comfortable and happy.

Yes, it's not much to reveal from the story of the movie itself, but I don't want to give any kind of spoilers to spoil the beauty of watching this work. It's a film that talks about the pleasures of life, and love without prejudice. Prepare yourself emotionally, and watch, yes, because it's wonderfully beautiful.

The film stars Emilia Clarke, the Daenerys of Game of Thrones, and Sam Claflin, the same actor from It Just Happens, and is based on the book of the same name by famous writer Jojo Moyes.

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Ah, if you like this kind of romance, here's another recommendation for you and your love to enjoy: The Fault is of the Stars. It's not on this list for the simple reason that it's too sad for my poor heart, but it's very cute and also talks about resilience and living life with love.


A Star is Born

Cover of a star is born, with jackson playing a guitar and ally sitting in front of him with her foreheads pressed together | movies for valentines day
The film that gave an Oscar to Lady Gaga

Oops, we come to the newest movie on this list. If you follow the Oscar, you've heard of this work of art. It was this beauty that won an Oscar to none other than Lady Gaga, the star of this movie. And here on this list he represents a nomination for musical fans.

Yes, there is a lot of music! But more than that, there's a lot of drama. And romance. Jackson is a singer, and is at the height of fame. He meets Ally, an insecure singer who sings in a restaurant. He falls in love with her and they both end up together.

As Ally rises to stardom, Jackson's career begins to crumble. A film that is about the relationship itself, and about personal achievements and problems. The song Shallow became extremely famous after the movie's release, having won the 2019 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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Starring the film alongside Lady Gaga is Bradley Cooper from If Drinking, Don't Marry.

And for those of you who like romantic musicals, if you've already seen a Star is Born, here are two other good suggestions: La la Land and Mamma Mia!, when it comes to musicals, you can't go wrong with these two.


Men Are From Mars… And That's Where I'm Going

Fernanda and Hannibal pointing to something | movies for valentines day
Nothing better than a good brazilian movie to accompany your day

And here we have our share of national production on the list (laughs). This is for those who like Brazilian movies. Brazil even has some good productions in the romantic area, but most are more focused on the comic part, not the romance itself.

And Men Are From Mars… And That's Where I'm Going (what a huge title, by the way) is no different. Fernanda is 36 years old and works organizing wedding ceremonies. The only wedding she can't organize is her own.

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In this film, Fernanda sets out on a relentless search for her great love. This, of course, with a good deal of laughter. And there is also the presence of the great Paulo Gustavo, as the protagonist's best friend, Aníbal, who helps her in her achievements.

If you want a funny movie, no tears and no clichés, and on top of that a brazilian production, Men Are From Mars (…) certainly won't disappoint you! And there's still a sequel, called My Life on Mars.

Men Are From Mars… And That's Where I'm Going is available on Globoplay.


Your Name

Cover of your name, with the two protagonists in different planes looking towards a light in the sky | movies for valentines day
Don't underestimate it for being in cartoon format, Your Name is one of the best novels you've ever seen!

Aham, there's also romance for anime fans. And Your Name, or originally Kimi no na wa, is that beautiful romance that will bring tears to your eyes not of sadness but of how beautiful the work is.

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Before, a warning: we are dealing here with an anime, therefore, a fantastic story. It's not something that would happen in real life, but that doesn't make the movie any less wonderful.

Mitsuha is a young woman who lives in the interior of Japan and dreams of having a more hectic life in Tokyo. Taki, on the other hand, lives in Tokyo and would like to quit his job at a restaurant to become an architect. Inexplicably, the two begin to switch bodies.

I won't reveal more so as not to tell spoilers, but shocking discoveries follow these experiences, and the two build an absolutely beautiful and emotional story. Even if you don't like anime, try giving Your Name a chance, a wonderful and amazing movie. It's a film about fate and memories. Perfect for watching with your love.


With love, Simon

Cover with love, simon, which shows the protagonist and some of his friends | movies for valentines day
With Love, Simon will make you sighs of cuteness

And, finally, a romance film for anyone interested in LGBT themes. Simon is a gay boy who has yet to come out to his friends and family. He falls in love with a boy from the same school as him, but with one catch: he doesn't know who the boy really is.

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This happens because Simon communicates with “Blue”, the name the boy takes on the internet, through emails. And that's how the romance between the two, shy, evolves. While trying to discover the real identity of his love, Simon has to deal with his friends and family, and even threats from a pisser who promises to reveal his secret.

It's an extremely cute and captivating movie that makes you root for Simon's happiness, who deserves it. It's not one of those classic good-girl romances that fall in love and suffer that makes you cry, but it does bring a lot of comedic moments and, more than anything, it makes you empathize with the situation.

If you like LGBT-themed movies, here's another indication: Today I Want to Return Alone. This Brazilian masterpiece discusses not only homosexuality, but also physical disability – the main character of the film is a blind teenager. It's a very beautiful and cute movie that deserves your (and your partner's) time. It just didn't make this list because I absolutely love Com Amor, Simon, but it's very difficult to pick just 10 movies, so it's here as an extra nomination.

With Love, Simon, is available on Disney +.


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Bonus – You can't even imagine

Ellie and Paul looking towards Aster who is blurry | movies for valentines day
You can't even imagine it's not a typical romance

As I said, with the number of good and romantic movies out there, it's very – very – difficult to choose just 10 to nominate. I spent hours getting to these 10 names to try to bring you the best. But here's a bonus indication of a not-so-romantic romance that's still super worth your time.

You can't even imagine can be identified as a novel that breaks barriers. It's not your typical teenage romance, nor is it as full of clichés, let alone extremely dramatic or funny, as we often see out there. Just like the title, you can't even imagine what you're about to see until you actually see it.

In the plot we meet Ellie Chu, the Asian nerd who earns money producing schoolwork for her classmates, and Paul, a not-so-pretty and not-so-intelligent boy, but pure and good, who seeks Ellie's services for something different: writing a letter of love. The target? The beautiful Aster.

So far so good and all right. But what's surprising is that, guess what, Ellie herself is in love with Aster too. But she decides to help Paul and from there the story unfolds. Who will stay with Aster? Or rather, will anyone get Aster?

Regardless of the outcome, the sincere and delicate plot is extremely captivating, and makes us wonder about pure and true love at a time when it doesn't seem to matter so much anymore. Believe me, it's the perfect Valentine's Day movie, and that's exactly why I saved the best for last.

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This one is for those who want to do a deep reflection on today's relationships, and learn about true love, platonic love as they call it, and still be surprised by a beautiful story that doesn't follow the classic mold of romance.

You can't even imagine it's an original Netflix production and it's available on the platform.


Oh, there are so many good movies that it warms your heart just to write about them. I'm sure that in this list you will find the perfect movie to enjoy with your partner on this special day. Is there a movie you think is amazing that isn't on the list? Tell me, I'll love watching it! If you decide to see one of these on Valentine's Day, too, let me know what you think!

Did you like it? Enjoy and take a look at this text with the main Netflix releases in June!

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