Find out the best Valorant agents to play solo in 2022

For those of you who prefer to play solo, here's a great tip on Agents to play with

Don't like to play as a team and want to know who are the best Valorant agents to play solo? Let's help you. The good thing about Valorant Agents is that anyone is fun and viable in the right scenario. It's not uncommon to find a Sova that routinely uses a Recon Bolt to kill twice through a wall, or a Viper that can run in circles around the weak side of a Defense.

But entering the Competitive with a character that offers more tools for a wide range of situations will make climbing as a solo player in line much more sustainable. Many players like to go as a duo or as a full team to combine strategies with their partners or queue partners. So, we've listed the best VALORANT agents to play solo on Riot Games FPS. From best to worst, here are our choices.

Playing a leaderboard with a team of five, four or even three will have drastic implications for your gameplay and ultimately give you an edge. If you'd rather be a lone wolf and play alone, you'll have to grit your teeth and hang on. Fortunately, it's perfectly possible to climb the stairs alone. We rank the best agents to play solo on VALUE. From best to worst, here are our choices. At Married Games we have a long list of articles that will help you master the gameplay of various agents!

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Valorant agents to play solo
Know which agents to choose to play

playing solo queue

Playing Valorant in a solo queue can sometimes be inconsistent and debilitating. The large rating gaps that can sometimes occur in your games, along with teams being compiled in ways that lead to unbalanced play, can frustrate players who want the competitive experience without drama or compromise. Here are some things you can do to make the most of your experience as a solo player!

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  • Play at a consistent time each day to try to catch players you can queue up with or have a history of playing against. The more you know the players in your line time, the more consistent the experience you can get;
  • Think about which characters are your strongest and how they fit into the meta;
  • Fixed map rotations so you don't have the same map too often. Use this new map rotation to hone your skills and learn from other players to close weak areas or learn new tips;

See the Best Valorant Agents to Play Solo

When playing alone, some of the best Valorant Agents can malfunction because their skills are based on effective team play, which can be difficult with people you've never met before. A great example here is Breach, an Agent used on almost every team at the highest level of play, and whose skills aren't suitable for solo play.

We've decided to prepare this article to help you get back to ranking mode for, so you can move up ranks on Valorant! Below is a list of levels of the best agents for solo rankings on Valorant! By playing with them, you are able to heal yourself, cut certain parts of the map, spy on your opponents from non-standard locations and so on. Finally, it's worth adding that your experience and aim really are the most important things in the game. If both things are at the highest level, you can choose anything.

Tier S

  • Queen
  • Legend
  • Cypher
Best Valuing Agents

Reyna is a one woman army. She's a high risk, high reward agent, but she's perfect for solo ranked play. She builds a self-sustainability with her breakout in Devour Heal and Dismiss, along with one of the best flashes in the game, making her one of the best Valorant agents to play solo.

Sage is one of VALORANT's best versatile agents. She has too many control, healing, and even resurrection skills to be able to lead her team to victory. Her wall and slowing orbs are perfect for putting an end to an engage or blocking a bombsite, her healing despite her recent nerfs, and resurrect speak for themselves why she is among the best Valorant agents.

Cypher can defend a bombsite on its own. Its cameras, tripwires and cage reward solo play, giving it a lot of ranked value. Being able to block a bombsite alone while your teammates run amok should never be underestimated, qualifying you for Tier S of the best Valorant agents.

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Tier A

  • rays
  • jett
  • killjoy
Value ratio
Raze is one of VALORANT's most popular agents (Image via Riot Games)

Raze is one of the most individual agents at VALORANT. She offers her teammates almost nothing in terms of usefulness. She does, however, have damage – and a lot of damage. In fact, all your abilities, in one way or another, deal damage. In solo play, Raze should be used as aggressively as possible to find kills and open up the game. It is ideal for engaging, clearing bombsites and eliminating hidden targets. She is an ace and one of the best Valorant agents.

Jett is under the same scope as Raze. She's another Yasuo-type agent who loads your game or loses it to you. If you are confident and not afraid to face your opponents head-on, Jett is the agent for you. However, Jett is currently the most played duelist on Valorant. This is perhaps due to the fact that he is one of the most difficult characters, but also one of the deadliest. Her mobility and game potential make her one of the best Valorant solo agents.

Killjoy, like Cypher, is a sentinel agent. She favors the defense, where she can find the perfect setup with her technology and block a bombsite. Your Nanoswarm, Alarmbot, and Turret can all be used to take out the enemy team. But she is a powerful agent in the attack. His ultimate, especially, is a gamechanger.

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Tier B

  • Omen
  • Sleep
  • Phoenix
Valorant characters
Omen (Image via Riot Games)

Omen is perhaps VALORANT's most creative agent. It doesn't always work well in a team environment, but it doesn't have to. Its short-range teleport and smoke screens allow it to maneuver around the map, engage at unpredictable angles and find spaces. He is a stalker and, when used accordingly, he wreaks havoc.

Sova has a lot of potential in the solo game. He definitely works better with coordination, but on his own, he's not bad either. His ability to exploit a bombsite and avoid a push puts him at the top of this tierlist of best Valorant agents. By far Sova's abilities and Valorant's map recognition are paramount to winning any match. Your ultimate and your drone can generate some quick and easy kills too.

If this were a list of competitive tiers, Phoenix would be considerably lower in the standings. But by playing alone and carrying his teammates, he is one of the best Valorant agents. Your ability to engage is unmatched at VALORANT. Suus flashbangs, autoheals and ult are very rewarding. Players who are confident of their marksmanship cannot go wrong with Phoenix.

Tier C

  • Skye
  • Astra
  • Viper
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Skye is a strong and versatile solo player. It is ideal for exploring enemies, trapping and eliminating them. His healing, along with his ult, should never be underestimated, even without clear and concise communication. But your flash, Guiding Light, may require some level of coordination.

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Astra is another powerful agent with a lot of potential in the competitive game. But the nature of your kit doesn't translate directly to solo queue. Your smoke, poke, and wall require coordination with your team. She can still load easily into the right scenario, though.

Viper still has a long way to go, but slowly it is getting there. A recent buff on his snake bite made the skill tremendously powerful. In a controlled environment, the Viper would definitely top this list, but a certain level of coordination remains a requirement to pull you into the solo queue.

Activate the Radiant protocol you too

Tier D

  • yoru
  • Brimstone
  • Breach
Find out the best valorant agents to play solo in 2022 | a4552182 brimstone | married games tips/guides, reviews | fps, multiplayer, riot games, valorant | valorant agents to play solo

Yoru's kit still leaves a lot to be desired. His Fakeout steps are almost redundant in solo queue and his Blideside is one of the clumsiest flashes in the game. He's still an ace and, with the right amount of skill, he can easily turn the tables. Your Gatecrash and Dimensional Drift, when used correctly, can be very decisive.

Brimstone is a perfectly useful agent in solo games and in a team environment. His smokes and particularly his ultimate can easily turn the tide of a round. It's far from the best though, with its molybdenum headlamp and stim leaving a lot to be desired.

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Breach has some of the best utilities in the game and would normally be closer to the top of this tier list. He is one of Valorant's best agents when it comes to maps with small areas. He has many ways to work with runners with his abilities. But in solo queue, he's much less valuable without proper coordination and teamwork. Breach literally has to bypass their teammates and this can be difficult with a bunch of random players.

Quick FAQ

Which agent is the best at Valorant?

The best Valorant agents that are present in every type of tier list are:

Is the Viper a Duelist?

No. She is a Controlling agent in Valorant. The best duelist agents in Valorant are Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, Raze.

Who is the best? Cypher or Killjoy?

Both agents are good, however Killjoy clearly gains the upper hand over Cypher. Cypher's abilities aren't as effective as Killjoy's, and his cyber cables and cages may mark points off the map, but aren't too impactful to help directly.

Who is the easiest agent to play at Valorant?

Breach is one of the easiest and safest choices in Valorant for beginners.

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Who is the hardest Valorant agent to play?

Phoenix. He has the kit of a typical solo player looking for clutches. His power lies in the versatility of his abilities, as he can blind enemies, burn them while healing, as well as create a gigantic wall of flame.

The Valorant Protocol is already in action

VALORANT takes place in an Earth version in the near future, after an event known as the First Light. This event spans across the globe, leading to major transformations in life, technology and the way governments operate. However, some people across the world are starting to gain skills arising from this great event. These talented individuals are called Radiants.

In response to First Light, a ghost organization founds the Valorant Protocol, which brings together agents from around the world. These agents consist of radiants and other individuals equipped with Radiant technology. Due to the backstories of these characters, the VALORANT team presents an interesting dynamic as individuals not only sometimes know each other, but also come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from criminal to military. Who are you and how will you use your powers? Only you know this answer.

Leave in the comments if these tips helped you choose a character? Did you manage to win some solo matches? Enjoy playing a hero shooter? Tell us your preferred agent. Also enjoy and read more about Valuing on our website.

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