VALORANT error: 4 tips on how to fix the black screen at startup

Bug has affected many players. See how to solve

There is nothing worse than being at home, wanting to relax (laughs) playing Riot Games' FPS and, suddenly, a VALUE error prevent you from making some noobs, right? The black screen error in Riot Games' FPS is one of the most common, sometimes turning a headache for players. However, how to fix it can be easier than you think.

Since the launch of VALORANT, there are many errors that Riot recognizes that there are. Most are easy to solve, but many players end up having difficulties reporting and, consequently, solving them. Specifically, the black screen, has no apparent error code, which can make it even more difficult to return to the game.

Value ratio
rays is one of VALORANT's most popular agents (Image via Riot Games)

Although Riot does not comment on the error itself, many members of the community, through forums like Reddit, end up helping each other and sharing what they have done to solve the problem. If you go over with the blessed black screen error, the following methods can help you fix it by solving the problem and you can play in peace.

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Update your graphics driver

It may seem like an obvious solution, but many users still forget to update their card drivers to fix problems like VALORANT error. The graphics driver is software that your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.) uses to communicate with a specific hardware device (your video card, for example). Most black screen errors are the result of software bugs, meaning that updating your graphics driver can solve a problem easily. The latest software is always the one used by the manufacturers for the game to run smoothly on your PC, so using an older update can cause problems.

For NVIDIA users, use the service Smart Scan from the manufacturer, which automatically detects your GPU model and forwards you to download the latest software available, may be the solution. VALORANT fans with AMD GPUs can use the AMD software installer, which downloads and configures the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Below, we show how to update the graphics driver on an AMD graphics card:

Reinstall VALORANT or move it to another unit

If the two solutions presented above do not solve the VALORANT error, your game files are probably corrupted. Uninstalling and reinstalling VALORANT is the best way to ensure that all your game files are in perfect working order. However, you can use the function of checking the files, which is present in the game launcher.

After moving the game from an HD to an SSD, or vice versa, the launcher will automatically check all files, making sure everything is in order. This is a faster way to check that the game files are ok, however, the first method will make you more sure that the VALORANT files are not corrupted.

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Make sure there is no VALORANT bug running in the background

Phoenix and jett valorant
VALORANT has agents for every taste. Phoenix e Jett are great strategists (Image via Riot Games)

If the VALORANT error black screen issue appears several times in a row, it is likely that there is a bugged instance of VALORANT in the background. This makes it impossible for a new instance to be started, making the game not run and go black.

To fix this, you will need to:

  • Open your task manager by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting Task Manager
  • Navigate to the Details tab and complete all tasks related to VALORANT
  • When you are sure that nothing related to VALORANT is working in the background, try restarting the game

Remembering that you must close the software anti-cheat in the game, the Vanguard, the Riot Games launcher and the game's executable file. A restart of the PC may be necessary.

VALORANT error? Contact Riot

While it is almost certain that any of the above solutions will resolve the black screen problem, the error may continue to occur for some unknown reason. When this is the case, the way is to contact Riot and inform them about the situation, along with everything you have tried to do to resolve it.

The Riot support team will examine your logs and check what is causing the error in your system, providing you with new methods for the possible solution. In some cases, only a future update patch will resolve the black screen issue, however, it is rare that this happens.

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