From movies to comics: Learn the famous characters in CoD Warzone

CoD Warzone Characters: Did you know that the Call of Duty: Warzone there are a lot of famous characters inside the battle royale? The game's success was so much that the developers thought of possibilities to integrate movie characters and even characters from within the comics. The first appearance of established pop culture characters was at the Halloween event “The Hauting of Verdansk” in 2020, when Modern Warfare was the main game of the franchise that year. After that, the addition of new characters became even more frequent.

From movies to comics: learn the famous characters in cod warzone
From Movies to Comics: Learn the CoD Warzone Characters

Remember that Call of Duty: Warzone has a short lifespan. It was only released in 2020 and, even in this short period, it has already brought great news. In addition to the characters, which you will meet throughout this article, Call of Duty has already brought several references to the game. There are clear inspirations in films such as The Wizard of Oz, which features four operators with skins clearly referring to the classic, and also in the film Duro de Matar, where we have the Nakatomi Plaza Tower building, in addition to its iconic protagonist.

In this article you will get to know all the famous characters and which packages they are part of. Sit back, fasten your seatbelts and have a great read!

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Warzone Characters: Check All

Jigsaw – Deadly Games

Jigsaw is one of the famous characters in warzone cod
Jigsaw is one of the CoD Warzone characters

Jigsaw, protagonists of the series of horror films Deadly Games, was the great first appearance of a famous character from the POP culture. It came as part of the event “The Hauting of Verdansk”, the Halloween event that was a huge hit among players. Unfortunately, Jigsaw didn't come with an operator of its own, including its own voice. It came in a skin format for the operator Morte. This fact frustrated the gameplay experience with the skin for not having the voices compatible with the character, but people started to like it over time.

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The Jigsaw store package, which accompanies a blood tracer gun design for the CR-56 AMAX, a shotgun Model design, a throwing knife, pendant, business card, badge and spray, is one of the rarest. from CoD Warzone and Modern Warfare. Few people became available after the 2020 event ended. The package costs 2.400 CoD Points.

Letherface – The Chainsaw Massacre

Letherface is one of the famous characters in call of duty: warzone
Letherface is one of the CoD Warzone characters

In the same period of the event The Hauting of Verdansk, which included Jigsaw, also featured Letherface, protagonist of the series of films The Chainsaw Massacre, a film that was very successful in more modern times. The character arrived just as a new movie in the series was about to release. The addition of Letherface to Warzone also served as a publicity for the film. Even at the same time, players were able to participate in a promotion of the film where you could unlock an exclusive visiting card for the feature, through the official website of the film.

Returning to the character in Warzone, Letherface, like Jigsaw, didn't come as an operator of its own. It came as a skin for the then-recent character Velikan, whose operator hasn't revealed his face to this day. Unlike Jigsaw, Operator Velikan's voices made sense of the macabre energy that Letherface had in the movies. Every now and then it was possible to find the package that includes a gun project for FINN LMG, which transforms it into a chain saw, and also: emblem, an MP5 project with tracer, a melee weapon, car horn, business card and sprays. It costs 2.400 CoD Points.

John McClane – Hard to Kill

Mcclane is one of the famous characters in call of duty: warzone
McClane is one of the Cod Warzone characters

Already entering the era of Black Ops Cold War, we started to have more famous characters within the game and Warzone. Unlike Modern Warfare, where we only had Jigsaw and Letherface. At BOCW, at the 80's Actions Heroes event, the game brought a lot of news to its community. Among them, the famous John McClane, protagonist of the film Hard to Kill, and the emblematic building Nakatomi Plaza Tower, which is also part of the film whose main actor is Bruce Willis.

John McClane was a hit within the game, being one of the most purchased packages. Unlike Jigsaw and Letherface, McClane had its own operator, including its actor's original voices. Including the dubbing here in our country. The pack features the Fara Assault Rifle, MP5 Submachine Gun, AUG Tactical Rifle, a Finisher Swing, a watch, badge, business card, pendant and a double XP token. Package, also costs 2.400 CoD Points.

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Rambo – Movie The Rambo

Rambo is one of the famous characters in call of duty: warzone
Rambo is one of the CoD Warzone characters

Like John McClane, Rambo was also present at the 80's Actions Heroes event and was also a huge success. Rambo, by itself, is already a great attraction for being part of many people's childhood and adolescence. Besides, although many people weren't even born at the time the movie was successful, everyone knows Rambo and how strong he was in training people who are now heads of families.

Also like McClane, Rambo had his character complete: same dubbing as in Portuguese films, same look and customs. Your package did so well in sales that to this day, even months after the event ended, you still see people wearing his skin. The package comes with a weapon design for the M60 light machine gun, a design for the AK-47, a combat knife, plus watch, two finishing moves, badge, business card and pendant. The price? 2.400 CoD Points.

Deadd Judge - Universe HQ

Judge dreadd is one of the famous characters in call of duty: warzone
Judge Dreadd is one of the CoD Warzone characters

After many movie characters appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone, it was time for a comic book anti-hero to come forward. It's the turn of Judge Dreadd, character from DC Comics. Despite not being as popular as Jigsaw, Rambo and John McClane, Judge Dreadd came up with his full black and white comic book feature, as well as his more realistic operator version, close to the 1995 movie version. , starring Sylvester Stallone.

This time, Judge Deadd is not an operator himself, he is a skin for the operator Beck. Just like what happened to the characters in Modern Warfare. In the package, in addition to the two skins, the AMP63 pistol, C58 assault rifle and the SMG Mac-10, as well as a watch, finishing blow, business card pendant and emblem. Also price 2.400 CoD Points.

Frank the Rabbit - Donnie Darko

Donnie darko is one of the famous characters in call of duty: warzone
Donnie Darko is one of the CoD Warzone characters

In the sixth and final season of Black Ops Cold War, the second edition of The Hauting event began, which was the same event that brought Jigsaw and Letherface into the game. In this issue, the famous rabbit Frank, by Donnie Darko first appeared in Warzone. Frank is a legendary character who appears in the movie Donnie Darko and Activision took advantage of his completely macabre look to form the team of celebrities within the game.

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Donnie Darko will arrive in the second week of the event, with his package with the C58 rifle, TEC-9 submachine gun and a Swiss K31 sniper, as well as a pendant, watch, finishing move, emblem, business card with a scene from the movie and also a token of Double XP. The price is 2.400 CoD Points.

Ghostface – Panic Movie

Ghostface is one of the famous characters in call of duty: warzone
Ghostface is one of the CoD Warzone characters

Ghostface was one of the most anticipated characters in the history of Call of Duty: Warzone. The legendary character from one of the most horrifying franchises in movie history, Scream, who also had hit parodies like Everyone in Scream. Ghostface, before being announced, was already highly anticipated by fans, as community leakers had already found the character's name months earlier.

Even weeks before the release of the package, we were already seeing the operator around Verdansks, thanks to Unlock All, which is a hack that allows you to illegally unlock any skin in the game. The operator has the official voice that appears in the movies and was the protagonist of the event The Hauting, where during the halloween playlist, the character is haunting opponents several times during the match.

The Ghostface package comes with the new Grav Assault Rifle, the TEC-9 and a combat knife. Plus watch, badge, calling card and Double XP token. The value is 2.400 CoD Points.

More information about the characters, see the Activision blog.

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