Win the 1st Eikthyr Valheim Trophy

The Guardian of the Meadows waits for valiant warriors to defeat him and claim his rewards. Find out how to summon it and earn the Valheim Trophy.

valheim's trophy
Being a Viking was not easy

Success among players and one of the most viewed on Twich, Valheim is a survival game set in the Viking Era that challenges players to face the dangers of the world with friends, collect resources, food and water, to survive, evolve and prosper, dominating the wild environment and defeating monsters.

There are five large monsters, one for each biome and the first that can be challenged is the deer with electrified currents around the horns, the mythical creature known as Eikthyr. Have you beaten this beast? Do you know how to invoke it? So follow along with this guide and learn a little more about how to challenge the Grassland Guardian.

Summoning Boss Eikthyr - Valheim's First Trophy

To summon the boss of the first biome that the player knows about, you need to complete some tasks and find the altar of sacrifice. The altar, which can appear anywhere on the map, called the "Stone of the Sacrifice", will be next to a bright red stone. When interacting with her, Eikthyr's altar will be revealed.

A message saying that the player must "hunt his family" and offer it to the guardian as a sacrifice will be shown to the player and he should offer two "deer trophies" on the altar. Now, you need to keep an eye out for deer on the way and hunt them down. Not every time a deer is killed you will get a trophy, so keep looking until you find it.

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The easiest way to hunt these animals that escape the first sign of danger is with a bow and arrow. Get one and go hunting. With the two deer trophies in hand, return to the altar and prepare for battle.

It's time to face the gods of Valheim

Despite being the first boss of the game, do not underestimate Eikthyr, because in the world of Valheim it is no joke. The difficulty of the fight depends on how prepared you are and how many resources you have collected during the game.

Try to build the best armor you can. Take advantage of the leather pieces you should have in your inventory and make a leather protection. Another tip is a good spear and a flint shield, found in the first biome in Valheim, the Green Forest. You can find flint in rivers, banks and hard stones.

Use the stone shield to block electric blows and the spear is a good weapon to attack Eikthyr when he is vulnerable. Also use the bow you made to hunt deer and attack the bos when it is far away.

The boss has three types of attacks and the key to victory is to identify your movement patterns and anticipate those attacks, learning to avoid them and counterattack at the right time is the key to success.

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  • When Eikthyr rises in a rapid movement, it descends with a big electric lightning bolt that attacks in a straight line in any direction you are looking at. When the boss raises its paws, move to the sides, avoiding the lightning attack and run for an attack.
  • In the second attack, Eikthyr raises his paws, but it is suspended in the air for a while longer. When it falls back, it will launch a lightning bubble. If you see the boss kicking the air for more than a second, stay away from him. Once the bubble has dissipated, it's time to attack.
  • Advance against Eikthyr from the sides. Whenever you attack him from the front, there is a chance that he attack with a quick strike with the electric horns. As a precaution, approach with the shield pulled to absorb the blow.

Eihthyr will run through the battle arena, cutting down trees and everything he finds ahead (better not to build his village nearby), shooting lightning bolts and stomping on enemies, which makes it quite a challenge to attack him from the sides. He is tough and the fight can take a long time, especially if you are alone.

Defeating this enemy will grant you some hard horns, essential for building the Hard Horn Pick, in addition to an Eikthyr Trophy. Placing the defeated boss's head on the correct altar will release your first Forsaken Power, which temporarily increases your stamina and movement ability.

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Valheim is a survival and open-world game based on Norse mythology and is in early access. It was developed by Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studios. It is available for Windows and Linux. Access the official website to learn more or visit the Steam Store and guarantee yours.

And do you play Valheim? Tell us about your fight against Eikthyr in the comments. Enjoy and read more tips games on the website.

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