Did you catch Mojang's hit game and not sure how to start? So check out these Minecraft tips and start with the right block

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It is not enough to build, you have to keep standing

Minecraft is, in short, a big open world in which you do what you want. That's it. Without a lot of bullshit or bullshit, the game comes down to this: Do what you want. The world gives you different resources like wood, stone, sand and other basic materials for you to do things like a house, a castle, a fortress or anything. All done with blocks. It's like it's one of those 2D games from the 16-bit era, but in 3D.

Of course, the game also has extremely rare materials like diamonds, obsidian and magic stones that can be used in a portal that will take you to the Minecraft version of hell! All of this is possible in the game. In addition, the gaming community itself still creates mods that allow you to do things as crazy as a functional Game Boy to play Pokémon within Minecraft.

And that is why Minecraft is such a success that it expanded so much that it created a series of games of different styles, such as RPG and point-n-click, books and especially, youtubers who made careers just playing Minecraft. In other words, the game has so many possibilities and allows you to do so much that it is even difficult to know where to start. Well, we're here to help.

Minecraft Tips: Getting Started

You installed the game and you have a lot of ideas to start shaping the world according to your image and likeness. But, before you go around breaking all the blocks, follow these Minecraft tips. This is a slightly different game than the other games you may have played. He's a style game sandbox.

sandbox “sandbox” means that you do what you want with it, build and destroy as you want everything you did. The differences are a little part of the gameplay. For example, there are no missions or objectives. There will be nothing on the screen indicating what you should build or not. That's all on your own.

There is no guidance as well. If you build a house and go out to explore, chances are you will get lost without knowing how to get back. So, go ahead and think about building a compass because you will need it. And how to build one or how to explore until you have one? So, these are the challenges that you will have to face.

In addition, you will feel a little lonely in the game if you want to play it in singleplayer. You will encounter many monsters and animals (and you will probably eat them), but there are no NPCs in cities that will give you missions around the world, or anything like that. At most, you'll find the villagers, big-nosed people who will be walking around, but there is a lot of interaction with them, except some trade. Knowing all of this, we can start the game. Let's move on.


Did you catch the game because you saw someone who built the Australian continent on a scale in Minecraft and want to make an equal? Good luck, but take it easy: You won't do this for the first ten minutes of the game. Minecraft has two basic game modes: Survival and Creative.

In Creative Mode you are immortal, fly and have unlimited resources. It is in this way that most of these crazy things are done and, often, these builders develop software or mods that do this. He leaves the program running and the game builds everything. You can take your resources and create great things in Creative mode, even if doing everything by hand, for sure, but know: it will take some time to get ready. So, start slowly and let your imagination run.

In Survival Mode, you need to survive and collect resources manually to build everything you want. In this mode you will need to go after what you want, find the right stones to form the materials, discover the recipes and fight monsters to do something cool. So, get ready and go to the fight, but don't go thinking that in 10 minutes everything will be resolved. This one is literally an ant job.

So, summing up these Minecraft tips, know the following: is it possible to make a Hogwarts castle in survival mode? IT'S! But, for that you need patience and dedication. So start thinking about what you want and take it easy. Youre gonna need it.

15 minecraft tips for getting started | 4991271f image | married games tips, articles, gameplay, guide, lists, pc, platforms, playstation, retro, switch, xbox | minecraft, minecraft java edition, mobile, mojang, multiplayer, nintendo, pc, playstation, sandbox, singleplayer, survival, telltale games, xbox | minecraft tips
Minecraft Tips: One Block at a Time


As the name of the mode indicates: You have to survive. Get out of resources, make your tools and structures, but on the first day, if you don't know the game, you may well have trouble surviving the first night, when the monsters appear in droves and attack violently. It is a true “legs for which I want you”.

If a simple spider can become a nightmare for the player on the first night, then imagine the famous Enderman, a tall, slender creature that teleports and quickly appears to attack the player? And, as if all of that were not enough, while you try to survive the monsters you hear a 'tssss' coming from behind you, and suddenly, you are dead and you don't even know the reason.

So, find a shelter. A natural cave or one you dug in the first wall you saw is enough. Stick in it and close it, but not completely so that you don't die of suffocation. Wait for the night to pass and leave in the morning, when the monsters are killed by the sun. You can also stack two blocks around the player and stay there until dawn, but considering that you could end up dead by a Creeper in there, it is better to go to a cave anyway.

Food for those in need

You need to eat in Minecraft. Some worlds are spawned with food in abundance (I once ended up in a world with thousands of cats. Even thousands), but you can come up in some with scarce supplies or far from where you are. So, if you're going to explore the world of Minecraft, it's good to have food with you in the inventory.

Can you imagine having to spend the night in a closed cave with nothing to eat? Start to see your food meter drop and not be able to do anything? Having to choose between dying closed or going out to face the world and running the risk of dying out there? So, take food in the inventory with you if you want to get away from your home.

Don't be seeing buildings on the web

Do not be looking for nababescan constructions on the web and thinking that you will do the same in the first moments of the game. As stated above, many of these things are done in creative mode, for more than one player, it takes years to get ready and, often, with the help of software developed especially for this. These things are done mainly to show the limits of Mojang's game and not to be played.

Earth to scale

Therefore, watching these creations and trying to do the same will only cause you frustration. Start with simple things and expand over time. Don't try to copy things around in the beginning. Play and learn. With experience you will make castles, forts, sculptures and you will know what else.

This is one of the most important Minecraft tips: Complex and magnificent works. You may learn enough to build something unique in the Minecraft world, but it will take time. So for now, start with one block at a time.

Iron is essential

Iron is a relatively easy material to find and with a good durability to make your weapons, tools and armor, so it is good to always have a stock of this item with you. At the beginning of the game a good iron pick or an iron sword can be very good companions and you will soon notice the difference in the time it takes for an iron ax to break in relation to a stone ax.

Even with the advanced game, many things that you can and will want to do take iron in the composition, so, always have it with you, because, if your sword breaks and you do not have that material to make an equal, a good sword of iron is always welcome. And Minecraft tips don't just end with iron.

Keep materials with you

In addition to food, it is always important to keep a good amount of basic materials with you, as you never know what you will need to build a quick shelter or a tool that broke on the farm. Always stay smart with a stock of primary materials while looking for new materials.

How to have all items in minecraft in survival mode 2016 - youtube
Don't despise that wood just because you found diamonds

You will find rare things like obsidian and redstone in the basement, but you will not be able to make a basic sword if you do not have a bush stick in your inventory. And to find a tree in the basement? So, it is best to always be prepared for these eventualities. These are valuable Minecraft tips.

Think about objects

It is possible to find all kinds of recipes to do things in Minecraft on the internet, but it is also very cool to discover them by yourself. And the easiest way is to think about things and try to reproduce them within the game.

What is a sword? Essentially a piece of wood as a handle and a piece of sharp metal as a blade. So, to make a metal sword I need iron and wood. Wood on the bottom, iron on the top, right? Basically, the recipe for a wooden sword is this: one wooden and two iron for an iron sword. One wooden and two stones for a stone sword. And so on.

Several Minecraft tips will follow this rule: Think about what you want to do, position the materials in a similar way and see what you get in the game. Go experimenting and discovering and taking notes, so that you always keep this record of what you have learned.

See the Wikia

A Minecraft wiki it is huge and has a portuguese version. It has everything you can think of to do or what to look for in the world, how to make items, houses, understand all the mechanics of the game and answer all your questions. Therefore, wikia can be an excellent ally when venturing into your world. Leave a browser open with this site while playing

It may seem that these Minecraft tips contradict the previous one, but they don't. Before we talked about discovery and how to think while playing. Here we are talking about vast research material for you to build your houses and castles making the most of your resources and how to take advantage of everything you have. With this tool in hand, you can master the game in no time. So, and you want to make the most of the game, wikia is the way to go.

Once Upon a time…

… Three little pigs that lived in their little houses. One made of straw, one of masonry and one of wood, and you know the rest. Well, if you know it you already know that it is not a good idea to make your house out of wood. Or at least, not your ultimate home. If it's a temporary shelter just to hide for a while, then that's fine, but if it was your main building, you better think about it a little more.

Skeletons shoot arrows of fire and the monsters catch fire during the day, when the sun is rising. Imagine what will happen if you have some monsters inside your house or shooting at it while the sun is rising? So, stick with these Minecraft tips: it's better to rethink your choice of materials.

Water is life

One of the most basic and simple things you can do in Minecraft is an infinite source of water! Imagine how easy it was for people in the old days if there were such a resource? We would have been migrants for much less time.

In your case, just do the following: dig a 3 × 1 hole, with 1 little depth, and fill the two ends with a block of water, which will fill everything. If you always draw water from the center, the fountain will never dry out.


Do not forget to always destroy the foliage of the trees you are going to cut, because it is with the buds that fall from it that you can make new trees. Never leave your surroundings deforested, or you will have to go farther and farther to collect basic materials. And as seen above, running out of basic materials is not a good idea.

15 minecraft tips for getting started | ca193eaa punchtrees getwood | married games tips, articles, gameplay, guide, lists, pc, platforms, playstation, retro, switch, xbox | minecraft, minecraft java edition, mobile, mojang, multiplayer, nintendo, pc, playstation, sandbox, singleplayer, survival, telltale games, xbox | minecraft tips
Who needs an ax?

Whenever you take a sprout and plant it, dig a hole two blocks deep instead of one, so one day later, you will have a bigger tree than the previous one.

Don't dig down

These are very basic and essential Minecraft tips: Never dig down! You are not a drill and if you find an underground cave (which is almost certain) you will fall and die. The tip is to go forward and down, in the form of a ladder, so you will have an easy and accessible way back, in addition to dispensing with the use of wooden stairs.

Of course, there is also no way to take very high steps, because if not, you cannot climb back up. Two or three blocks high is very good and there is no risk of you getting hurt or getting stuck.

Dig around the ores

Never stop digging around the ores before heading straight for them, as you may be in for an unpleasant surprise if there is lava beneath it. So, always dig around the ores you find, so you'll know what to expect if you dig deeper into that mine.

Another thing you can do is plug the holes with rocks or earth, so that the ores do not fall somewhere out of your reach. Always wait around you, so that you don't end up letting your diamonds go away without you being able to do anything to stop it.

15 minecraft tips for getting started | b3af8795 giphy | married games tips, articles, gameplay, guide, lists, pc, platforms, playstation, retro, switch, xbox | minecraft, minecraft java edition, mobile, mojang, multiplayer, nintendo, pc, playstation, sandbox, singleplayer, survival, telltale games, xbox | minecraft tips
Valuable Minecraft tips for beginners

Have a four-legged friend

You can tame the Minecraft pets so they can help you with the chores or just follow you so you can put them in a corral and keep a farm.

Wolves are domesticated with bones, borcos can be fed with wheat and horses can be tamed just by riding on them and clicking on their heads, until they surrender. Having an animal companion or a farm can give you countless advantages, from an ally in the fight against monsters, to moving faster or placing chests on their backs so they can carry items for you.

Keep your caves lit up

The darker the place, but the chances of the monsters appear, so always carry enough torch with you, so that you keep your tunnels and caves lit enough that the monsters don't appear. Natural lava light does not work for this, so it’s good to always have a few torches in your inventory.

These Minecraft tips usually save lives, because the last thing you want is a creeper appearing on your back and blowing up everything you’ve collected. So, remember, use torches and keep everything very clear. And to make torches? Have basic materials with you, as we said above!

Let your imagination fly

Minecraft is an open world construction game created by Mojang Studios and in it players interact with the world, collecting resources, placing and breaking different types of blocks in a 3D environment. In this environment, players can build creative structures, creations and works of art on multiplayer servers and on singleplayer worlds in various game modes. The game is available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

So, do you play Minecraft? Did you build something impressive? Do you know how to make a circle in the game? Tell us in the comments! And read more about Minecraft at Our site.

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