Analysis: Not For Broadcast, you are in control of the TV!

Not for Broadcast, developed by NotGames and published by tinyBuild in January 2020, is a television simulator where the player must show the best content to his viewers, from controlling the cameras to running the best commercials to entertain and increase your audience.

As Alex, a television cleaner, you must on your first day of work help the staff of the National Nightly News to give the most relevant news to your audience (or not). And from the moment a radical and utopian government wins in an overwhelming election, it's up to you to show the truth or to put your entire family at risk.

Manipulate a country's policy in the game fmv not for broadcast | games observatory

Expose the government or pass the commercials to Advance, you decide!

In Not for Broadcast, your actions have dire consequences. Advertisements with toys and dangerous news for the market to edit in real time the images of the news are some of the tasks that you must complete to keep your job, however keep in mind that the audience is directly influenced by what you choose or not to go through.

Not for Broadcast: How does this TV's “control” work?

With its footprint that floats between an advertising and TV simulator for text RPG elements, our great mission is to make the program fluid and beautiful for our viewers. Using a different technique, the game narration in FMV (Full Motion Video), brings us closer to the characters in a different and bold way. Each journalist and anchor has their strong and striking personalities throughout the gameplay making the player feel the narrative completely.

Not for broadcast: when the media and politics go hand in hand
Vignette of the newspaper that is about to start!

Not For Broadcast is “Papers, Please”Mixed with Monty Python… this could be one of the best FMV games in a long time.”

Cultured Vultures

Game Modes

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"Challenge room ” is the option where you have all the modes.

Not for Broadcast only has the single player mode which in addition to the main campaign brings 3 different game styles and 5 challenges that test the player's patience, reflexes and even rhythm.

1st - Free Mode:

Where basically the player should not be concerned with interruptions in the program or improving the audience. Sit back and enjoy the jokes and the best shows!

2nd - Mode Realistic (Realism):

All types of aid and “little lights” were removed from the game. Censoring profanity just by listening and manipulating the audience in your favor with the naked eye is one of the biggest challenges in this way (the interference is shown in the same way allowing the player to deflect)

3nd - Mode Music:

In which the player's pace is tested to the maximum. Change the cameras in rhythm and time so that the transmission is organic it seems like an easy task until the song changes speed or melody.

Are you curious? Check out this Not for Broadcast gameplay that we did on our youtube channel!


Scary Development

It seems that in one of the cleaners in the place, a mysterious and gooey liquid was dropped on the controls and the equipment went short. Some buttons will appear electrified which will give you a big shock when pressed. The player can take up to 3 consecutive shocks and on the 4th you are electrocuted and fired from the newspaper.

A vision

During the campaign in the normal game you choose the best camera angles on your TV and after 2 seconds of transmission it is made available to the public. In this mode, editing takes place in real time. Do you feel confident to edit the blinds?

Terrifying Interference

The newspaper's satellites are outdated and almost all the time there is some interference in the program. In this mode the interference display looks like a rave and demands more attention for the newspaper not to go off the air for good.


Someone to prank Dave (former editor of the newspaper) changed the edit mixer buttons and they are crazy and changing all the time. Unfortunately you must pay the duck and edit the schedule while the buttons change positions.

The Censorship Pirou

Get smart with censorship in this mode. Remembering the times of Guitar Hero, while the newspaper edition must be perfect, censorship must be triggered (for no reason at certain times) repeatedly and continues. Requires a multitasking player who can switch cameras while hitting beeps.

Minimum requirements

Operational systemWindows 10
Processori3 or higher
RAM memory8GB
Video cardDedicated with 4GB vRAM or more
DirectXVersion 11 or higher
Sound cardIntegrated

Unfortunately Not For Broadcast does not have any DLC (so far), however its developer NotGames has already confirmed the release date for Episode 2 which is scheduled for the end of January 2021.

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Not For Broadcast has 29 achievements in which 9 are hidden.


  • Funny
  • A new experience
  • Immersive


  • Repetitive
  • Unused mechanics


Graphics: 8/10

Despite the technique FMV that uses real actors to stage the game, Not for Broadcast has good special effects that are congruent with the game. Its interface and controls are well designed and easy to understand.

Gameplay mechanics: 5/10

Many of the mechanics that are presented to us are not fully utilized in the game. In a certain part of the game, an upgrade mechanic is presented where the player can improve his workstation and customize it as he sees fit and even so the game can be completed without having spent a penny on improvements.

Soundtrack: 6/10

The game does not have an orchestral soundtrack with several different instruments and symphonies, the basics from the vignette to a song that reminds us of the talent show we had in our schools is presented in a subtle way. impacting the player in a remarkable way.

Story: 8/10

The possibility of changing the way the game takes place is gratifying. As stated before, advertisements and image editions collaborate to influence the public for both politics and products and companies. Scary or not, the player can even cause an apocalypse of killer teddy bears (this is serious) depending on the commercials you choose to pass.

Although the inclusion of your family is also sudden (presented in text form), it gives the player time to get used to and even bond with his children and his wife. During text RPG actions we also have decisions to make that influence the future of our family.

Not for Broadcast presents in a fun and contagious way a dystopian society that you are inserted in, changing the future of the population.

Gameplay: 7/10

In front of us (interface) we deal with a large panel that helps our work. Buttons 1 to 4 that control the studio's cameras, a “beep” censor that censors words and ideas that should not be aired and the interference control that turns and moves must be manipulated so that our program does not escape the air. In the first hour of the game I realized that everything was just a training session for what was to come.

With the cameras having to change the rhythm of the music, choosing the image that most identifies with the news that is going on in up to 10 seconds, the game becomes increasingly difficult and equally fun. It can even be repetitive since our work will always be the same and yet each program that passes provides us with a great experience.

Fun: 7/10

Despite having different gameplay from other games, Not for Broadcast ends up becoming repetitive throughout the campaign. The more than 5 streams available seem a lot until they are completed. After the campaign ends, if you decide to complete the challenges, you will face the same broadcasts with greater difficulties, without tips and displays.

It is therefore not possible to escape the repetition of the phases, which throughout the game (if the player wants to reset) becomes tiring and tedious.

Author's conclusions

At first I didn't look like any game made in FMV until you play Not For Broadcast. This game managed to take my attention away for a long time even though it is small, it gave me some of the 8 most fun hours I ever had in a game. The half-stop start discouraged me a little but when problems and conspiracies started to appear, the game changed completely.

It’s a different experience and although it’s compared by many with Papers, Please, its essence is unique. If you are willing to understand the game and play it without haste, despite the proposed theme, I guarantee you will not regret it!

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Not for Broadcast (no promotion) costs $ 37,99

Not for Broadcast available on the PC platform (via Steam) for a trifle of R $ 28,49 (in the promotion) on the exact day that this article was posted.

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