Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War officially announced

The next game in the franchise is Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, it was officially announced through a new teaser, which uses the same title "Know your story" from the previous teasers of the game. The video promises a worldwide revelation on August 26 in Verdansk, the site of Call of Duty: Warzone. This official revelation confirms the rumors of the Cold War scenario based on previous leaks.

The new teaser released today recalls the story of real-life Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, who escaped to the West in 1970, and “Perseus”, the code name for a Soviet spy who allegedly infiltrated Western intelligence agencies as part of an effort to interfere with US efforts in the nuclear arms race and its identity has never been discovered.

Most of the trailer focuses on the KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who made a famous warning about tactics used to end governments, tactics that include demoralization, destabilization, crisis and normalization. Most of the video is Bezmenov's recorded statement. While he explains the mechanics of each stage, real historical footage is played in the background. Images of the Vietnam War and the protests against the war and all “demoralization”, while the later stages, such as “crisis” and “normalization”, depict what appears to be footage of more civil unrest, police brutality, the Stock Exchange. New York values, politicians and various military technologies.

“The time bomb is working,” warns Bezmenov. “With each second, the disaster is getting closer and closer. The danger is real. ”

The trailer does not go into detail about the game, although it does show an alarmingly contemporary, long-term program that aims to end American leadership and demoralization, destabilization, crisis and normalization and before concluding with the famous warning that those who do not know their history will be condemned to repeat it. This was also a central theme in the pre-announcement Black Ops Cold War.

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The end of the video shows Treyarch and Raven as their developers; and shows that the full reveal of the new Call of Duty to come next week. Rumors have suggested that Activision would use Warzone to make its next Call of Duty announcement, which was apparently supported by recent comments from the company's president, Rob Kostich. Kostich said Warzone made the company “rethink how, when and how far we reveal our next title.”

More details for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War was not exactly a well-kept secret. The name leaked months ago, in June, and Activision has been slowly releasing teasers since then. More recently, Activision has released mysterious boxes as part of the game's reveal. Warzone players also found a nuke, causing some to speculate that it could destroy part or all of the family map in favor of a new one that reflects the Cold War campaign.

Call of duty black ops cold war confirmed
Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Officially Announced | Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold

In any case, it was believed that Warzone would be used to reveal the next game in the series, and that will be the case. The Warzone itself will continue to operate, and although we don't know how Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will connect with it yet, we know that the Battle Royale game will feature content from new Call of Duty games.

Although the name of the game is not a surprise, its official announcement generated some jokes about the game's title, which includes an additional subtitle in a sub-series it already has.

More information will be revealed in a week: The worldwide revelation is now officially scheduled for August 26th. Keep an eye on official website Also.

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