Little Nightmare - Review

Little Nightmare is an interesting experience. Firstly, it's like playing a nostalgic blend of Limbo and Inside, as it follows that classic idea of ​​the fragile hero who has to solve puzzles and puzzles while surviving a hostile world.

While I was living this adventure, the feeling of nostalgia gave way to a feeling of literally experiencing a little nightmare.

Moreover, the game really delivers something that I consider mandatory for those who like platforms and a bizarre horror.

Little nightmare - review | married games news | little nightmare

Little Nightmare and its protagonist

You play as Six, a little girl in a yellow raincoat. And do not think that you will find the story directly, you will need to look for it to realize what is really happening.

There is an exciting and inquiring sense of discovery that accompanies the entire narrative at all times

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Little nightmare - review | married games news | little nightmare

A Gameplay

You don't get any instructions on what to do, as the game wants you to try things out.

Especially with the fluidity of the game, a button opens Six's lighter, providing a small flash of illumination. Likewise, a button allows her to crouch and maintain a lower profile in the 2.5D environment. You don't know where you are or where you're trying to go, but one thing you are sure of: you are not sure.

Six doesn't fight, so she can't defend herself, and most of the huge creatures that inhabit this scary world can kill her instantly.

Only that foundation adds a sense of tension to the action, but the artistically designed world takes it to higher levels.

Comparisons with Limbo and Inside are inevitable, but they also serve to show where Little Nightmares separates the company from its predecessors.

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While Playdead explores urban environments, military facilities and other dystopian locations. At the same time that Little Nightmares puts its horror much closer to home.

Many of the venues are based on familiar places, but taken to absurd or strange levels, as dressers extend to the ceiling and their handles can be used as stairs, just as a piano is suspended on a rope, serving as a platform, a sea of abandoned shoes conceals a lethal and invisible danger to those who remain while searching the rubble.

Little nightmare - review | married games news | little nightmare

And there?

Little Nightmares is not a horror game in the traditional sense, but it is full of horrible images and some of the most miserable landscapes I've seen in a long time. Even without graphic violence, it is deeply disturbing. He has some really scary moments, but they are rarely scary. Instead, the sense of danger increases as you progress through the strange, labyrinthine world.

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