Marvel's Avengers: Spider-Man to be exclusive to PlayStation

Yesterday the 3rd, the Square Enix and the studio Crystal Dynamics announced that the superhero Spider-Man will be present in the Marvel's Avengers game, however, it will be exclusive to the consoles of Sony, PlayStations. The character will arrive at the game in early 2021 free of charge to players.

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The text also implies that the Spider-Man who will arrive in the game will be a new interpretation of the character, that is, it is not the same as that which appears in the Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4.

Marvel's avengers

Comments from Jeff Adams, associate art director at Marvel's Avengers

Despite all the great solo adventures Spider-Man has been involved in, standing shoulder to shoulder with figures like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel will add a completely new dimension ”, wrote the game's associate art director, Jeff Adams. “Players will face the world's most dangerous threats together, using Spider-Man's innate powers… enhanced with a little help from his new friends. Partnering with the Avengers gives Spider-Man full access to the impressive technology available to the team, such as special web launchers based on the technology of Hank Pym, SHIELD, Stark Industries, and more.

And by building the perfect equipment and skill combinations, you will have the opportunity to live your superhero dreams with your ideal Spider-Man.

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Jeff Adams also indicated that for the design of this version of Marvel's Avengers, the classic visuals of the hero will be used as the basis, specifically citing the works of his co-creator, Steve Ditko and John Romita.

Marvel's Avengers is a month away from release on September 4 and will have versions for PS4, Xbox One, PC e Stadia. Subsequently, the game will also arrive for PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X.

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