Arcane: Find out if it's worth watching the 1st series of League of Legends on TV

Is it a cool series? Is it full of references to the game? Do I need to be a pro-player to understand the plot? Do they go through the top lane or the jungle? Find out if Arcane is for you

The exclusive series from Netflix, Arcane, is the first foray of League of Legends, Riot's game, out of its TV gaming world. There have been comics and other products outside of the game's mainline, but something aimed at an audience that is completely new to the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and is an undeniable success in streaming. This attracted a lot of curiosity from those who don't know the game and even more from players who wanted to see what happened to their favorite champions.

The series was announced to celebrate 10 years from the launch of the game and developed and produced by Riot Games and all animation was done by the studio Fortiche Productions. Originally scheduled for 2020, it was rescheduled for a launch in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. O Rotten Tomatoes website reported 100% approval, with an average rating of 8,8/10, based on 15 reviews from critics and became the series most watched from netflix in the month of November.

Now, the question for you who wants to engage in the LoL series is “Is it worth seeing? I don't understand anything about the game!" and “I'm afraid of what they did to my characters. Is it worth seeing?” The best way to find out is reading the opinion of those who have seen the series and understand the game and those who don't know anything! To get the opinion of those who understand, we spoke with our editor Sérgio Candido, Main Ashe Prata 3 and I, Paulo, who have no idea what a “Silver 3” is in the game and don't like MOBAS and multiplayer games in general.

We both saw Arcane and let's talk about what we think of the Netflix production for you, League of Legends fan or not, to decide whether or not you want to embark on this story in the world of Runeterra.

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Arcane in the Vision of a “Silver 3” in League of Legends – By Sergio Candido

About Riot Games' Arcane series I can briefly summarize my opinion with a meme that exploded this week on Twitter and other social media, “Riot Games does everything wonderfully well, except games.”.

Jokes aside, I particularly, as someone who has played League of Legends for an average of 6 or 7 years, I say that the series is way above my expectations! Personally, when the idea of ​​creating a series about League of Legends was announced 1 year ago, I was very emotional and anxious for it to come out as soon as possible, even though I had few expectations... you know, traumatic experiences with movies and series of famous games.

Well, but let's get to the reasons why I liked the series so much, a sincere opinion. I admit right away that the series is neither perfect nor innovative or genius, in fact it is very well produced, built and perfectly fulfills the objective of telling the story of VI and Jinx, the story is very well told and completely faithful to what we found in LoL website.

But we can tell you some silly details (for me at least), such as the sudden and long jumps in the story's time, or also the lack of memorable characters from the cities where it takes place, nothing that will spoil the experience, but they are good things. pretty silly and that honestly can probably still be fixed later.

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Vi and Powder were happy and didn't know

There are still 3 more episodes to finish the series and I would love that they didn't stop with Arcane, because it's just magical to see a whole universe that you've followed for a few good years coming to life and popularity, popularity that made Arcane go from day to day. late one of the most talked about subjects on Twitter… Besides the series I think it's also worth commenting on all the mastery that Riot Games had to connect the game with the series, I'm not just saying about the skins completely free for all players, I mean also of every event happening and unpublished snippets of history being told in this event.

Concluding my reasoning and opinion I say and reinforce with all the words that the Arcane series arrived "with both feet on the chest" to really make noise, I highly recommend that everyone see it, those who like the universe, who don't know, who arrived by parachute and even for those who hate it, this series is just fantastic for me, it has a beginning that catches whoever is watching in the first minutes, an impeccable development telling several stories and both sides of all these stories.

We were able to follow and be intrigued by the life unfolding of VI, Powder or Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, Heimerdinger and even Viktor and Ekko who appear very little during all the events of the series. Emphasis on the story of Viktor and also of the great “underworld leader”, Vander, that even though the story shows tiny excerpts from the lives of these characters, everything that happens and involves them is extremely exciting.

Finally, my final score for Arcane is a 9/10!

A Complete Layman talks about Arcane – By Paulo Fabris

League of Legends, like Dota, I only knew for two things: Its community that is reputed to be quite toxic and because of Jynx. If the community is really toxic, I don't know if it's true, but that, combined with the fact that I'm not really a fan of PvP, multiplayer and competitive games in general, is something that really turned me away from whatever craving I had. of playing the game. But the other thing, Jynx and the rest of the characters in the game, is something I've always been curious to know and understand their stories about.

I wanted to know more about the stories and find out who are those characters that seem so interesting, but without having to play the game or spend hours reading pages on Wikia or other things like just watching videos with reading their backgrounds. I ended up leaving Runeterra completely aside, as I did with Dota and Overwatch (another game that I would really like to learn more about, but that doesn't appeal to me). The announcement of the production of Arcane was something I completely left out.

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Now, when it was officially released and the streaming site recommended this production to me between series, my gamer friends started posting images and memes, images of Jynx in a more “nice” outfit than their version of the game, Excited opinions about animation and what happened in that script and in that episode was that I decided to put the show on TV and I ended up surprising myself. Starting even with the opening song, “Enemy” by the American band Imagine Dragons (which I also have zero affinity for).

All right, we start and the series starts focusing on the childhood of Vi (who I always thought was called 6), Powder (who I knew was Jynx because of her hair) and a few more kids in the town of Zaun (which is called of Subferia too) in a failed robbery attempt when Powder starts messing with what he shouldn't. First thing I did was start searching Google if those other characters appeared in the game. No. They were exclusive to the series (or at least they weren't just playable characters). Other characters started to appear and I wanted to know whether or not they were part of the game as I watched the episodes.

Several details on the screen caught my attention, such as a close-up on a certain item, a figure that stood out from the others in the middle of several people in a bar and other things that producers usually put in series and episodes just to make that “pleasure to the fans”. Definitely the series should be much cooler for those who like the game and find these hidden easter eggs.

In fact, even though it's based on the game and even if you didn't know what material is and isn't taken from its original source or adapted or invented, it's quite possible to understand the entire series. There is a beautiful and bright place called Piltover and an underworld of excluded and disadvantaged people called Zaun.

In Zaun live Vi and Powder, two sisters (blood or united by tragedy? I don't know). Vi is determined and wants to change her situation, even if forcefully. He cannot accept that Piltover is already so prosperous and wealthy while the people of Zaun are starving. Powder is naive and just wants to earn Vi's respect and make her proud, but things go wrong for her and she ends up screwing it all up leaving everyone frustrated which makes her feel unwanted and unable to do anything right.

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In Piltover, we meet Jayce, a brilliant young man from a humble family who owes the luck of being admitted to the prestigious Academy and working on something that will revolutionize the world. Viktor, a young man who came from Zaun, weak and sick, but very intelligent and who helps Jayce in this research, as well as Caitlyn, a girl from a wealthy family who wants to prove herself as a person who is much more than a spoiled little girl. .

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Jayce represents Piltover's bright future

When Vi and the Subferia boys enter Jayce's lab and Powder steals some glowing rocks and the lab explodes, an old rivalry was the downtrodden Subferia citizens and those of Piltover reigniting, forcing both sides to clash. Due to their cultural and social differences, as well as the machinations of the villain Silco (an unprecedented character in animation), they make Piltover and Zaun go to war and this changes their lives.

The old class struggle is what drives these first three episodes, released on November 6th, and the consequences of that come in the other three episodes, released on November 13th, and the conclusion on November 20th, in the last three episodes.

We see Jayce becoming a successful man and a symbol of progress, thanks to his and Viktor's research, creating Hex Tech, something that mixes magic and technology in a steampunk style. Caitlyn becomes a Defender (a kind of city cop) and allies with Vi, now a former prisoner, to understand the reason for terrorist attacks by someone who leaves a colorful imprint of a laughing monkey type. Powder, under the tutelage of Silco, transforms into the insane and tormented Jynx and Viktor, who is dying of a disease caused by his childhood in the most polluted areas of Zaun.

All this, it is very feasible to understand without playing any LoL. So it's possible to watch without knowing the game, although the series leaves some things unexplained, like for example, what kind of humanoid races exist in Runeterra. There are people who look like robots, there are people who look monstrous with sharp teeth, and there is Professor and Counselor Heimerdinger. A short, furry and long-lived creature. What is his “kind”? What is he? What is his puppy that looks a lot like him? The series doesn't make a point of explaining.

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Take the Runeterra Champions Home

So, Arcane is definitely worth seeing even if you're completely unaware of League of Legends, after all, it's not the first time you've seen a series about social inequality separating people who love each other and putting them on opposite sides of the fight and not on one duo of friends who become enemies because one ascends to stardom while the other resents the shadows and a villain who manipulates it behind the scenes. You will be able to understand all these plots without having played a single minute of the game.

Like Sergio, my score for Arcane is a solid 9/10, and it only loses a point for this failure to explain some things that should be explained the first time a character appears, as is the case with Heimerdinger. Anyone who plays must know what his “species” is and who doesn't, just know that he is a very intelligent fur ball. If you don't mind that then the series is 10/10. It doesn't affect the story not to know, but it would be nice if they gave this detail to non-players.

And finally, Caitlyn and Vi is real! No matter what they say. They're a couple and that's it (and the posts I've seen on the subject in some social media groups have confirmed that yes, unfortunately LoL's fanbase has a pretty toxic part and pushed me further away from the game.)

Arcane: find out if it's worth watching the 1st series of league of legends for tv | bff739be arcane4 | battle royale, cinema, league of legends, lol, mobile, multiplayer, netflix, pc, pubg mobile | arcane movies / series, tips / guides
"You're hot, Cupcake"

Watch Arcane, playing LoL or not

Based on the world behind League of Legends, Arcane immerses itself in the delicate balance between the rich, utopian city of Piltover and the downtrodden, downtrodden underground of Zaun. Known in Runeterra as the “city of progress”, many of the brightest minds call these cities home. But the creation of hextech, a way for anyone to harness magical energy, threatens that balance. The story traces the origins of two iconic League champions – and the power that will tear them apart.

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Like the game it's based on, Arcane is aimed at a “14+” audience and will deal with more adult issues and is exclusive to Netflix, having its first season consisting of 9 episodes divided by three arcs. Now leave in the comments, did you watch Arcane? Did you find the series cool? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about movies and series on our website.

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