Civilization 6: Game is free at Epic Games Store!

Grand Theft Auto 5's offer last week was the biggest free gift from the Epic Games Store so far - you could say, because it demolished the store for almost an entire day. But the free game that is in its place today is also not negligent - it is the excellent strategy that reached Civilization 6. (And, fortunately, at this moment there is no sign of collapse in the store).

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Civilization 6 has been around for more than three years, but Firaxis and 2K are still actively supporting it. In fact, a new season pass with six DLCs was announced earlier this month. And strategy games tend to age well, especially when they’re as good as Civ 6, which we call the best in the Civilization series in our 93% review: so good that “I’ll never need another Civ game in my life,“ wrote our reviewer, which is as solid an endorsement as you will receive.

Please note that, according to the new Epic rules, you will need to activate 2FA in your account to claim the game. If you haven't already, can learn how to do it here. Civilization 6 will be available for free at the Epic Games Store until 11 am on May 28.

Civilization 6
Civilization 6: Game is free on the Epic Games Store! | Civilization 6

About Civilization 6

The game's premise is that you are a commander of a civilization playing against the computer; where you advance through the years reaching world domination, military power, technology or even cultural influence. The game also gives you the possibility to choose the country you want to command, making it possible to even lead Brazil by Dom Pedro II.

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So explore the world, conquer new territories, make military troops to attack and defend, and also trade with other countries. It is also worth remembering that there is a multiplayer coop mode and also a versus mode.

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