Play Company of Heroes 3 Pre-Alpha multiplayer tomorrow on Steam

Pre-load the build right now and join the CoH-Development program

The legendary strategy franchise is back, combining breathtaking combat with new layers of strategy in an exciting Mediterranean setting. Relic Entertainment™ and SEGA® Europe Ltd. are pleased to announce that gamers around the world will be able to play the pre-alpha multiplayer of the new Company of Heroes™ 3 tomorrow, before the full game launches in 2022. Players can access to join CoH-Development and preload pre-alpha multiplayer for free right now!

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company of heroes 3 multiplayer
Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer in Pre-Alpha

Learn how to play Company of Heroes multiplayer

Pre-alpha multiplayer allows players to go online and get their first glimpse of exciting new multiplayer combat. They can experience four Italian maps in a variety of game modes, including co-op vs opponents AI, competitive PvP and skirmish vs. AI, while experiencing familiar and new features like Full Tactical Break in melee mode, side armoring of vehicles, Verticality, Battle Groups and Veteran.

Two classic factions are back, the US forces and the Wehrmacht, each bringing their unique and revolutionary skills to the battlefield. More factions will be revealed in the rush to release, with Company of Heroes 3 promising more content than ever before.

On Relic's CoH-Development community platform, passionate gamers have already shared their valuable feedback since Company of Heroes 3 was announced with a pre-alpha preview this year. The studio is eager to hear once again from its community about pre-alpha multiplayer, to ensure that, with the feedback, they deliver the biggest and best multiplayer experience ever released.

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How to access CoH3

Company of Heroes 3's pre-alpha multiplayer is now available for pre-loading on Steam, and can be played from this Tuesday (30th) at 14:00 pm EDT until Tuesday, 7:01 am December, at 00:XNUMX GMT. Anyone who already has a CoH-Development account and has played the first pre-alpha can simply go to their Steam library, preload the pre-alpha multiplayer and play. New players can sign up for CoH-Development for free via of this link and link your Steam account to access the game tomorrow.

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