Destiny 2 - Quest The Lie is fixed

First, May 21st arrived and, as promised, The Lie mission was finally fixed. The patch notes do not say what has been fixed, or almost everything, except that it works now. And what really matters, right?

About Destiny 2 History

Original story:

Perhaps the name should have been a clue; but it has been a tough road for players running 'The Lie', the mission line that ends the current Destiny 2 season. For those who haven't followed, here's a recap: The Lie will finally lead to Felwinter's Lie; a replay of a shotgun from the original game with a set of advantages that make it mouth-watering PvP OP.

But unfortunately, Bungie greatly overestimated the players' enthusiasm for the first leg of the mission, which required 9 million conclusions from heroic public events at Seraph Tower. Given that it was really painful to break up with random teammates; (the events take place in public instances, so it is good luck to know if you agree with someone competent); it quickly became clear that it would take more than a month to complete the mission, passing the end of the Season of the Worthy.

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The Bungie

Bungie moved quickly to recalibrate the mission, making Seraph Towers easier to win and making more progress towards conclusions. The community reached the target late last night, triggering the next step, which involved a visit to Vostok and some useful information. After that, he went back to work, with a thousand shotgun deaths, necessary for Rasputin's reasons.

(Rasputin is the powerful AI 'Warmind' we are relying on to fire an alien ship that is out of its collision course, preventing it from destroying the Last City on Earth, please continue.)

You can accumulate these kills in PvP, where each human opponent hit counts as 6 kills. If you prefer to just shoot foreigners, the best places to farm are the Shuro Chi section of the Last Wish raid (to which you can teleport through a wish) or the Whisper mission 'green room', which offers endless possibilities. shadow slave to shoot for about 15 minutes.

Anyway, click here for more news , but access the page game officer

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