Discount Wheel: Sea Dragon Skin is the latest in Free Fire

As of this Tuesday (21st), the Wheel of Discount event, taking place within the Free Fire game, is taking place. The event consists of some possibilities of obtaining several items at great discounts; the event will continue until next Monday, July 27th. Many skins are on the wheel, but the main ones are, of course, the Dragão Marinho skin and the Skatista costume, which is returning to the Brazilian server after being in the Mystery Store 3.0.

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How does the Discount Wheel Work?

Of course, skins are not the only cosmetics available; there are also some individual skins, backpacks, grenades, characters, pets, weapon cases and etc. The event works with a roulette wheel that can be played for free, and then, you have an opportunity to get 60% to 80% discount on something. There is also a chance that roulette will give you 9 diamonds, which is the currency that allows you to acquire any of these rewards.

Free fire discount wheel
Discount Wheel Layout - Photo: Reproduction

In general, you can only get a discount for a single item. So, you need to purchase one of these prizes to be able to take another variation of the roulette and be able to lower the price of other items. But, if a player buys all the items, the wheel will restart itself.

If you’ve never played the game before, download now from Play Store.

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