Frostpunk: The Last Autumn is out!

11 bit studios announced on the 21st that The Last Autumn, the largest and most complex Frost Punk until today, it is released today on the PC and is available via Steam and GOG. Available as part of Frost Punk Season Pass launched in August, this massive expansion is also available for purchase separately for R $ 32,99.

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The Last Autumn is a fascinating prequel story that takes place before the endless winter that the universe Frost Punk is known to the majority. Experience the events that led to an icy cataclysm and the construction of the iconic generator of the Frost Punk. Working conditions will be severe and not everyone will be happy with the situation in question. Some people - although they shouldn't know this - might even pay the maximum price as they strive to give humanity their last and only hope. It is up to you to weigh the bets and decide how much you want to sacrifice for the good of humanity.

“Everyone associates the Frost Punk to snow and winter, so our goal was to provide them with something totally new and to change the tone of the game. It was a challenge, but the result is the biggest and most nuanced scenario in the entire Frostpunk universe ”- says Kuba Stokalski, Frostpunk's Lead Designer.

What's new with The Last Autumn

  • A prequel story set in a new environment not yet covered by snow that allows players to build the Generator from the beginning to prepare their society for the coming winter.
  • A new variant of Endless Mode - Builders - that redefines the challenges that players will face, providing different configurations and solutions.
  • Two new law books that allow players to shape their society in ways previously unknown.
  • New threats and issues to deal with toxic gases and striking workers.
  • Influence society in new creative ways, from the establishment of unions to the ultimate manipulation.
  • New technology tree, inventions to be discovered and resources to be obtained.
  • 25 new buildings to build, such as docks, a telegraph station, a union building and much more.
  • New social classes, including convicts - a cheap and obedient workforce.
  • Discover even more new mechanics and gameplay tweaks.
frostpunk dlc the last autumn

O Frost Punk Season Pass (R $ 49,53) grants access to all three DLC packages: The Rifts (R $ 7,62), The Last Autumn (R $ 23,09) and the unannounced package with the codename "Project TVADGYCGJR" (R $ 18,82). If you don't have a Season Pass, each DLC pack can be purchased separately. All expansions will arrive on consoles later.

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